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/pdf/fs_netos7.pdf /pdf/fs_netos7.pdf Supply chain disruptions have created havoc for many producers of industrial devices. But Digi has met the challenge to ensure... RECORDED WEBINAR .NET+OS 7:集成的实时操作系统开发平台 .NET+OS 7:集成的实时操作系统开发平台 Digi’s cellular router solutions for transportation support the ever-increasing demand for ultra-reliable bandwidth for both passengers and rail operators. VIEW PDF /pdf/fs_passthruport.pdf /pdf/fs_passthruport.pdf Automation of field operations with Digi led to improved safety, reduced staff hours, lower water usage, precise water and soil data, healthier crops, higher crop yields and greater profits. VIEW PDF 关于直通端口功能 关于直通端口功能 VPN from Radio IP together with Digi SAFE™ 5G solutions deliver secure, always-on connectivity for police, fire, and other... RECORDED WEBINAR Digi的专利RealPort USB软件使公司能够轻松地将USB设备接入网络 Digi的专利RealPort USB软件使公司能够轻松地将USB设备接入网络 See how California-based Vallarta Supermarkets found a solution to resolve cash register outages quickly during peak business... WATCH VIDEO /pdf/manufacturing-test.pdf /pdf/manufacturing-test.pdf Digi provides Bluetooth support in Digi XBee® 3 modules. VIEW PDF 无线设计服务。制造测试数据表 无线设计服务。制造测试数据表 See how a global hotel chain used Digi Edgeport® to connect 240k+ operating systems. WATCH VIDEO 石油和天然气管理系统 石油和天然气管理系统 The Fourth Industrial Revolution, otherwise known as Industry 4.0, is characterized by the convergence of smart machines, autonomous robots, cloud computing and big data. VIEW PDF Digi ConnectCard for i.MX28数据表 Digi ConnectCard for i.MX28数据表 Digi SAFE™ connectivity solutions are purpose-built for public safety professionals. VIEW PDF Digi Connect ME 9210数据表 Digi Connect ME 9210数据表 Meet one of our newest networking solutions — the Digi IX30 industrial cellular router. WATCH VIDEO 数码专业服务传单 数码专业服务传单 Using our flexible features, you can take the efficiency of your serial connectivity to a whole new level. Make the move to Digi Connect EZ! VIEW PDF Digi Router产品功能比较指南 Digi Router产品功能比较指南 Effectively managing the lines of guests at amusement park attractions is easier with Digi Connect EZ. WATCH VIDEO /pdf/software-design.pdf /pdf/software-design.pdf Using Digi Remote Manager® and Digi XBee® modules, Fleetwatch helps more than 200 transit organizations operate at maximum... RECORDED WEBINAR 无线设计服务。软件设计数据表 无线设计服务。软件设计数据表 Developers need to include powerful intelligence and network connectivity in the design of EV charging stations to support multiple functions. VIEW PDF /pdf/vert_ia_networking-101.pdf /pdf/vert_ia_networking-101.pdf From device connectivity to remote updates and out-of-band management, Digi has a solution to simplify your school technology management needs. VIEW PDF 联网101 联网101 Digi has helped utilities develop and manage connected systems for nearly four decades. VIEW PDF 无线设计服务。PCB布局数据表 无线设计服务。PCB布局数据表 Oil and gas installations arguably have some of the most mission critical data management requirements on the planet. What... WATCH VIDEO ǞǞǞ ǞǞǞ Digi’s terminal server solution, Digi ConnectPort®, enables large-scale SCADA monitoring of multi-location RTUs. VIEW PDF 脸书 脸书 Texas-based FeverTags offers a solution for monitoring the health of cattle 24/7 and managing health data for each animal... RECORDED WEBINAR 推特 推特 Digi Data Plans: Lower rates, and advanced network management VIEW PDF 录像带 录像带 Digi Connect EZ seamlessly syncs attraction wait-time signs. VIEW PDF GitHub GitHub With more than 6,100 call centers in the U.S. handling over 600,000 calls to 911 per day, reliable connectivity is critical... WATCH VIDEO ECIA会员 ECIA会员 Using Digi solutions, a power company can optimize grid performance, prevent outages, restore outages faster when they do occur, and enable consumers to manage their own energy usage right down to the individual networked appliance. VIEW PDF 滚动到页面顶部 滚动到页面顶部 Connectivity overhaul leads to improved workflow, savings, and growth. VIEW PDF 
	资源库 | 数据表 | Digi International
资源库 | 数据表 | Digi International Maintaining a large grocery chain is easier with Digi. VIEW PDF 客户故事 客户故事 Selecting the right IoT architecture for a project involves assessing your connectivity needs, as well as the available technology, and the technical and operational resources needed to deploy and maintain the application. VIEW PDF 博客 博客 When public LTE or Wi-Fi networks aren’t available or practical, a dedicated private network may be the answer. WATCH VIDEO 如何购买 如何购买 Digi’s Z45 Industrial Controllers coupled with their sensors provided the aquarium with a system they could use to remotely monitor their sensitive installation. VIEW PDF 联系我们 联系我们 The Digi Z45 family of industrial controllers combines the capabilities of programmable logic controllers (PLCs) and SCADA... WATCH VIDEO 关于Digi 关于Digi Software-defined networking (SDN) features have become key for modernizing network architecture for better reliability, improved security and lower operational costs. VIEW PDF 
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            领导层 场所 获奖情况 出口政策 环境 工作机会 投资者关系 合作伙伴 Voice control offers unique advantages for medical devices – operating convenience, improved hygiene over touchscreens or... RECORDED WEBINAR IoT 产品和服务 IoT 产品和服务 Digi offers innovative serial solutions — including Digi Edgeport®, which helped FedEx stage and complete a large volume of updates. VIEW PDF 用多功能模块和强大的单板计算机连接您的设备,专为快速部署和便捷扩展而设计。 用多功能模块和强大的单板计算机连接您的设备,专为快速部署和便捷扩展而设计。 Digi devices help to deliver over 3 billion packages per year VIEW PDF Digi XBee 生态系统 Digi XBee 生态系统 Data insights and connectivity upgrades are mission critical for public transportation agencies today. This session, with... RECORDED WEBINAR 
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                Digi XBee 射频模块 Digi XBee 蜂窝式调制解调器 Digi XBee 智能边缘控制器 Digi XBee 网关 Digi XBee 工具类 Voice recognition is growing in adoption for commercial and industrial applications, enabling hands-free operation across... RECORDED WEBINAR 系统模块 系统模块 In this technical brief, we discuss how the Digi Accelerated Linux operating system (DAL OS) enables this capability and provides enhanced VLAN networking capabilities across your network. VIEW PDF 单板计算机 单板计算机 Increased federal funding for infrastructure has municipalities and transit agencies across the U.S. carefully evaluating... RECORDED WEBINAR IoT 开发套件 IoT 开发套件 Digi AnywhereUSB® Plus was placed in charging carts in each of the district’s 108 buildings to provide fluid updates by simply connecting each device via USB to create isolated networks for updates. VIEW PDF 网络系统 网络系统 Digi Edgeport® has connected 240,000 front desk monitors, card readers, printers, and room key allocating devices throughout the hotel chain’s 280 U.S. locations with little to no downtime VIEW PDF 通过为不同速度和规模的网络而设计的安全蜂窝路由器和网关,在你的设备之间保持持续的数据流。 通过为不同速度和规模的网络而设计的安全蜂窝路由器和网关,在你的设备之间保持持续的数据流。 How do you manage the hundreds or thousands of devices in your Internet of Things (IoT) deployment? With Digi Remote Manager... RECORDED WEBINAR 蜂窝式路由器 蜂窝式路由器 With connectivity solutions like Digi Edgeport®, logistics companies can securely connect scanners and automated conveyor... WATCH VIDEO 网关 网关 Intelligent 4G LTE router designed for critical infrastructure and industrial applications VIEW PDF 数据基础设施管理 数据基础设施管理 How does one of the largest school districts in the country update tablets and laptops for thousands of students? In Fulton... WATCH VIDEO 
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                传感器连接 USB连接 串行连接 控制台服务器 For design engineers who are striving to enhance the security of their IoT devices, there are numerous options at hand. Here are 10 proven strategies that engineers can use to improve device security. VIEW PDF IoT 软件和服务 IoT 软件和服务 Digi meets the demand for connectivity solutions in this highly regulated space by providing secure, flexible integration and safety in harsh conditions. VIEW PDF 物联网应用和世界一流的专业知识,帮助您构建和维护物联网的安全项目。 物联网应用和世界一流的专业知识,帮助您构建和维护物联网的安全项目。 Digi’s well water system manages a wide range of motor sizes through on-board contactors or standard interface connections to variable frequency drives. VIEW PDF Digi Remote Manager Digi Remote Manager Environmental monitoring is a critical function today. With advances in IoT connectivity and sensor technology, we can monitor... WATCH VIDEO 专业服务 专业服务 Since industrial IoT devices often have long lifecycles, their security needs to be designed with the complete lifespan in mind. VIEW PDF 
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                管理连接服务 实施服务 应用开发 Digi RealPort is the only COM port redirector that allows multiple connections to multiple ports over a single TCP/IP connection. VIEW PDF 无线设计服务 无线设计服务 Secure and protect critical serial data in transit VIEW PDF TrustFence安全框架 TrustFence安全框架 Adoption of field management systems — often referred to as supervisory control and data acquisition or SCADA systems — has exploded as enterprises seek solutions that allow legions of field devices to be configured, maintained, and diagnosed from a central location. VIEW PDF 
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                特色 5G 循环经济 第一网络 私人LTE/CBRS Zigbee USB Over IP/AnywhereUSB XCTU Today, green technology initiatives are being integrated everywhere – in smart farming, smart city infrastructure, utilities... RECORDED WEBINAR <span wg-1="">Digi TrustFence</span>/<span wg-2="">内置的安全框架</span> <span wg-2=""> IoT</span> CapTemp Solution for Remote Monitoring and Control Meets New Stringent European Standard for Cold Chain Automation Whether it’s perishable foods, sensitive pharmaceutical products, or even latex paints, manufacturers and transportation firms... READ STORY SmartSense SmartSense Digi connectivity is flexible, fast, easy and offers scalable solutions. VIEW PDF 解决方案 解决方案 Next generation 5G and Wi-Fi 6 solutions — with lightning fast speeds — are already beginning to transform consumer and... RECORDED WEBINAR 
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              按应用分类的解决方案 公共安全和应急服务的移动网络 资产和库存监测 环境监测 数字标牌 远程工作者 绿色技术 交通管理 公共交通 物流 积极的列车控制(PTC)。 联系人追踪 更多应用 In the dynamic environment of a freight yard, IoT technology, including LoRaWAN solutions, can provide accurate insight into... RECORDED WEBINAR 
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              按技术分类的解决方案 Go-To 5G连接 Digi ConnectCore 语音控制 LoRaWAN 蜂窝故障切换 固定无线接入 边缘计算 第一网络 基于CBRS的私人LTE SD-WAN 带外管理 Zigbee无线网状网络 更多技术 The number of IoT devices in the world continues to grow — and so do the connectivity options. In a panel discussion from the... RECORDED WEBINAR 
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              按行业分类的解决方案 能源行业 智能城市 医疗 工业 零售业 交通运输 教育领域 5G and the technologies it enables are already evolving the current state of public transit. VIEW PDF 资源 资源 Making Connected Healthcare a Reality for Clinics, Hospitals and Homes VIEW PDF 资源库 资源库 Power Monitoring and Control VIEW PDF 
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              白皮书 数据手册 解决方案简介 技术简介 Site surveys, kitting, configuration, deployment, training services and more. VIEW PDF 视频 视频 Municipalities and transportation systems are going digital. Digi’s CTO of Cellular, Harald Remmert, was live at CES 2022... RECORDED WEBINAR 例子和指南 例子和指南 Industry-leading Digi solutions are purpose-built for today’s connected medical devices. VIEW PDF 项目画廊 项目画廊 To ensure the proper functioning of wireless medical devices, the FDA regularly issues requirements and guidelines. This white paper describes their impact on product designs in the healthcare market, and how to ensure you meet your go-to-market goals. VIEW PDF 安全中心 安全中心 5G Connectivity for Public Transit and Commercial Transportation VIEW PDF 认证 认证 With Digi Connect® EZ serial servers you can expand connectivity and functionality for a range of serial applications, and do... WATCH VIDEO 更多资源 更多资源 The Digi Connect® EZ serial server lets you modernize your operational infrastructure with expanded network connectivity and... WATCH VIDEO 
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              近期新闻 新闻发布 新闻报道 活动 网络研讨会 Digi Connect® EZ serial servers give you the flexibility to expand network connectivity and functionality for a wide range of... WATCH VIDEO 支持 支持 For companies seeking to deploy SD-WAN, Digi offers the advantage of being vendor agnostic — supporting a wide range of service providers based on the customer’s needs. VIEW PDF 支持资源 支持资源 Whether you're working in the energy, smart cities, healthcare, industrial, or retail sector, you need a way to quickly send... WATCH VIDEO 获得最新的产品更新、下载和补丁。 获得最新的产品更新、下载和补丁。 In the past, connecting serial devices was complex and involved a number of complicated requirements. Today, this process is... WATCH VIDEO 按产品浏览 按产品浏览 Managing deployed IoT devices can be a serious challenge for network managers. Learn how to quickly and easily simplify this... WATCH VIDEO 支持服务 支持服务 The popular Modbus protocol is used in many industrial applications today, from oil and gas to wastewater management and... WATCH VIDEO 获得您需要的帮助,以保持您的Digi解决方案顺利运行。 获得您需要的帮助,以保持您的Digi解决方案顺利运行。 With the variety of connected devices deployed to the field, and the range of tasks network managers need to accomplish in... WATCH VIDEO 专家支持 专家支持 IoT security is a complex, constantly evolving discipline. But engineers and IoT developers can build comprehensive security... RECORDED WEBINAR 连接服务 连接服务 Setting up and configuring a new system-on-module (SOM) is easier when you can see how it’s done and follow along, step-by-step... WATCH VIDEO 查看支持计划 查看支持计划 Keeping the firmware up to date in your system-on-module (SOM) is essential to getting the maximum performance from the device.... WATCH VIDEO 
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              客户门户登录- 新 知识库 安全中心 支持论坛 退货授权(RA)政策 保修注册 Digi支持政策 The future is here, and Digi go-to 5G solutions are ready to take you there! Whether you are charged with delivering high... WATCH VIDEO 搜索 搜索 Wireless product developers today need to make a number of choices as they build out their designs. Some key considerations... RECORDED WEBINAR 
<a wg-1="">ホームページ</a><span wg-2="">/</span><a wg-3="">资源</a> <span wg-4="">/</span> <a wg-5="">图书馆</a> 
ホームページ/资源 / 图书馆 If you’re just getting started with the Digi Connect® EZ family of serial device servers, this short video will provide... WATCH VIDEO 过滤器 过滤器 High-Performance Solutions Wherever 5G Takes You VIEW PDF 所有兴趣爱好 所有兴趣爱好 Internet of Things (IoT) deployments for agriculture share many of the same approaches and challenges as other IoT... WATCH VIDEO 嵌入 嵌入 Pre-certified Digi XBee® 3 modules offer the flexibility to switch between multiple frequencies and wireless protocols as... WATCH VIDEO Digi XBee Digi XBee Digi XBee® 3 modules are designed to support rapid development and fast time-to-market. The Digi XBee 3 Zigbee Mesh Kit is a... WATCH VIDEO 装备 装备 Public transportation and commercial railways are in the news today, because of infrastructure projects and new technologies... RECORDED WEBINAR 联网产品 联网产品 Networks are evolving, and you want to make sure you’re positioned well for the technology of the future – especially if you’re... RECORDED WEBINAR 安全 安全 Users today must manage a wide variety of applications and accounts for access to machines, systems and devices. This... WATCH VIDEO 加速的 加速的 Setting up a Digi cellular router is a quick and easy process, with a few things on hand – including the device registration... WATCH VIDEO 类型 类型 Local communications in Internet of Things (IoT) applications require an excellent wireless protocol. While there are many options out there for developers, we will focus on two of the most-used protocols — Zigbee and Bluetooth — and what they do best. VIEW PDF 课题 课题 If you want to integrate Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) into your application, you’ve come to the right place. Digi XBee® 3 RF... WATCH VIDEO 5G 5G Today many embedded developers choose the Android operating system for application development in both mobile and industrial... WATCH VIDEO 转运 转运 Using the Digi XBee® PyCharm integrated development environment (IDE) plugin allows developers to significantly decrease... WATCH VIDEO 交通管理 交通管理 With Qt Creator developers have a complete, cross-platform integrated development environment (IDE) for simplified application... WATCH VIDEO 相关的 相关的 Power management is an important capability of all embedded systems. Both battery, mobile and even mains powered devices can... WATCH VIDEO 订阅资源库更新 订阅资源库更新 The Digi ConnectCore® 8M Nano system-on-module is an excellent development platform for rapid prototyping of embedded products ... WATCH VIDEO 供应链的中断给许多工业设备的生产商带来了灾难。但是,Digi已经迎接了挑战,确保... 供应链的中断给许多工业设备的生产商带来了灾难。但是,Digi已经迎接了挑战,确保... In Australia and the broader Asia Pacific region, 3G networks are scheduled to shut down. This means organizations with 3G... RECORDED WEBINAR 网络研讨会录音 网络研讨会录音 Are you looking to integrate artificial intelligence (AI) into your next product design? How about machine learning (ML) and... RECORDED WEBINAR Digi的蜂窝路由器解决方案支持乘客和铁路运营商对超可靠带宽不断增长的需求。
运营商对超可靠带宽的需求。 Digi的蜂窝路由器解决方案支持乘客和铁路运营商对超可靠带宽不断增长的需求。 运营商对超可靠带宽的需求。 OEMs and embedded developers who design and build medical devices have an ever-changing challenge on their hands. Security... RECORDED WEBINAR 查看PDF 查看PDF If you are a long-time user of the Digi WR21 industrial cellular router, you know this device has been an excellent work horse... WATCH VIDEO 利用Digi实现的田间操作自动化提高了安全性,减少了工作人员的工作时间,降低了用水量,获得了精确的水和土壤数据,使作物更健康,作物产量更高,利润更大。 利用Digi实现的田间操作自动化提高了安全性,减少了工作人员的工作时间,降低了用水量,获得了精确的水和土壤数据,使作物更健康,作物产量更高,利润更大。 Meet the newly enhanced and refreshed Digi Support Site and Customer Portal! We’ve enhanced the ease-of-use of all the... WATCH VIDEO 来自Radio IP的VPN与Digi SAFE™ 5G解决方案一起为警察、消防和其他部门提供安全、永远在线的连接。 Sicom Electronics Helps Smart Cities with Managed Streetlights, Saving Money and Resources In Chile, a country that imports fossil fuels and relies heavily on hydroelectric dams, energy conservation matters. Sicom is... READ STORY 看看总部位于加州的瓦拉塔超市如何找到解决方案,在业务高峰期迅速解决收银机故障问题。 看看总部位于加州的瓦拉塔超市如何找到解决方案,在业务高峰期迅速解决收银机故障问题。 If you design connected products for medical, industrial or agricultural applications, power management and power efficiency... RECORDED WEBINAR 观看视频 观看视频 The transportation industry is on the cusp of enormous change, with the full rollout of 5G networks. 5G will be a true game... RECORDED WEBINAR Digi在Digi XBee® 3模块中提供蓝牙支持。 Digi在Digi XBee® 3模块中提供蓝牙支持。 Ready to design, build and deploy a product built with a Digi XBee® mesh network? What IoT gateway will best serve your needs... WATCH VIDEO 看看一家全球连锁酒店如何使用Digi Edgeport®连接24万多个操作系统。 看看一家全球连锁酒店如何使用Digi Edgeport®连接24万多个操作系统。 Are you ready? 2G and 3G networks are shutting down. Now is the time to plan for your migration to new technology that takes... WATCH VIDEO 第四次工业革命,又称工业4.0,其特点是智能机器、自主机器人、云计算和大数据的融合。 第四次工业革命,又称工业4.0,其特点是智能机器、自主机器人、云计算和大数据的融合。 Upgrade and Future-proof with 4G and 5G solutions VIEW PDF Digi SAFE™连接解决方案是专门为公共安全专业人士设计的。 Digi SAFE™连接解决方案是专门为公共安全专业人士设计的。 Digi International recognizes the crucial nature of security components in our products and services. Digi Remote Manager, Digi’s management solution for command and control of your distributed device network, is a key component of this strategy. VIEW PDF 认识我们最新的网络解决方案之一 - Digi IX30工业蜂窝路由器。 认识我们最新的网络解决方案之一 - Digi IX30工业蜂窝路由器。 Secure device management becomes more complex over time with the proliferation of devices, and the many scenarios under which... WATCH VIDEO 利用我们灵活的功能,您可以将您的串行连接效率提高到一个全新的水平。迁移到Digi Connect EZ吧! 利用我们灵活的功能,您可以将您的串行连接效率提高到一个全新的水平。迁移到Digi Connect EZ吧! Getting to market with IoT applications requires embedded systems designed for rapid development, flexibility and scale, along... RECORDED WEBINAR 有了Digi Connect EZ,有效地管理游乐园景点的游客队伍变得更加容易。 有了Digi Connect EZ,有效地管理游乐园景点的游客队伍变得更加容易。 Digi’s new 5G-native and 5G-ready products are available now — enabling you to tap into the unprecedented speed and throughput of the next generation of wireless mobile communication technology. VIEW PDF 使用Digi Remote Manager®和Digi XBee®模块,Fleetwatch帮助200多个交通组织在最大程度上运作。 使用Digi Remote Manager®和Digi XBee®模块,Fleetwatch帮助200多个交通组织在最大程度上运作。 Ripple20, SolarWinds, SACK and Amnesia are strong evidence that security threats are always present. This ebook explores the single most dangerous edge security risk today and provides guidance on improving security posture and agility to manage and mitigate future attacks. VIEW PDF 开发商需要在电动汽车充电站的设计中加入强大的智能和网络连接,以支持多种功能。 开发商需要在电动汽车充电站的设计中加入强大的智能和网络连接,以支持多种功能。 The time is now for 5G deployments in commercial, retail, managed office environments, light industrial and transportation. And... WATCH VIDEO 从设备连接到远程更新和带外管理,Digi有一个解决方案来简化你的学校技术管理需求。 从设备连接到远程更新和带外管理,Digi有一个解决方案来简化你的学校技术管理需求。 Application developers and embedded development engineers have many options for how to develop applications, and with what... RECORDED WEBINAR 近四十年来,Digi帮助公用事业部门开发和管理互联系统。 近四十年来,Digi帮助公用事业部门开发和管理互联系统。 Workers in industrial settings such as the manufacturing floor and supply chain settings face a number of hazards, but the... RECORDED WEBINAR 石油和天然气装置可以说是地球上对数据管理要求最关键的任务之一。什么... New York City DOT Deploys Digi Solutions to 14k Intersections with Digi Remote Manager In 2020, the NYC DOT completed a large-scale Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) deployment, led by AT&T. The result is a... READ STORY Digi的终端服务器解决方案,Digi ConnectPort®,实现了对多地点RTU的大规模SCADA监控。 Brown and Caldwell Uses Digi Solutions to Help Agencies Monitor Vital Water Quality and Infrastructure Performance Brown and Caldwell uses integrated Digi solutions to connect their water quality sensors for monitoring and management. Digi... READ STORY 总部位于德克萨斯州的FeverTags公司提供一种解决方案,用于全天候监测牛的健康状况,并管理每头动物的健康数据。 总部位于德克萨斯州的FeverTags公司提供一种解决方案,用于全天候监测牛的健康状况,并管理每头动物的健康数据。 The new Digi IX20 industrial-grade cellular router is the next-gen successor to the Digi WR21. Digi IX20 delivers better... RECORDED WEBINAR Digi数据计划。更低的费率,和先进的网络管理 Digi数据计划。更低的费率,和先进的网络管理 The Digi IX15 cellular IoT gateway and router is here – providing fast time to market, and rapid deployment of Digi XBee... WATCH VIDEO Digi Connect EZ无缝地同步了吸引人的等待时间标志。 LASARRUS Medical Wearables Connect Sensors to Remote Monitoring to Improve Physical Therapy Process and Outcomes LASARRUS develops new, innovative devices to improve physical therapy outcomes for victims of stroke or joint injuries. Its... READ STORY 美国有超过6100个呼叫中心,每天处理超过60万个911电话,可靠的连接是至关重要的... 美国有超过6100个呼叫中心,每天处理超过60万个911电话,可靠的连接是至关重要的... 5G Technology World interviewed Harald Remmert, Senior Director of Technology at Digi International about the state of the 5G... RECORDED WEBINAR 使用Digi的解决方案,电力公司可以优化电网性能,防止停电,在停电发生时更快地恢复,并使消费者能够管理他们自己的能源使用,直到个别联网的设备。 使用Digi的解决方案,电力公司可以优化电网性能,防止停电,在停电发生时更快地恢复,并使消费者能够管理他们自己的能源使用,直到个别联网的设备。 Every organization, municipality and application development team has the opportunity to take part in the green economy – a... RECORDED WEBINAR 连接性大修带来了工作流程的改善、节约和增长。 连接性大修带来了工作流程的改善、节约和增长。 The IoT Provides Always/Everywhere Connectivity and Intelligence for Green and Sustainable Solutions VIEW PDF 有了Digi,维持一个大型杂货店连锁店就更容易了。 有了Digi,维持一个大型杂货店连锁店就更容易了。 Today, technology and sustainability go hand-in-hand. The IoT supports many different automation and monitoring processes in... WATCH VIDEO 为一个项目选择正确的IoT 架构,需要评估你的连接需求,以及可用的技术,以及部署和维护应用程序所需的技术和运营资源。 为一个项目选择正确的IoT 架构,需要评估你的连接需求,以及可用的技术,以及部署和维护应用程序所需的技术和运营资源。 Module Choices, Compatibility and Easy Scalability VIEW PDF 当公共LTE或Wi-Fi网络不可用或不实用时,专用私人网络可能是答案。 当公共LTE或Wi-Fi网络不可用或不实用时,专用私人网络可能是答案。 Complete development platform for embedded industrial product designs VIEW PDF Digi的Z45工业控制器与他们的传感器一起为水族馆提供了一个系统,他们可以用来远程监控他们的敏感装置。 Digi的Z45工业控制器与他们的传感器一起为水族馆提供了一个系统,他们可以用来远程监控他们的敏感装置。 Embedded system-on-module based on the NXP i.MX 8M Mini processor with built-in security; designed for longevity and scalability in industrial IoT applications VIEW PDF Digi Z45系列工业控制器结合了可编程逻辑控制器(PLC)和SCADA的功能... Nobel Water Systems Helps Water Districts Monitor Status and Performance, Prevent Leaks, Reduce Costs Nobel Water Systems’ water monitoring solutions help utilities and water districts gain actionable insights from customer water... READ STORY 软件定义的网络(SDN)功能已成为网络架构现代化的关键,以实现更好的可靠性,提高安全性和降低运营成本。 软件定义的网络(SDN)功能已成为网络架构现代化的关键,以实现更好的可靠性,提高安全性和降低运营成本。 Today’s connected applications are moving from wired systems to cellular, which can dramatically improve network speed and... RECORDED WEBINAR 语音控制为医疗设备提供了独特的优势--操作方便,比触摸屏或更卫生。 EOS International Deploys Scalable Water-Monitoring Solution Across Nicaragua and Honduras EOS has deployed a remote water quality monitoring pilot in a rural Nicaraguan community, with plans to scale up to hundreds of... READ STORY Digi提供创新的串行解决方案--包括Digi Edgeport®,它帮助联邦快递分阶段完成了大量的更新。 Digi提供创新的串行解决方案--包括Digi Edgeport®,它帮助联邦快递分阶段完成了大量的更新。 Finding the right path to meet your 5G networking requirements VIEW PDF Digi设备每年帮助运送超过30亿个包裹 Digi设备每年帮助运送超过30亿个包裹 Connectivity and embedded solutions to meet the needs of diverse industries VIEW PDF 数据洞察力和连接性升级对今天的公共交通机构来说是至关重要的任务。本届会议的主题是:"数据分析"。 数据洞察力和连接性升级对今天的公共交通机构来说是至关重要的任务。本届会议的主题是:"数据分析"。 In this white paper, we help you to evaluate the best way to optimize your IP and make the right build-vs.-buy decision to meet your goals. VIEW PDF 语音识别在商业和工业应用中的应用越来越多,实现了跨领域的免提操作。 语音识别在商业和工业应用中的应用越来越多,实现了跨领域的免提操作。 Embedded Designs: Building in Security from Day 1

The challenges developers face in building secure product...
在这份技术简介中,我们讨论了Digi Accelerated Linux操作系统(DAL OS)如何实现这种能力,并在整个网络中提供增强的VLAN网络功能。 在这份技术简介中,我们讨论了Digi Accelerated Linux操作系统(DAL OS)如何实现这种能力,并在整个网络中提供增强的VLAN网络功能。 If you are an embedded developer, you understand the need for tools that shortcut tedious or error-prone aspects of coding. The... WATCH VIDEO 联邦政府增加对基础设施的资助,使美国各地的市政当局和交通机构仔细评估... 联邦政府增加对基础设施的资助,使美国各地的市政当局和交通机构仔细评估... RS-232, RS-422 and RS-485 can all be used in various IoT applications and all three are supported by a number of different Digi devices. VIEW PDF Digi AnywhereUSB® Plus被放置在该区108座大楼的充电车上,只需通过USB连接每台设备,就能提供流畅的更新,以创建隔离的更新网络。 Digi AnywhereUSB® Plus被放置在该区108座大楼的充电车上,只需通过USB连接每台设备,就能提供流畅的更新,以创建隔离的更新网络。 Digi International offers a range of embedded system-on-modules for development of product designs. To help simplify the tasks... WATCH VIDEO Digi Edgeport®已将24万台前台显示器、读卡器、打印机和房间钥匙分配设备连接到该连锁酒店在美国的280个地点,几乎没有停机时间。 Digi Edgeport®已将24万台前台显示器、读卡器、打印机和房间钥匙分配设备连接到该连锁酒店在美国的280个地点,几乎没有停机时间。 VIEW PDF 你如何管理你的物联网(IoT)部署中的数百或数千个设备?通过Digi Remote Manager... 你如何管理你的物联网(IoT)部署中的数百或数千个设备?通过Digi Remote Manager... Large projects in the heavy construction industry come with major risks. For example, millions of dollars-worth of concrete may... RECORDED WEBINAR 通过像Digi Edgeport®这样的连接解决方案,物流公司可以安全地连接扫描仪和自动传送带。 通过像Digi Edgeport®这样的连接解决方案,物流公司可以安全地连接扫描仪和自动传送带。 Networking devices all have different ports, specifications and supported protocols. But what’s inside is just as important... RECORDED WEBINAR 专为关键基础设施和工业应用设计的智能4G LTE路由器 Infinitum Delivers Innovative HVAC Monitoring Solution Featuring Smaller Footprint, Predictive Maintenance With an ambitious goal to re-invent the HVAC motor and incorporate IoT for operational insights, Infinitum integrated Digi XBee... READ STORY 全国最大的学区之一如何为成千上万的学生更新平板电脑和笔记本电脑?在富尔顿... 全国最大的学区之一如何为成千上万的学生更新平板电脑和笔记本电脑?在富尔顿... The rapid growth in connected technologies is especially prevalent in smart cities and traffic management solutions today, as... RECORDED WEBINAR 对于那些努力提高其IoT 设备安全性的设计工程师来说,有许多选择在手。以下是工程师可以用来提高设备安全性的10个经过验证的策略。 对于那些努力提高其IoT 设备安全性的设计工程师来说,有许多选择在手。以下是工程师可以用来提高设备安全性的10个经过验证的策略。 The Digi EX line of enterprise devices is designed for indoor environments. However, indoor applications must operate at... WATCH VIDEO Major Oil and Gas Operation Monitors Edge IoT Devices with Digi Remote Manager Oil and gas operations can be globally distributed, with installations placed thousands of miles apart, and in remote areas... READ STORY Digi通过提供安全、灵活的集成和恶劣条件下的安全,满足了这一高度管制空间对连接解决方案的需求。 Digi通过提供安全、灵活的集成和恶劣条件下的安全,满足了这一高度管制空间对连接解决方案的需求。 Of all the IoT vendors you could choose, why choose Digi? The answer is best summed up in a single word: experience. VIEW PDF Digi的井水系统通过板载接触器或与变频驱动器的标准接口连接来管理各种规格的电机。 Digi的井水系统通过板载接触器或与变频驱动器的标准接口连接来管理各种规格的电机。 Embedded system-on-modules based exclusively on NXP i.MX applications processors - designed for longevity and scalability, in industrial IoT applications VIEW PDF 环境监测是今天的一项重要职能。随着IoT 连接和传感器技术的进步,我们可以监测... 环境监测是今天的一项重要职能。随着IoT 连接和传感器技术的进步,我们可以监测... Relentless wireless communication in the most demanding conditions. VIEW PDF 由于工业IoT ,设备通常有很长的生命周期,其安全性的设计需要考虑到整个生命周期。 由于工业IoT ,设备通常有很长的生命周期,其安全性的设计需要考虑到整个生命周期。 VIEW PDF Digi RealPort是唯一的COM端口重定向器,它允许在一个TCP/IP连接上对多个端口进行多重连接。 Digi RealPort是唯一的COM端口重定向器,它允许在一个TCP/IP连接上对多个端口进行多重连接。 VIEW PDF 确保和保护传输中的关键序列数据 确保和保护传输中的关键序列数据 VIEW PDF 现场管理系统的采用--通常被称为监督控制和数据采集或SCADA系统--已经爆炸性增长,因为企业寻求解决方案,允许从中央位置对大量的现场设备进行配置、维护和诊断。 现场管理系统的采用--通常被称为监督控制和数据采集或SCADA系统--已经爆炸性增长,因为企业寻求解决方案,允许从中央位置对大量的现场设备进行配置、维护和诊断。 Digi International participated in a panel discussion hosted by Telit Communications addressing the technologies and advances... RECORDED WEBINAR 今天,绿色技术举措正在被整合到各个地方--在智能农业、智能城市基础设施、公用事业中。 今天,绿色技术举措正在被整合到各个地方--在智能农业、智能城市基础设施、公用事业中。 With the complexity of IoT networks growing daily, it’s important to get the tools in place to manage them. Digi Remote Manager... WATCH VIDEO 用于远程监控的CapTemp解决方案符合欧洲冷链自动化的新的严格标准 用于远程监控的CapTemp解决方案符合欧洲冷链自动化的新的严格标准 Enabling flexible network connectivity and service for smart devices VIEW PDF 无论是易腐烂的食品、敏感的医药产品,甚至是乳胶漆,制造商和运输公司... 无论是易腐烂的食品、敏感的医药产品,甚至是乳胶漆,制造商和运输公司... VIEW PDF 阅读故事 阅读故事 Building managers, as well as OEMs that provide supporting services and technology for building management, are finding that... RECORDED WEBINAR Digi的连接是灵活、快速、简单的,并提供可扩展的解决方案。 Digi的连接是灵活、快速、简单的,并提供可扩展的解决方案。 Hands-off approach to security fixes and routine updates. VIEW PDF 下一代5G和Wi-Fi 6解决方案--拥有闪电般的速度--已经开始改变消费者和... 下一代5G和Wi-Fi 6解决方案--拥有闪电般的速度--已经开始改变消费者和... The IoT is growing, and markets and demands are ever changing. Today it is important to build future-proof designs that can upgrade and scale to help you navigate those changes. VIEW PDF 在货场的动态环境中,IoT 技术,包括LoRaWAN解决方案,可以准确地洞察到... Digi XBee Modules at the Heart of the AGH Solar and Autonomous Boats The AGH Solar Boat project, under development at the AGH University of Science and Technology in Krakow, Poland, incorporates... READ STORY 世界上IoT 设备的数量继续增长 - 连接选项也是如此。在一个小组讨论中,来自... 世界上IoT 设备的数量继续增长 - 连接选项也是如此。在一个小组讨论中,来自... The Digi IX10 industrial cellular router is the newest member of the Digi IX product line – designed for a wide range of... WATCH VIDEO 5G和它所实现的技术已经在演变公共交通的现状。 5G和它所实现的技术已经在演变公共交通的现状。 Cellular networks are changing, and some are sunsetting. This leads to many concerns and questions from businesses, governments and industries with deployed devices based on older networks. When will 2G and 3G networks go away? And will 4G LTE networks also be scheduled for shutdown, or is it safe to invest in them now? VIEW PDF 让互联医疗成为诊所、医院和家庭的现实 让互联医疗成为诊所、医院和家庭的现实 Digi International and ByteSnap Design collaborated to develop an interesting and entertaining demo featuring a pirate game... WATCH VIDEO 电力监测和控制 电力监测和控制 VIEW PDF 现场调查、配套、配置、部署、培训服务等。 现场调查、配套、配置、部署、培训服务等。 Developers can rely on Digi TrustFence for built-in security without having to design features from scratch. VIEW PDF 市政当局和交通系统正在走向数字化。Digi的蜂窝网络首席技术官Harald Remmert在2022年国际消费电子展上现场... 市政当局和交通系统正在走向数字化。Digi的蜂窝网络首席技术官Harald Remmert在2022年国际消费电子展上现场... IoT product developers and engineers come from multiple backgrounds, and not all have training in RF technology. If you find... WATCH VIDEO 行业领先的Digi解决方案是专门为当今的联网医疗设备而设计的。 行业领先的Digi解决方案是专门为当今的联网医疗设备而设计的。 While you may know Digi Remote Manager is the command center of your network of Digi devices, did you know this sophisticated... WATCH VIDEO 为了确保无线医疗设备的正常运行,FDA定期发布要求和指南。本白皮书介绍了它们对医疗市场产品设计的影响,以及如何确保你满足你的上市目标。 为了确保无线医疗设备的正常运行,FDA定期发布要求和指南。本白皮书介绍了它们对医疗市场产品设计的影响,以及如何确保你满足你的上市目标。 Streamline network management tasks while increasing security and reliability VIEW PDF 公共交通和商业运输的5G连接 公共交通和商业运输的5G连接 As 5G networks roll out, there is a lot to consider. There are three different bands with different speeds, and they will not... RECORDED WEBINAR 有了Digi Connect® EZ串行服务器,你可以为一系列的串行应用扩展连接性和功能,并且可以做得更好。 有了Digi Connect® EZ串行服务器,你可以为一系列的串行应用扩展连接性和功能,并且可以做得更好。 Deploying industrial IoT applications can be fraught with challenges. How do you manage remote access to your devices? Should... RECORDED WEBINAR Digi Connect® EZ 串行服务器可让您通过扩展的网络连接性和对网络的控制来实现操作基础设施的现代化。 Digi WDS Helps E-GEAR Create Energy Management Controller to Optimize Solar Power Generation, Storage, Usage and Movement onto the Grid In Hawaii, where most goods and supplies arrive by cargo ships, energy resources – particularly fossil fuels – are both... READ STORY Digi Connect® EZ 串行服务器使您能够灵活地扩展网络连接和功能,以满足广泛的需求。 Digi Connect® EZ 串行服务器使您能够灵活地扩展网络连接和功能,以满足广泛的需求。 Digi Remote Manager gives you a command center for your dynamic network that simplifies every aspect of deploying, managing and updating your devices. VIEW PDF 对于寻求部署SD-WAN的公司来说,Digi提供了与供应商无关的优势--根据客户的需求,支持各种服务提供商。 对于寻求部署SD-WAN的公司来说,Digi提供了与供应商无关的优势--根据客户的需求,支持各种服务提供商。 Design and Engineering Services for Product Development VIEW PDF 无论你是在能源、智能城市、医疗保健、工业或零售部门工作,你都需要一种方法来快速发送... 无论你是在能源、智能城市、医疗保健、工业或零售部门工作,你都需要一种方法来快速发送... Learn how you can mitigate the risks of data leakage and security vulnerabilities with a low-cost, all-in-one network solution. VIEW PDF 在过去,连接串行设备是很复杂的,涉及一些复杂的要求。今天,这个过程是... 在过去,连接串行设备是很复杂的,涉及一些复杂的要求。今天,这个过程是... Get advanced, low-cost, all-in-one enterprise networking for today’s remote employees. Learn how to protect your workers and data. VIEW PDF 管理已部署的IoT 设备对网络管理员来说可能是一个严峻的挑战。了解如何快速和轻松地简化这一问题... 管理已部署的IoT 设备对网络管理员来说可能是一个严峻的挑战。了解如何快速和轻松地简化这一问题... Health and medical workers need safe, secure network connectivity, wherever they are. Learn about Digi’s all-in-one secure solution. VIEW PDF 流行的Modbus协议今天被用于许多工业应用中,从石油和天然气到废水管理和... 流行的Modbus协议今天被用于许多工业应用中,从石油和天然气到废水管理和... Rugged, reliable, cost-effective connectivity for critical industrial applications VIEW PDF 随着各种连接设备被部署到现场,以及网络管理员需要在现场完成的一系列任务。 随着各种连接设备被部署到现场,以及网络管理员需要在现场完成的一系列任务。 Robuste, zuverlässige, kostengünstige Konnektivität für kritische industrielle Anwendungen VIEW PDF IoT 安全是一门复杂的、不断发展的学科。但工程师和IoT 开发人员可以建立全面的安全... IoT 安全是一门复杂的、不断发展的学科。但工程师和IoT 开发人员可以建立全面的安全... With the increasing demand for edge compute functionality to manage the high volume of data produced by installed IoT... RECORDED WEBINAR 如果你能看到一个新的系统模块(SOM)是如何完成的,并一步一步地跟着做,那么设置和配置一个新的系统模块就更容易了。 如果你能看到一个新的系统模块(SOM)是如何完成的,并一步一步地跟着做,那么设置和配置一个新的系统模块就更容易了。 Digi Remote Manager provides a convenient, easy-to-use dashboard and interface so you can easily monitor and manage your device... WATCH VIDEO 保持你的系统模块(SOM)中的固件更新,对于从设备中获得最大的性能至关重要....。 保持你的系统模块(SOM)中的固件更新,对于从设备中获得最大的性能至关重要....。 Versatile networking for critical applications — rugged, secure LTE router VIEW PDF 未来就在这里,Digi的5G解决方案已经准备好带你到那里去!无论你是负责提供高价值的产品,还是负责提供高价值的服务。 未来就在这里,Digi的5G解决方案已经准备好带你到那里去!无论你是负责提供高价值的产品,还是负责提供高价值的服务。 Learn from ElectriCities and Digi how to gain complete visibility and control over your distributed devices, enabling you to... RECORDED WEBINAR 今天的无线产品开发者在构建他们的设计时需要做出一些选择。一些关键的考虑因素... 今天的无线产品开发者在构建他们的设计时需要做出一些选择。一些关键的考虑因素... Digi offers secure, scalable, high-performance traffic management communication solutions to improve congestion and provide centralized management and control. VIEW PDF 如果你刚刚开始使用Digi Connect® EZ系列的串行设备服务器,这个简短的视频将提供... Command Alkon’s TrackIt Vehicle Monitoring Platform Utilizes Digi WVA and Digi Remote Manager for Telematics Command Alkon turned to Digi to support their mission critical requirements for fleet tracking, management and telematics in... READ STORY LTE Operational Efficiencies Save Thousands for ElectriCities Energy solution provider saves over $300K/year by replacing expensive land-line circuits with LTE from Digi International READ STORY 无论5G带你到哪里,都有高性能的解决方案 无论5G带你到哪里,都有高性能的解决方案 Cellular technology is increasingly the most sensible and cost-effective choice for remote connectivity, particularly where... RECORDED WEBINAR 用于农业的物联网(IoT)部署与其他IoT 的许多方法和挑战相同。 用于农业的物联网(IoT)部署与其他IoT 的许多方法和挑战相同。 Digi International builds cellular devices for every use case, including the applications where the devices must work... WATCH VIDEO 预先认证的Digi XBee® 3模块可在多种频率和无线协议之间灵活切换,因为... 预先认证的Digi XBee® 3模块可在多种频率和无线协议之间灵活切换,因为... Here’s what to expect when your Digi IX20 arrives. Learn how the device is secured, right out of the box. You can also learn... WATCH VIDEO Digi XBee® 3模块设计用于支持快速开发和快速上市。Digi XBee 3 Zigbee网状套件是一个... Digi XBee® 3模块设计用于支持快速开发和快速上市。Digi XBee 3 Zigbee网状套件是一个... The most demanding environments require the most robust and reliable routers. Digi IX20 is not only designed for challenging... WATCH VIDEO 由于基础设施项目和新技术的出现,公共交通和商业铁路成为今天的新闻... 由于基础设施项目和新技术的出现,公共交通和商业铁路成为今天的新闻... The considerations for building an enterprise-grade network today depend upon the application requirements. These include the... RECORDED WEBINAR 网络在不断发展,你要确保你对未来的技术有良好的定位--特别是如果你是... 网络在不断发展,你要确保你对未来的技术有良好的定位--特别是如果你是... Every IT department requires robust and secure networking and infrastructure management solutions, but from there the... RECORDED WEBINAR 今天,用户必须管理各种各样的应用程序和账户,以便访问机器、系统和设备。这... 今天,用户必须管理各种各样的应用程序和账户,以便访问机器、系统和设备。这... Developing an IoT product is challenging, and as a result, a large percentage of embedded design projects fail due to the... RECORDED WEBINAR 设置Digi蜂窝式路由器是一个快速而简单的过程,只要手头有一些东西--包括设备注册... 设置Digi蜂窝式路由器是一个快速而简单的过程,只要手头有一些东西--包括设备注册... Cellular routers today must be fast, reliable, secure, configurable, manageable and 5G migration-ready, as well as programmable... RECORDED WEBINAR 物联网(IoT)应用中的本地通信需要一个优秀的无线协议。虽然对开发者来说有很多选择,但我们将专注于两个最常用的协议--Zigbee和蓝牙--以及它们的最佳表现。 物联网(IoT)应用中的本地通信需要一个优秀的无线协议。虽然对开发者来说有很多选择,但我们将专注于两个最常用的协议--Zigbee和蓝牙--以及它们的最佳表现。 Embedded developers have multiple choices today in embedded development tools for wireless connectivity in IoT applications. It... RECORDED WEBINAR 如果您想将蓝牙低能量(BLE)集成到您的应用中,您就来对地方了。Digi XBee® 3 射频技术是一种新的技术。 如果您想将蓝牙低能量(BLE)集成到您的应用中,您就来对地方了。Digi XBee® 3 射频技术是一种新的技术。 Digi Remote Manager provides everything you need to monitor and manage your remote device network, including device mapping... WATCH VIDEO 今天,许多嵌入式开发人员选择Android操作系统进行移动和工业领域的应用开发。 今天,许多嵌入式开发人员选择Android操作系统进行移动和工业领域的应用开发。 Is your city transit system struggling to manage the technology and on-board systems required to ensure your communications are... RECORDED WEBINAR 使用Digi XBee® PyCharm集成开发环境(IDE)插件,开发人员可以大大减少对其的依赖。 使用Digi XBee® PyCharm集成开发环境(IDE)插件,开发人员可以大大减少对其的依赖。 5G networks are rolling out, and when fully deployed will offer higher-speed and lower latency, while better supporting low... RECORDED WEBINAR 有了Qt Creator,开发者就有了一个完整的、跨平台的集成开发环境(IDE)来简化应用程序。 GeneSys Sensors Help Auto Makers Test Performance and Prepare for the Connected Vehicle Future Vehicle makers can now precisely test and analyze automotive performance with advanced GeneSys sensor technology and the Digi... READ STORY 电源管理是所有嵌入式系统的一项重要能力。电池、移动甚至主电源供电的设备都可以... Enolgas USA Enters “Smart Home” Market with Water Security System Enolgas USA found that apartment building and home owners can save enormous amounts of money in excess costs due to undetected... READ STORY Digi ConnectCore® 8M Nano系统模块是一个优秀的开发平台,可用于快速开发嵌入式产品的原型。 Wake, Inc. Integrates Digi IoT Solutions to Remotely Monitor Concrete Curing Temperatures at Construction Sites Wake helps construction project managers monitor the concrete curing process, with remote access to real-time temperature... READ STORY 在澳大利亚和更广泛的亚太地区,3G网络将被关闭。这意味着拥有3G网络的机构... 在澳大利亚和更广泛的亚太地区,3G网络将被关闭。这意味着拥有3G网络的机构... What are the top five challenges for embedded development, and how can you leap over those hurdles and create a successful... RECORDED WEBINAR 你是否希望将人工智能(AI)融入你的下一个产品设计中?机器学习(ML)和... BOS Technology Responds to COVID-19 Pandemic with Patient Room Monitoring for Virus Containment Digi ConnectPort X2 is a perfect choice for our application. We wanted to use only the very best products for this solution... READ STORY 设计和制造医疗设备的OEM和嵌入式开发商面临着不断变化的挑战。安全... 设计和制造医疗设备的OEM和嵌入式开发商面临着不断变化的挑战。安全... With many more workers connecting remotely today, it is more important than ever to ensure they are connecting securely... RECORDED WEBINAR 如果你是Digi WR21工业蜂窝路由器的长期用户,你知道这个设备一直是一个出色的工作马。 如果你是Digi WR21工业蜂窝路由器的长期用户,你知道这个设备一直是一个出色的工作马。 Digi Remote Manager is a secure, hosted management solution for IoT devices. It is designed for ease-of-use, automation and... WATCH VIDEO 迎接新的增强和更新的Digi支持网站和客户门户!我们已经加强了所有网站的易用性。 迎接新的增强和更新的Digi支持网站和客户门户!我们已经加强了所有网站的易用性。 Cities need to continually improve their methods of managing urban traffic to reduce congestion on city streets. But widening... RECORDED WEBINAR 西科姆电子公司通过管理路灯帮助智能城市,节约资金和资源 Reborn Electric uses Digi ConnectCore 6 SBC to provide interface and telemetry in buses retrofitted for electric power Reborn Electric retrofits diesel-powered buses to electric. To provide an interface and the telemetry needed to monitor vehicle... READ STORY 在智利,一个进口化石燃料并严重依赖水电大坝的国家,节能很重要。西科姆公司是... 在智利,一个进口化石燃料并严重依赖水电大坝的国家,节能很重要。西科姆公司是... Learn how smart cities and Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) groups can improve traffic routing and emergency response, while reducing costs, by upgrading their traffic management solutions. VIEW PDF 如果你为医疗、工业或农业应用设计互联产品,那么电源管理和电源效率... 如果你为医疗、工业或农业应用设计互联产品,那么电源管理和电源效率... Watch this recorded webinar of the IMC IoT M2M Council’s panel talk on IoT security regulations and technologies to gain... RECORDED WEBINAR 随着5G网络的全面铺开,运输业正处于巨大变革的风口浪尖。5G将是一个真正的游戏。 Enlazza Uses Digi Remote Manager to Securely Manage Fleet of Digi Routers The Enlazza Company developed an innovative service, called Host Name Solution (HNS), using Digi Remote Manager APIs. The... READ STORY 准备设计、建造和部署使用Digi XBee®网状网络的产品吗?什么样的IoT 网关能最好地满足您的需求... 准备设计、建造和部署使用Digi XBee®网状网络的产品吗?什么样的IoT 网关能最好地满足您的需求... Learn how the Enlazza company used Digi Remote Manager APIs to create an innovative solution for the shortage of IPv4 addresses. WATCH VIDEO 对于寻求部署SD-WAN的公司来说,Digi提供了与供应商无关的优势--根据客户的需求,支持各种服务提供商。 对于寻求部署SD-WAN的公司来说,Digi提供了与供应商无关的优势--根据客户的需求,支持各种服务提供商。 Digi Wireless Design Services provides a complete range of consultation, design and development services for IoT product... WATCH VIDEO 你准备好了吗?2G和3G网络正在关闭。现在是时候为你迁移到新技术做计划了,这需要... 你准备好了吗?2G和3G网络正在关闭。现在是时候为你迁移到新技术做计划了,这需要... Avoid network outages with primary or backup LTE connectivity; integrate seamlessly with existing infrastructure VIEW PDF 利用4G和5G解决方案进行升级和面向未来 利用4G和5G解决方案进行升级和面向未来 Rugged and secure cellular router for mission critical industrial and transportation applications, including models for public safety networks VIEW PDF Digi International认识到我们的产品和服务中安全组件的关键性质。Digi Remote Manager ,Digi的管理解决方案用于指挥和控制你的分布式设备网络,是这一战略的一个关键组成部分。 Digi International认识到我们的产品和服务中安全组件的关键性质。Digi Remote Manager ,Digi的管理解决方案用于指挥和控制你的分布式设备网络,是这一战略的一个关键组成部分。 High performance cellular router with dual redundant communications for complex transit and transportation systems VIEW PDF 随着时间的推移,安全设备管理变得更加复杂,设备数量激增,在许多情况下,安全设备管理变得更加复杂。 随着时间的推移,安全设备管理变得更加复杂,设备数量激增,在许多情况下,安全设备管理变得更加复杂。 Digi Remote Manager provides a wide variety of remote management capabilities. In this video we will cover the new and improved... WATCH VIDEO 将IoT 应用程序推向市场需要为快速开发、灵活性和规模而设计的嵌入式系统,以及... 将IoT 应用程序推向市场需要为快速开发、灵活性和规模而设计的嵌入式系统,以及... Embedded system-on-module based on the NXP i.MX 8M Nano processor; designed for longevity and scalability in industrial IoT applications. VIEW PDF Digi的新型5G原生和5G就绪产品现已上市--使您能够利用下一代无线移动通信技术的空前速度和吞吐量。 Digi的新型5G原生和5G就绪产品现已上市--使您能够利用下一代无线移动通信技术的空前速度和吞吐量。 Digi International moved to beautiful new headquarters in 2019. This video takes you on a tour. WATCH VIDEO The Sky's the Limit for McGill University's Rocket Team The McGill University rocket team leveraged the Digi XTend 900 Mhz Radio for their avionics communications aboard an 11-foot... READ STORY Ripple20、SolarWinds、SACK和Amnesia是安全威胁始终存在的有力证据。这本电子书探讨了当今最危险的单一边缘安全风险,并就提高安全态势和敏捷性以管理和缓解未来的攻击提供了指导。
Ripple20、SolarWinds、SACK和Amnesia是安全威胁始终存在的有力证据。这本电子书探讨了当今最危险的单一边缘安全风险,并就提高安全态势和敏捷性以管理和缓解未来的攻击提供了指导。 Digi Remote Manager provides a wide variety of remote management capabilities. In this video we will cover our User Management... WATCH VIDEO 现在是在商业、零售、管理办公环境、轻工业和运输领域部署5G的时机。而且... 现在是在商业、零售、管理办公环境、轻工业和运输领域部署5G的时机。而且... Digi’s virtual greeter welcomes visitors to corporate headquarters and provides virtual tours. WATCH VIDEO 应用程序开发人员和嵌入式开发工程师在如何开发应用程序以及用什么来开发方面有许多选择。 PuppTech Creates Monitoring and Notification System to Protect Pets in Vehicles PuppTech is a startup devoted to helping dog owners keep their pets safe in vehicles. The company built PuppComm – a portable... READ STORY 工业环境中的工人,如制造车间和供应链环境中的工人,面临许多危险,但... 工业环境中的工人,如制造车间和供应链环境中的工人,面临许多危险,但... IoT is evolving as new methodologies and insights develop out of existing Internet of Things deployments. Where hardware... RECORDED WEBINAR 纽约市交通局在14000个交叉口部署Digi解决方案Digi Remote Manager 纽约市交通局在14000个交叉口部署Digi解决方案Digi Remote Manager Founder of Reuleaux Technology and formerly of Digi International, Scott Nelson was a participant in a webinar on 5G and the... RECORDED WEBINAR 2020年,纽约市交通局在AT&T的领导下,完成了大规模的智能交通系统(ITS)部署。其结果是一个... 2020年,纽约市交通局在AT&T的领导下,完成了大规模的智能交通系统(ITS)部署。其结果是一个... Today, 5G networks are actively being deployed, and combined with other technology advances and trends, including the IoT, edge... RECORDED WEBINAR 布朗与考德威尔公司利用Digi解决方案帮助各机构监测重要的水质和基础设施性能 布朗与考德威尔公司利用Digi解决方案帮助各机构监测重要的水质和基础设施性能 Large networks of IoT devices are becoming commonplace. Whether you are deploying dozens or tens of thousands of devices, there... RECORDED WEBINAR Brown and Caldwell公司使用集成的Digi解决方案来连接他们的水质传感器进行监测和管理。Digi... Brown and Caldwell公司使用集成的Digi解决方案来连接他们的水质传感器进行监测和管理。Digi... The Digi ConnectCore 8M Nano development kit is a cohesive and cost-effective System-on-Module (SOM) platform built on the NXP® i.MX 8M Nano applications processor VIEW PDF 新的Digi IX20工业级蜂窝路由器是Digi WR21的下一代继任者。Digi IX20可提供更好的服务。 新的Digi IX20工业级蜂窝路由器是Digi WR21的下一代继任者。Digi IX20可提供更好的服务。 VIEW PDF Digi IX15 蜂窝式IoT 网关和路由器来了 - 提供快速的上市时间,以及快速部署Digi XBee... Digi IX15 蜂窝式IoT 网关和路由器来了 - 提供快速的上市时间,以及快速部署Digi XBee... Watch this video to see how Digi Connect IT can help you rapidly deploy, configure and remotely manage console devices with the... WATCH VIDEO LASARRUS医用可穿戴设备将传感器与远程监控连接起来,以改善物理治疗过程和结果 LASARRUS医用可穿戴设备将传感器与远程监控连接起来,以改善物理治疗过程和结果 With two million elevators worldwide, and more than 30,000 field technicians maintaining them, Otis Elevator wanted to find a... WATCH VIDEO LASARRUS公司开发新的创新设备,以改善中风或关节损伤患者的物理治疗效果。其... Otis Elevator Develops a Predictive Maintenance Solution to Improve Response Rates The Otis ONE digital platform combines cloud technology, machine learning, and IoT to provide users with live information and... READ STORY 5G技术世界》就5G的现状采访了Digi International的高级技术总监Harald Remmert。 5G技术世界》就5G的现状采访了Digi International的高级技术总监Harald Remmert。 The Digi XCTU spectrum analysis tool lets you determine the spectrum of a selected radio band. Once you select a radio and run... WATCH VIDEO 每个组织、城市和应用开发团队都有机会参与到绿色经济中来--这是个很好的机会。 每个组织、城市和应用开发团队都有机会参与到绿色经济中来--这是个很好的机会。 Your branch network must support a range of devices, applications and peripherals to maintain point-of-sale terminals, digital signs and kiosks, even inventory tracking on a tablet. VIEW PDF IoT 为绿色和可持续解决方案提供始终/无处不在的连接和智能 Digi WDS Helps Evoqua Deliver an Internet-Connected Water-Monitoring Solution for Commercial Applications To drive costs down, improve efficiency and better serve their customers, Evoqua Water Technologies turned to the IoT to... READ STORY 今天,技术和可持续性齐头并进。IoT 支持许多不同的自动化和监测过程,在... 今天,技术和可持续性齐头并进。IoT 支持许多不同的自动化和监测过程,在... VIEW PDF 模块选择、兼容性和易扩展性 模块选择、兼容性和易扩展性 VIEW PDF 用于嵌入式工业产品设计的完整开发平台 用于嵌入式工业产品设计的完整开发平台 VIEW PDF 基于恩智浦i.MX 8M Mini处理器的嵌入式系统模块,具有内置的安全性;为工业IoT 应用中的使用寿命和可扩展性而设计。 基于恩智浦i.MX 8M Mini处理器的嵌入式系统模块,具有内置的安全性;为工业IoT 应用中的使用寿命和可扩展性而设计。 Evoqua Water Technologies sought to build out predictive maintenance into the Water One® SD solution using machine learning and... WATCH VIDEO 诺贝尔水务系统公司帮助水区监测状态和性能,防止泄漏,降低成本 BinSentry Agriculture Monitoring Systems Rely on Digi® XBee Cellular for Low-Power, Low-Cost Communication Agriculture IoT startup develops a connected solution to enable farmers and feed mills to monitor feed inventories, replenish... READ STORY 诺贝尔水务系统公司的水监测解决方案帮助公用事业和水区从客户的用水中获得可操作的洞察力。 诺贝尔水务系统公司的水监测解决方案帮助公用事业和水区从客户的用水中获得可操作的洞察力。 See how a comprehensive IoT device management application for secure asset monitoring and control will help you get better... WATCH VIDEO 今天的互联应用正在从有线系统转向蜂窝网络,这可以极大地提高网络速度和... 今天的互联应用正在从有线系统转向蜂窝网络,这可以极大地提高网络速度和... The complete toolset includes development, production and deployment tools to help you get to market faster and manage your... WATCH VIDEO EOS国际在尼加拉瓜和洪都拉斯各地部署可扩展的水监测解决方案 EOS国际在尼加拉瓜和洪都拉斯各地部署可扩展的水监测解决方案 VIEW PDF EOS已经在尼加拉瓜的一个农村社区部署了一个远程水质监测试点,并计划将其扩大到数百个社区。 EOS已经在尼加拉瓜的一个农村社区部署了一个远程水质监测试点,并计划将其扩大到数百个社区。 VIEW PDF 寻找正确的路径来满足您的5G网络要求 寻找正确的路径来满足您的5G网络要求 Digi XCTU provides a complete set of tools for configuring and testing Digi XBee device networks. Use the range test tool to... WATCH VIDEO 满足不同行业需求的连接和嵌入式解决方案 满足不同行业需求的连接和嵌入式解决方案 The Digi XCTU Throughput Tool lets you directly measure the communications rate between any two Digi XBee multi-point or mesh... WATCH VIDEO 在本白皮书中,我们将帮助您评估优化知识产权的最佳方式,并做出正确的构建与购买的决定,以满足您的目标。 在本白皮书中,我们将帮助您评估优化知识产权的最佳方式,并做出正确的构建与购买的决定,以满足您的目标。 VIEW PDF 嵌入式设计。从第一天起就在安全方面进行建设<br wg-1=""/>
<br wg-2=""/>
开发人员在构建安全产品时面临的挑战... 嵌入式设计。从第一天起就在安全方面进行建设

Watch this video to see Digi Vice President of Product Management, Tom Butts, unbox the Digi Connect IT 4 and answer key... WATCH VIDEO
如果你是一名嵌入式开发人员,你就会明白需要一些工具来缩短编码的繁琐或容易出错的环节。在这里,你会发现,在你的工作中,有很多人都在使用这些工具。 如果你是一名嵌入式开发人员,你就会明白需要一些工具来缩短编码的繁琐或容易出错的环节。在这里,你会发现,在你的工作中,有很多人都在使用这些工具。 Rapidly deploy, configure and manage your IT devices with Digi Connect® IT remote console access servers. VIEW PDF RS-232、RS-422和RS-485都可用于各种IoT ,而且这三种都被许多不同的Digi设备所支持。 Vium Improves the Success of Drug Development for Pharmaceutical and Biotech Companies Vium helps labs improve safety, enhance their ability to test drug compounds, and better identify relevant disease biomarkers... READ STORY Digi International提供一系列用于开发产品设计的嵌入式系统模块。为了帮助简化任务... Digi International提供一系列用于开发产品设计的嵌入式系统模块。为了帮助简化任务... Centrally manage routers, firewalls, servers and other critical IT infrastructure over LTE or enterprise WAN VIEW PDF 重型建筑行业的大型项目伴随着重大风险。例如,价值几百万美元的混凝土可能会出现问题。 重型建筑行业的大型项目伴随着重大风险。例如,价值几百万美元的混凝土可能会出现问题。 Digi Connect IT Mini secure, affordable, managed out-of-band access for isolated remote IT devices VIEW PDF 网络设备都有不同的端口、规格和支持的协议。但里面的东西也同样重要... 网络设备都有不同的端口、规格和支持的协议。但里面的东西也同样重要... VIEW PDF Infinitum提供创新的暖通空调监控解决方案,具有更小的占地面积和预测性维护的特点 Infinitum提供创新的暖通空调监控解决方案,具有更小的占地面积和预测性维护的特点 Simplifying tasks throughout the product lifecycle VIEW PDF 带着重新发明暖通空调电机的宏伟目标,并结合IoT ,以获得运营洞察力,Infinitum整合了Digi XBee... 带着重新发明暖通空调电机的宏伟目标,并结合IoT ,以获得运营洞察力,Infinitum整合了Digi XBee... Intelligent and connected embedded system-on-module based on the NXP i.MX 8X with scalable dual/quad-core performance for industrial IoT applications VIEW PDF 如今,互联技术的快速增长在智能城市和交通管理解决方案中尤为普遍,因为... 如今,互联技术的快速增长在智能城市和交通管理解决方案中尤为普遍,因为... Design and build your connected products on an industrial and productization-ready single board computer platform VIEW PDF Digi EX企业设备系列是为室内环境设计的。然而,室内应用必须在... Digi EX企业设备系列是为室内环境设计的。然而,室内应用必须在... Intelligent and connected single board computer based on the NXP i.MX 8X; with scalable dual/quad-core performance for industrial IoT applications VIEW PDF 主要的石油和天然气运营监测器边缘IoT 设备与Digi Remote Manager 主要的石油和天然气运营监测器边缘IoT 设备与Digi Remote Manager Out-of-band management of network and server equipment VIEW PDF 石油和天然气业务可以在全球范围内分布,安装地点相隔数千英里,并且在偏远地区。 石油和天然气业务可以在全球范围内分布,安装地点相隔数千英里,并且在偏远地区。 This video demonstrates the process of discovering all Digi XBee Zigbee devices on the network. WATCH VIDEO 在你可以选择的所有IoT 供应商中,为什么选择Digi?答案最好用一个词来概括:经验。 在你可以选择的所有IoT 供应商中,为什么选择Digi?答案最好用一个词来概括:经验。 Connect USB peripheral devices anywhere on a Local Area Network (LAN) without a locally-attached host computer VIEW PDF 完全基于恩智浦i.MX应用处理器的嵌入式系统模块--专为寿命和可扩展性而设计,在工业IoT 。 完全基于恩智浦i.MX应用处理器的嵌入式系统模块--专为寿命和可扩展性而设计,在工业IoT 。 Watch this video to find out how you can deploy, configure and upload firmware, control access to particular groups of smart... WATCH VIDEO 在最苛刻的条件下进行无情的无线通信。 在最苛刻的条件下进行无情的无线通信。 Watch this video to see Digi VP, Tom Butts, unbox the Digi AnywhereUSB 24 Plus and review key issues such as, “What USB devices... WATCH VIDEO Digi International参加了由Telit Communications主办的小组讨论,讨论技术和进展。 Digi International参加了由Telit Communications主办的小组讨论,讨论技术和进展。 Watch this video to see Digi Vice President, Tom Butts, unbox the Digi AnywhereUSB 8 Plus and answer key questions such as... WATCH VIDEO 随着IoT 网络的复杂性与日俱增,重要的是要有相应的工具来管理它们。Digi Remote Manager... 随着IoT 网络的复杂性与日俱增,重要的是要有相应的工具来管理它们。Digi Remote Manager... Watch this video to see Digi VP, Tom Butts, unbox the Digi AnywhereUSB 2 Plus and answer key questions such as, “It’s not... WATCH VIDEO 为智能设备实现灵活的网络连接和服务 为智能设备实现灵活的网络连接和服务 Rapidly deploy, configure and manage smart devices at any distance with Digi AnywhereUSB Plus. VIEW PDF 建筑物管理者以及为建筑物管理提供支持服务和技术的原始设备制造商发现,... 建筑物管理者以及为建筑物管理提供支持服务和技术的原始设备制造商发现,... IoT management: How Digi Remote Manager supports secure and scalable deployments, cloud integration and edge computing while reducing IoT complexity VIEW PDF 对安全修复和常规更新不闻不问。 Biofeeder Helps Shrimp Farmers to Automate Feeding Schedules In the shrimp farming business, everything affects shrimp health, from the amount you feed the shrimp to the frequency... READ STORY IoT ,市场和需求在不断变化。今天,重要的是建立面向未来的设计,可以升级和扩展,以帮助你驾驭这些变化。 IoT ,市场和需求在不断变化。今天,重要的是建立面向未来的设计,可以升级和扩展,以帮助你驾驭这些变化。 Branch connectivity in a compact, affordable, all-in-one solution VIEW PDF Digi XBee 模块是AGH太阳能和自主船的核心。 Digi XBee 模块是AGH太阳能和自主船的核心。 VIEW PDF 波兰克拉科夫的AGH科技大学正在开发的AGH太阳能船项目,包含了... 波兰克拉科夫的AGH科技大学正在开发的AGH太阳能船项目,包含了... New Boundary Technologies provides simple, automated solutions that help organizations better control IT environments, energy... WATCH VIDEO Digi IX10工业蜂窝式路由器是Digi IX产品系列的最新成员--专为广泛的应用场合设计。 Digi IX10工业蜂窝式路由器是Digi IX产品系列的最新成员--专为广泛的应用场合设计。 Comprehensive IoT device management application for secure asset deployment, monitoring and control VIEW PDF 蜂窝网络正在发生变化,有些正在日落。这导致了企业、政府和行业对基于旧网络部署的设备的许多担忧和问题。2G和3G网络何时会消失?而4G LTE网络是否也会被安排关闭,或者现在投资它们是否安全? Digi Sponsorship of TUfast Racing Team Puts College Innovators on Fast Track to Engineering Success The TUfast Racing Team from the Technical University of Munich used the Digi ConnectCore® 6UL single board computer in... READ STORY Digi International和ByteSnap Design合作开发了一个有趣的、具有娱乐性的演示,以海盗游戏为特色。 Digi International和ByteSnap Design合作开发了一个有趣的、具有娱乐性的演示,以海盗游戏为特色。 Digi primary or failover connectivity solutions are ideal for retailers, convenience and department stores, restaurants... WATCH VIDEO 开发人员可以依靠Digi TrustFence的内置安全,而不必从头设计功能。 开发人员可以依靠Digi TrustFence的内置安全,而不必从头设计功能。 Watch this video to see Digi VP, Tom Butts, unbox the Digi 6350-SR and answer key questions such as, “What is a cellular router... WATCH VIDEO IoT 产品开发人员和工程师来自多种背景,并不是所有的人都接受过射频技术方面的培训。如果你发现... IoT 产品开发人员和工程师来自多种背景,并不是所有的人都接受过射频技术方面的培训。如果你发现... Watch this video to see Digi VP, Tom Butts, unbox the Digi 6330-MX and answer key questions such as, “What is a cellular router... WATCH VIDEO 虽然你可能知道Digi Remote Manager 是你的Digi设备网络的指挥中心,但你是否知道这个复杂的... 虽然你可能知道Digi Remote Manager 是你的Digi设备网络的指挥中心,但你是否知道这个复杂的... Watch this video to see Digi VP, Tom Butts, unbox the Digi 6310-DX and answer key questions such as, “What is a cellular... WATCH VIDEO 简化网络管理任务,同时提高安全性和可靠性 简化网络管理任务,同时提高安全性和可靠性 The simplest and most affordable way to eliminate network downtime is with the Digi 6310-DX LTE Router. This LTE router adds... WATCH VIDEO 随着5G网络的推出,有很多事情需要考虑。有三个不同的频段,有不同的速度,而且它们不会... 随着5G网络的推出,有很多事情需要考虑。有三个不同的频段,有不同的速度,而且它们不会... VIEW PDF 部署工业IoT ,可能充满了挑战。你如何管理对设备的远程访问?是否应该... 部署工业IoT ,可能充满了挑战。你如何管理对设备的远程访问?是否应该... VIEW PDF Digi WDS帮助E-GEAR创建能源管理控制器,以优化太阳能发电、存储、使用和转移到电网的过程。 Digi WDS帮助E-GEAR创建能源管理控制器,以优化太阳能发电、存储、使用和转移到电网的过程。 VIEW PDF 在夏威夷,大多数货物和供应品通过货船运抵,能源资源--特别是化石燃料--既是... 在夏威夷,大多数货物和供应品通过货船运抵,能源资源--特别是化石燃料--既是... VIEW PDF Digi Remote Manager 为你的动态网络提供了一个指挥中心,简化了部署、管理和更新设备的每个方面。 Digi Remote Manager 为你的动态网络提供了一个指挥中心,简化了部署、管理和更新设备的每个方面。 VIEW PDF 产品开发的设计和工程服务 产品开发的设计和工程服务 VIEW PDF 了解你如何通过低成本、一体化的网络解决方案减轻数据泄漏和安全漏洞的风险。 了解你如何通过低成本、一体化的网络解决方案减轻数据泄漏和安全漏洞的风险。 Modular LTE connectivity with Carrier Smart Select and dual SIM support across major carriers for optimal mobile network access VIEW PDF 为今天的远程员工获得先进的、低成本的、多合一的企业网络。了解如何保护你的工人和数据。 AFCEC Cuts Costs, Increases Reliability by Converting from Landlines to Cellular for Systems Control and Monitoring at Superfund Cleanup Site AFCEC missions include facility investment planning, design and construction, operations support, real property management... READ STORY 卫生和医疗工作者需要安全、可靠的网络连接,无论他们在哪里。了解Digi的一体式安全解决方案。 Digi Helps SEPTA Comply With Federal Mandate For "Positive Train Control" (PTC) Serving more than one million riders each day, the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA) is the nation’s... READ STORY LEIGHTRONIX Enables Remote Digital Signage Connectivity With Digi IoT Solutions LEIGHTRONIX specializes in video-equipment design and manufacturing, including digital video solutions, television automation... READ STORY 为关键的工业应用提供坚固、可靠、经济的连接性 TransData Launches Transport Ticketing, GPS and Wi-Fi, Bringing Advanced Services to Riders The TransData s.r.o. company, based in Slovakia, is a system integrator that develops applications and system solutions to... READ STORY 为关键的工业应用提供强大的、可靠的、成本低廉的解决方案。 为关键的工业应用提供强大的、可靠的、成本低廉的解决方案。 What should you be looking for in an Internet of Things platform? Digi Enterprise Software Product Manager, Brad Cole, shares... WATCH VIDEO 随着对边缘计算功能的需求不断增加,以管理已安装的IoT 产生的大量数据 ... 随着对边缘计算功能的需求不断增加,以管理已安装的IoT 产生的大量数据 ... Leightronix is a digital equipment design and manufacturing company that specializes in video solutions for digital signage... WATCH VIDEO Digi Remote Manager 提供了一个方便的、易于使用的仪表板和界面,因此你可以轻松监控和管理你的设备... Digi Remote Manager 提供了一个方便的、易于使用的仪表板和界面,因此你可以轻松监控和管理你的设备... Learn about the future of LTE-M, NB-IoT and 5G, and the applications that will make use of these emerging networks, from IoT... RECORDED WEBINAR 用于关键应用的多功能网络 - 坚固、安全的LTE路由器 用于关键应用的多功能网络 - 坚固、安全的LTE路由器 When discussing an alternate network as a backup to your primary network, also known as failover, it’s important to understand... RECORDED WEBINAR 从ElectriCities和Digi那里了解如何获得对你的分布式设备的完全可见性和控制,使你能够... 从ElectriCities和Digi那里了解如何获得对你的分布式设备的完全可见性和控制,使你能够... Learn how the IoT security landscape has changed, as well as the new methodologies in place to thwart vulnerabilities and how... RECORDED WEBINAR Digi提供安全、可扩展、高性能的流量管理通信解决方案,以改善拥堵状况,并提供集中管理和控制。 Digi提供安全、可扩展、高性能的流量管理通信解决方案,以改善拥堵状况,并提供集中管理和控制。 The Internet of Things (IoT) not only means more things will be connected in the future, but that more things will be better... RECORDED WEBINAR Command Alkon的TrackIt车辆监控平台利用Digi WVA和Digi Remote Manager 进行远程信息处理。 Command Alkon的TrackIt车辆监控平台利用Digi WVA和Digi Remote Manager 进行远程信息处理。 Compact, flexible cellular connectivity for IoT devices and gateways VIEW PDF 指挥部Alkon向Digi求助,以支持他们在车队跟踪、管理和远程信息处理方面的关键任务要求。 指挥部Alkon向Digi求助,以支持他们在车队跟踪、管理和远程信息处理方面的关键任务要求。 How transit operators can deploy IoT transportation strategies for smarter, more efficient operations VIEW PDF LTE运营效率为ElectriCities节省数千美元 LTE运营效率为ElectriCities节省数千美元 Digi Enterprise Software Product Manager, Brad Cole, discusses IoT stack integration to better leverage device management and... RECORDED WEBINAR 能源解决方案供应商用Digi International的LTE取代昂贵的陆路线路,每年可节省30多万美元。 能源解决方案供应商用Digi International的LTE取代昂贵的陆路线路,每年可节省30多万美元。 See how wireless cellular routers can be used to avoid security breaches that can be caused when companies share wired... WATCH VIDEO 蜂窝技术越来越成为远程连接的最明智和最具成本效益的选择,特别是在... Kinetic Creates An Innovative Wearable That Reduces Workplace Injuries And Increases Safety Using Digi IoT Solutions Kinetic is a pioneering innovator in workplace wearables that improve worker safety, prevent injuries, and decrease associated... READ STORY Digi International为每一种使用情况建造蜂窝设备,包括设备必须工作的应用。 Digi International为每一种使用情况建造蜂窝设备,包括设备必须工作的应用。 Summit Envirosolutions, combines the power of environmental science and data management tools to monitor the quality of water... WATCH VIDEO 以下是您的Digi IX20到达时的情况。了解设备是如何被固定的,开箱即用。您还可以了解... 以下是您的Digi IX20到达时的情况。了解设备是如何被固定的,开箱即用。您还可以了解... Each day in workplace settings across numerous industries, workers are constantly putting their bodies at risk by improperly... WATCH VIDEO 最苛刻的环境需要最强大和最可靠的路由器。Digi IX20不仅为具有挑战性的环境而设计。 最苛刻的环境需要最强大和最可靠的路由器。Digi IX20不仅为具有挑战性的环境而设计。 NXP i.MX6Plus based surface-mount module solution with scalable, quad-core performance and integrated wireless VIEW PDF 今天,建设企业级网络的考虑因素取决于应用要求。这些要求包括... 今天,建设企业级网络的考虑因素取决于应用要求。这些要求包括... NXP i.MX6Plus based solution with scalable, quad-core performance and integrated wireless connectivity VIEW PDF 每个IT部门都需要强大和安全的网络和基础设施管理解决方案,但从这里开始,就需要有一个强大的解决方案。 每个IT部门都需要强大和安全的网络和基础设施管理解决方案,但从这里开始,就需要有一个强大的解决方案。 At the 2017 IoT Hack Day hosted by IoT Fuse, Christopher Black and Joshua Kaeding created a home security system that can be... WATCH VIDEO 开发一个IoT 的产品是具有挑战性的,因此,很大比例的嵌入式设计项目都是以失败告终。 开发一个IoT 的产品是具有挑战性的,因此,很大比例的嵌入式设计项目都是以失败告终。 We help build better custom wireless products and having been involved with hundreds of product development efforts, we know... WATCH VIDEO 今天的蜂窝式路由器必须是快速、可靠、安全、可配置、可管理和为5G迁移做好准备的,并且是可编程的... 今天的蜂窝式路由器必须是快速、可靠、安全、可配置、可管理和为5G迁移做好准备的,并且是可编程的... The growing role of cellular in meeting the PTC mandate VIEW PDF 今天,嵌入式开发者在嵌入式开发工具方面有多种选择,以在IoT 应用中实现无线连接。它... 今天,嵌入式开发者在嵌入式开发工具方面有多种选择,以在IoT 应用中实现无线连接。它... Building on industry-leading technology, pre-certified Digi XBee3 modules offer the flexibility to switch between multiple... WATCH VIDEO Digi Remote Manager 提供你所需要的一切,以监测和管理你的远程设备网络,包括设备映射... Digi Remote Manager 提供你所需要的一切,以监测和管理你的远程设备网络,包括设备映射... Historically, utility companies would use outdated dial-up modem technology that was both slow and expensive. There are a... WATCH VIDEO 你的城市交通系统是否正在努力管理技术和车载系统,以确保你的通信。 你的城市交通系统是否正在努力管理技术和车载系统,以确保你的通信。 This field guide provides an overview of five ways to improve the design of your wireless IoT product, get to market faster, and increase the reliability of your solution. VIEW PDF 5G网络正在推出,全面部署后将提供更高的速度和更低的延迟,同时更好地支持低速。 5G网络正在推出,全面部署后将提供更高的速度和更低的延迟,同时更好地支持低速。 2017 IoTHack Day project, Internet of Trees, enables more efficient population monitoring and tracking of invasive species... WATCH VIDEO GeneSys传感器帮助汽车制造商测试性能并为互联汽车的未来做准备 GeneSys传感器帮助汽车制造商测试性能并为互联汽车的未来做准备 Being connected is everything in today’s data-driven economy. Eliminating downtime is essential to maximize productivity... WATCH VIDEO 汽车制造商现在可以利用先进的GeneSys传感器技术和Digi... 汽车制造商现在可以利用先进的GeneSys传感器技术和Digi... With the Digi XBee3 Cellular family of embedded modems, developers can bring together the power and flexibility of the Digi... WATCH VIDEO 美国Enolgas公司凭借水安全系统进入 "智能家居 "市场 NuMedia Unveils Next Generation of PRSONAS Digital Hosts – Powered by Digi Through patented technology, nuMedia’s acclaimed PRSONAS digital hosts go far beyond digital signage and self-service kiosks... READ STORY 美国Enolgas公司发现,公寓楼和房屋业主可以节省大量因未被发现而产生的超额费用。 美国Enolgas公司发现,公寓楼和房屋业主可以节省大量因未被发现而产生的超额费用。 The new Digi XBee3 cellular modules and rf modems debuted at the 2018 Embedded World conference. Watch this video to learn more... WATCH VIDEO Wake, Inc.整合DigiIoT 解决方案,远程监控施工现场的混凝土养护温度 Wake, Inc.整合DigiIoT 解决方案,远程监控施工现场的混凝土养护温度 Encuentre todo lo que necesita para entender y desarrollar redes inalámbricas en el Ecosistema XBee de Digi. WATCH VIDEO Wake帮助建筑项目管理者监控混凝土固化过程,通过远程访问实时温度... Wake帮助建筑项目管理者监控混凝土固化过程,通过远程访问实时温度... Accelerate your networking solutions and eliminate downtime with the Digi 6330-MX LTE Router that features multiple WAN... WATCH VIDEO 嵌入式开发的五大挑战是什么,以及如何才能跨越这些障碍,创造一个成功的嵌入式开发。 嵌入式开发的五大挑战是什么,以及如何才能跨越这些障碍,创造一个成功的嵌入式开发。 Native MicroPython Programming, Digi TrustFence® Security, Software Flexibility, and USB Option Open Up New Markets and Applications to OEMs VIEW PDF BOS技术公司通过对病房进行病毒监控来应对COVID-19大流行病 Lumca Smart Pole Solution Helping Cities and Towns Extend the Value of their Lighting Infrastructure with Connected Services With more options to deliver higher levels of citizen service, efficiencies, and cost savings, savvy cities and municipalities... READ STORY Digi ConnectPort X2是我们应用的完美选择。我们希望在这个解决方案中只使用最好的产品... Digi ConnectPort X2是我们应用的完美选择。我们希望在这个解决方案中只使用最好的产品... The new Digi XBee3 embedded RF modules provide cost effective wireless for secure, reliable connectivity in a simple, compact... WATCH VIDEO 今天,随着越来越多的工人进行远程连接,确保他们安全地连接比以往任何时候都更重要。 今天,随着越来越多的工人进行远程连接,确保他们安全地连接比以往任何时候都更重要。 IoT enables enterprise companies to access real-time data in remote devices and sensors enabling increased productivity and better customer experiences. VIEW PDF Digi Remote Manager 是一个安全的托管管理解决方案,适用于IoT 设备。它的设计是为了便于使用、自动化和... Digi Remote Manager 是一个安全的托管管理解决方案,适用于IoT 设备。它的设计是为了便于使用、自动化和... Encontre tudo o que precisa para entender e desenvolver redes sem fio no Ecossistema XBee da Digi. WATCH VIDEO 城市需要不断改进其管理城市交通的方法,以减少城市街道的拥堵。但是,拓宽... 城市需要不断改进其管理城市交通的方法,以减少城市街道的拥堵。但是,拓宽... Low-cost, easy-to-deploy modules for critical end-point device and sensor connectivity VIEW PDF Reborn Electric使用Digi ConnectCore 6 SBC,为改装为电力的公共汽车提供接口和遥测。 Reborn Electric使用Digi ConnectCore 6 SBC,为改装为电力的公共汽车提供接口和遥测。 4G LTE Cat 1 Cellular Smart Modem VIEW PDF Reborn Electric将柴油动力巴士改装为电动。为了提供一个接口和监测车辆所需的遥测技术... Reborn Electric将柴油动力巴士改装为电动。为了提供一个接口和监测车辆所需的遥测技术... Easy-to-add connectivity in a compact, low-power, low-profile footprint VIEW PDF 了解智慧城市和智能交通系统(ITS)集团如何通过升级其交通管理解决方案,改善交通路线和应急响应,同时降低成本。 了解智慧城市和智能交通系统(ITS)集团如何通过升级其交通管理解决方案,改善交通路线和应急响应,同时降低成本。 Programmable gateway connects Digi XBee enabled devices to remote applications over cellular or Ethernet VIEW PDF 观看IMCIoT M2M理事会关于IoT 安全法规和技术的小组讲座的这一网络研讨会录音,以获得... 观看IMCIoT M2M理事会关于IoT 安全法规和技术的小组讲座的这一网络研讨会录音,以获得... The Digi XBee 3 Cellular LTE Cat 1 development kit provides OEMs with a simple, quick way to integrate cellular connectivity into their devices VIEW PDF Enlazza使用Digi Remote Manager ,以安全地管理Digi路由器的车队 Enlazza使用Digi Remote Manager ,以安全地管理Digi路由器的车队 Digi XBee 3 Cellular LTE-M development kit provides OEMs with a simple, quick way to integrate cellular connectivity into their devices VIEW PDF Enlazza公司利用Digi Remote Manager APIs开发了一项创新服务,称为主机名称解决方案(HNS)。该服务的目的是为了让人们能够更好地了解自己。 Enlazza公司利用Digi Remote Manager APIs开发了一项创新服务,称为主机名称解决方案(HNS)。该服务的目的是为了让人们能够更好地了解自己。 VIEW PDF 了解Enlazza公司如何使用Digi Remote Manager APIs,为IPv4地址的短缺创建一个创新的解决方案。 了解Enlazza公司如何使用Digi Remote Manager APIs,为IPv4地址的短缺创建一个创新的解决方案。 Explore hands-on mesh networking and connectivity with Digi XBee 3 RF modules VIEW PDF Digi Wireless Design Services为IoT 产品提供全套的咨询、设计和开发服务... Digi Wireless Design Services为IoT 产品提供全套的咨询、设计和开发服务... Wireless connectivity using the innovative and easy-to-deploy DigiMesh® protocol VIEW PDF 通过主要或备用LTE连接避免网络中断;与现有基础设施无缝整合 Digi and Almerys Develop Critical Cardiology Telehealth Application Digi and Almerys, a subsidiary of Orange Business Services, helped develop and implement Cardiauvergne, a cardiology telehealth... READ STORY 用于关键任务的工业和运输应用的坚固和安全的蜂窝路由器,包括用于公共安全网络的模型 用于关键任务的工业和运输应用的坚固和安全的蜂窝路由器,包括用于公共安全网络的模型 2G and 3G sun setting is already underway, and 4G LTE is already here. The time to start planning your legacy device migration... WATCH VIDEO 为复杂的过境和运输系统提供具有双冗余通信功能的高性能蜂窝式路由器 为复杂的过境和运输系统提供具有双冗余通信功能的高性能蜂窝式路由器 "Colette" is a crossbody bag with a number of different security features that was created at the 2017 IoT Hackday event. WATCH VIDEO Digi Remote Manager ,提供各种各样的远程管理能力。在本视频中,我们将介绍新的和改进的... Digi Remote Manager ,提供各种各样的远程管理能力。在本视频中,我们将介绍新的和改进的... Preparing for 2G and 3G sunsets VIEW PDF 基于恩智浦i.MX 8M Nano处理器的嵌入式系统模块;为工业IoT 应用中的使用寿命和可扩展性而设计。 FELFEL Transforms Workplace Meals with Kiosk Refrigerators, Powered By Digi ConnectCore, Bringing Ingenious Delivery of Fresh Food For Staff Aiming to “free people from mediocre food at work,” Switzerland’s FELFEL has developed a complete, innovative solution that... READ STORY Digi International在2019年搬到了漂亮的新总部。本视频带您参观。 Digi International在2019年搬到了漂亮的新总部。本视频带您参观。 Always-on Internet connectivity that improves rider satisfaction, automates fare collection and gives you real-time mobile asset tracking. VIEW PDF 麦吉尔大学火箭队的 "天空的极限"。 麦吉尔大学火箭队的 "天空的极限"。 The different devices and functionality of industrial cellular hardware can be confusing. Sales Engineering Manager, Randall... WATCH VIDEO 麦吉尔大学的火箭队利用Digi XTend 900 Mhz无线电,在一个11英尺长的飞机上进行航空电子通信。 麦吉尔大学的火箭队利用Digi XTend 900 Mhz无线电,在一个11英尺长的飞机上进行航空电子通信。 When making your hardware decision, how should you be evaluating software? Digi Software Product Manager, Brad Cole, talks us... WATCH VIDEO Ranch Systems Leverages Digi XBee To Deliver Cloud-based Agriculture Automation Founded in 2005, Ranch Systems provides wireless solutions for field monitoring and control in agriculture environments. These... READ STORY Digi Remote Manager 提供各种各样的远程管理能力。在这个视频中,我们将介绍我们的用户管理... Digi Remote Manager 提供各种各样的远程管理能力。在这个视频中,我们将介绍我们的用户管理... Delivering IoT connectivity solutions where failure is not an option VIEW PDF Digi的虚拟迎宾员欢迎访客到公司总部,并提供虚拟参观。 Digi的虚拟迎宾员欢迎访客到公司总部,并提供虚拟参观。 Optimize lift station performance with reliable, real-time data VIEW PDF PuppTech公司创建监测和通知系统,保护车内的宠物 PuppTech公司创建监测和通知系统,保护车内的宠物 Digi proporciona soluciones de conectividad de M2M y del IoT que proporciona confiabilidad constante y alto rendimiento que... WATCH VIDEO PuppTech是一家致力于帮助狗主人保持他们的宠物在车内安全的初创公司。该公司建立了PuppComm--一种便携式... PuppTech是一家致力于帮助狗主人保持他们的宠物在车内安全的初创公司。该公司建立了PuppComm--一种便携式... Comparing New Cellular Connectivity Options VIEW PDF IoT 随着新的方法和见解从现有的物联网部署中发展出来,物联网正在不断发展。在硬件... IoT 随着新的方法和见解从现有的物联网部署中发展出来,物联网正在不断发展。在硬件... Small, wireless devices are rapidly proliferating, driven by a vast and expanding spectrum of industrial and consumer applications. VIEW PDF Reuleaux Technology公司的创始人、前Digi International公司的Scott Nelson参加了关于5G的网络研讨会,并在会上发言。 Reuleaux Technology公司的创始人、前Digi International公司的Scott Nelson参加了关于5G的网络研讨会,并在会上发言。 A Digi provê soluções de conectividade M2M e IoT que oferecem confiabilidade e desempenho que nossos clientes requerem para... WATCH VIDEO 今天,5G网络正在积极部署,并与其他技术进步和趋势相结合,包括IoT ,边缘... 今天,5G网络正在积极部署,并与其他技术进步和趋势相结合,包括IoT ,边缘... VIEW PDF 由IoT 设备组成的大型网络正在成为一种普遍现象。无论你部署的是几十台还是几万台设备,都有... 由IoT 设备组成的大型网络正在成为一种普遍现象。无论你部署的是几十台还是几万台设备,都有... RF module family operates in the 863-870 MHz range delivering superior performance and interference immunity at 868 MHz VIEW PDF Digi ConnectCore 8M Nano开发套件是一个基于恩智浦®i.MX 8M Nano应用处理器的具有凝聚力和成本效益的系统级模块(SOM)平台。 Digi ConnectCore 8M Nano开发套件是一个基于恩智浦®i.MX 8M Nano应用处理器的具有凝聚力和成本效益的系统级模块(SOM)平台。 VIEW PDF 观看此视频,了解Digi Connect IT如何帮助您快速部署、配置和远程管理控制台设备。 观看此视频,了解Digi Connect IT如何帮助您快速部署、配置和远程管理控制台设备。 Find everything to explore and create wireless connectivity in the Digi XBee Ecosystem. WATCH VIDEO 奥的斯电梯在全球拥有200万台电梯,有超过3万名现场技术人员维护这些电梯,因此,奥的斯电梯希望找到一个... 奥的斯电梯在全球拥有200万台电梯,有超过3万名现场技术人员维护这些电梯,因此,奥的斯电梯希望找到一个... Digi Chief Technology Officer (CTO) Joel Young, shares which questions to ask when planning an IoT Strategy and covers the five... WATCH VIDEO 奥的斯电梯开发预测性维护解决方案以提高响应速度 奥的斯电梯开发预测性维护解决方案以提高响应速度 Smart Sensors Toolkit, the new wireless sensor hardware and secure cloud by 30MHz, uses Digi XBee modules to provide wireless... WATCH VIDEO 奥的斯ONE数字平台将云技术、机器学习和IoT ,为用户提供实时信息和... Smart Sensors Toolkit from 30 MHz Taps the Power of Digi XBee Modules for Fast integration and Reliable Connectivity With a portfolio of easy-to-deploy wireless sensors, 30MHz empowers businesses to transform the metrics they capture from the... READ STORY Digi XCTU频谱分析工具让你确定所选无线电频段的频谱。一旦你选择了一个无线电并运行... WiseConn Brings New Efficiencies to Agriculture with Precise Irrigation WiseConn’s acclaimed DropControl helps farmers maximize their harvests and optimize their irrigation use by carefully and... READ STORY 你的分支机构网络必须支持一系列的设备、应用程序和外围设备,以维护销售点终端、数字标牌和信息亭,甚至是平板电脑上的库存跟踪。 你的分支机构网络必须支持一系列的设备、应用程序和外围设备,以维护销售点终端、数字标牌和信息亭,甚至是平板电脑上的库存跟踪。 VIEW PDF Digi WDS帮助Evoqua公司为商业应用提供互联网连接的水监测解决方案 Digi WDS帮助Evoqua公司为商业应用提供互联网连接的水监测解决方案 As part of the "wireless-in-space" initiative by National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), TechEdSat 5 was... WATCH VIDEO 为了降低成本,提高效率和更好地服务于他们的客户,Evoqua水技术公司求助于IoT ,以... 为了降低成本,提高效率和更好地服务于他们的客户,Evoqua水技术公司求助于IoT ,以... This demonstration measures the low power consumption of the single-board computer, the System-on-Module, and the micro... WATCH VIDEO Evoqua水技术公司试图利用机器学习和技术,将预测性维护纳入Water One® SD解决方案。 Evoqua水技术公司试图利用机器学习和技术,将预测性维护纳入Water One® SD解决方案。 Digi Field Applications Engineer Manager, Martin Schulte-Hobein, shows Digi ConnectCore for 6UL, connected to the Microsoft... WATCH VIDEO BinSentry农业监测系统依靠Digi® XBee蜂窝电话进行低功耗、低成本的通信 BinSentry农业监测系统依靠Digi® XBee蜂窝电话进行低功耗、低成本的通信 Digi XBee® gave Owlet Nightshift the processing horsepower they needed for a Zigbee Mesh solution. Watch this video to see how... WATCH VIDEO 农业IoT 初创公司开发了一个连接解决方案,使农民和饲料厂能够监测饲料库存,补充饲料。 农业IoT 初创公司开发了一个连接解决方案,使农民和饲料厂能够监测饲料库存,补充饲料。 VIEW PDF 看看用于安全资产监控的全面的IoT 设备管理应用程序将如何帮助你获得更好的... Ideco and Digi International Develop Biometric Technology Solution Customers Can Easily Identify With Digi ConnectCore® 6 gives Ideco the processing horsepower they need to take cumbersome biometric collection and verification... READ STORY 完整的工具集包括开发、生产和部署工具,帮助你更快地进入市场并管理你的... 完整的工具集包括开发、生产和部署工具,帮助你更快地进入市场并管理你的... Digi ConnectCore® 6 gives Ideco the processing horsepower they need to take cumbersome biometric collection and verification... WATCH VIDEO Digi XCTU提供一套完整的工具,用于配置和测试Digi XBee 设备网络。使用范围测试工具来... Digi XCTU提供一套完整的工具,用于配置和测试Digi XBee 设备网络。使用范围测试工具来... Decrease risk, increase productivity. The case for cellular failover connectivity. VIEW PDF Digi XCTU吞吐量工具让你直接测量任何两个Digi XBee 多点或网状网络之间的通信速率。 Wondersign Solves Smart Digital Signage and Kiosks Connectivity Issues with Digi TransPort Routers Florida-based Wondersign delivers digital media to screens and tablets for corporate TV, digital marketing boards, digital... READ STORY 请看这段视频,看看Digi产品管理副总裁Tom Butts对Digi Connect IT 4的开箱和回答关键问题。 Digi XBee RF Modules Enable Loadstar Sensors to Create StockVUE Wireless Inventory Management From characterizing automobile brakes to testing parachutes for NASA, Loadstar Sensors offers a broad range of wired and... READ STORY 利用Digi Connect® IT远程控制台访问服务器快速部署、配置和管理您的IT设备。 利用Digi Connect® IT远程控制台访问服务器快速部署、配置和管理您的IT设备。 VIEW PDF Vium为制药和生物技术公司提高药物开发的成功率 Vium为制药和生物技术公司提高药物开发的成功率 Digi Chief Innovation Officer, Rob Faludi, unboxes the Digi XBee Cellular LTE Cat 1 Development Kit, which contains everything... WATCH VIDEO Vium帮助实验室提高安全性,增强他们测试药物化合物的能力,并更好地识别相关的疾病生物标志物。 Vium帮助实验室提高安全性,增强他们测试药物化合物的能力,并更好地识别相关的疾病生物标志物。 This video gives a features tour and detailed instructions on how to configure the new Digi Connect Sensor+ firmware and... WATCH VIDEO 通过LTE或企业广域网集中管理路由器、防火墙、服务器和其他关键IT基础设施 通过LTE或企业广域网集中管理路由器、防火墙、服务器和其他关键IT基础设施 Sales Engineering Manager, Randall Kerr shows and explains using Digi Remote Manager profiles for rapid provisioning of Digi... WATCH VIDEO Digi Connect IT Mini为孤立的远程IT设备提供安全、经济、可管理的带外访问。 Digi Connect IT Mini为孤立的远程IT设备提供安全、经济、可管理的带外访问。 To keep your critical point-of-sale and other network devices connected and the data flowing securely, look to Digi for our commercial-grade routers and gateways. VIEW PDF 简化整个产品生命周期的任务 简化整个产品生命周期的任务 Secure and pre-certified Single Board Computer for total design flexibility and connectivity in industrial applications VIEW PDF 在一个工业和产品化的单板计算机平台上设计和构建你的连接产品 在一个工业和产品化的单板计算机平台上设计和构建你的连接产品 DOWNLOAD PDF 基于恩智浦i.MX 8X的智能和连接的单板计算机;具有可扩展的双/四核性能,用于工业IoT 。 基于恩智浦i.MX 8X的智能和连接的单板计算机;具有可扩展的双/四核性能,用于工业IoT 。 Chief Innovator Rob Faludi, explains two new protocols for cellular communication and how these low bandwidth protocols are... WATCH VIDEO 网络和服务器设备的带外管理 Tire Profiles Turns to Digi TransPort® LR54 Router for Reliable Connectivity in Acclaimed "GrooveGlove" Handheld Tire Diagnostics Tool In tire shops, car dealerships, and auto repair centers around the country, Tire Profiles’s acclaimed GrooveGlove™ handheld... READ STORY 这个视频演示了发现网络上所有Digi XBee Zigbee设备的过程。 Macchina Selects Digi XBee Cellular for Connectivity in Forthcoming Open-Source Development Platform for Automobiles Aiming to provide the open-source hardware/software “middleware” for the newest generation of automobiles, innovative Macchina... READ STORY 在没有本地连接的主机的情况下,在局域网(LAN)上的任何地方连接USB外围设备 在没有本地连接的主机的情况下,在局域网(LAN)上的任何地方连接USB外围设备 VIEW PDF 观看此视频,了解你如何部署、配置和上传固件,控制对特定组别智能的访问。 观看此视频,了解你如何部署、配置和上传固件,控制对特定组别智能的访问。 Is your company new to wireless product development? Have you considered switching to wireless technologiesor adding cellular components to your products? VIEW PDF 请观看本视频,了解Digi副总裁Tom Butts对Digi AnywhereUSB 24 Plus的开箱情况,并回顾一些关键问题,如:"哪些USB设备... 请观看本视频,了解Digi副总裁Tom Butts对Digi AnywhereUSB 24 Plus的开箱情况,并回顾一些关键问题,如:"哪些USB设备... Easy-to-install and roll-out ready, battery-powered cellular gateway solution VIEW PDF 请观看本视频,了解Digi副总裁Tom Butts对Digi AnywhereUSB 8 Plus的开箱情况,并回答一些关键问题,如... 请观看本视频,了解Digi副总裁Tom Butts对Digi AnywhereUSB 8 Plus的开箱情况,并回答一些关键问题,如... In case you missed the IoT Hack Day in 2016, get an inside look into this hackathon with IoT Fuse, creative hackers, and the... WATCH VIDEO 请观看本视频,了解Digi副总裁Tom Butts对Digi AnywhereUSB 2 Plus的开箱情况,并回答一些关键问题,如 "它不是... 请观看本视频,了解Digi副总裁Tom Butts对Digi AnywhereUSB 2 Plus的开箱情况,并回答一些关键问题,如 "它不是... Watch this video to see the mission-critical wireless sensor network test be successfully completed using Digi XBee RF modules. WATCH VIDEO 利用Digi AnywhereUSB Plus在任何距离快速部署、配置和管理智能设备。 利用Digi AnywhereUSB Plus在任何距离快速部署、配置和管理智能设备。 Digi SMTplus is designed for automated placement in low and high volume applications to deliver exceptional durability. WATCH VIDEO IoT 管理。Digi Remote Manager 如何支持安全和可扩展的部署、云整合和边缘计算,同时减少IoT 的复杂性 IoT 管理。Digi Remote Manager 如何支持安全和可扩展的部署、云整合和边缘计算,同时减少IoT 的复杂性 Digi Sales Engineer Manager, Randall Kerr joined Express Systems & Peripherals to provide insight on remote IoT security and... RECORDED WEBINAR 生物喂养器帮助养虾户实现喂养计划的自动化 生物喂养器帮助养虾户实现喂养计划的自动化 High-end Cortex-A8 System-on-Module solution delivers industry-leading performance, low-power operation, and fully integrated 802.11a/b/g/n + Ethernet networking VIEW PDF 在养虾业中,一切都会影响到虾的健康,从你喂养虾的数量到频率。 在养虾业中,一切都会影响到虾的健康,从你喂养虾的数量到频率。 VIEW PDF 在一个紧凑、经济、一体化的解决方案中的分支连接 在一个紧凑、经济、一体化的解决方案中的分支连接 Digi Product Manager, Matt Dunsmore introduces the Digi XBee® Cellular 4G LTE Cat 1 Embedded Modem to the Digi XBee Ecosystem. WATCH VIDEO 新边界技术公司提供简单、自动化的解决方案,帮助企业更好地控制IT环境、能源和环境。 新边界技术公司提供简单、自动化的解决方案,帮助企业更好地控制IT环境、能源和环境。 XBee Cellular LTE Cat 1 embedded modems provide OEMs with a simple way to integrate cellular connectivity into their devices VIEW PDF 全面的IoT 设备管理应用程序,用于安全的资产部署、监测和控制 全面的IoT 设备管理应用程序,用于安全的资产部署、监测和控制 VIEW PDF Digi赞助TUfast赛车队,使大学生创新者走上工程成功的快车道 Innovative Dual-Carrier Solution from Cactus Computer Eliminates Dead Zones, Keeps Operations Flowing for Grand Prairie Water Leveraging the Digi TransPort® WR21 4G LTE router, Texas-based Cactus Computer has created the “Cactus 2x4GLTE,” an innovative... READ STORY 慕尼黑工业大学的TUfast赛车队在比赛中使用了Digi ConnectCore® 6UL单板计算机。 Digi ConnectCore 6 Helps Prolec Improve Safety and Usability of Construction Equipment Site surveys and measurements are meticulously taken by construction managers to ensure all angles and depths are understood... READ STORY Digi的主要或故障切换连接解决方案是零售商、便利店和百货公司、餐馆的理想选择。 Digi的主要或故障切换连接解决方案是零售商、便利店和百货公司、餐馆的理想选择。 VIEW PDF 请观看本视频,看看Digi副总裁Tom Butts对Digi 6350-SR的开箱,并回答一些关键问题,如 "什么是蜂窝式路由器? 请观看本视频,看看Digi副总裁Tom Butts对Digi 6350-SR的开箱,并回答一些关键问题,如 "什么是蜂窝式路由器? VIEW PDF 请观看本视频,看看Digi副总裁Tom Butts如何开箱,并回答诸如 "什么是蜂窝式路由器 "等关键问题。 请观看本视频,看看Digi副总裁Tom Butts如何开箱,并回答诸如 "什么是蜂窝式路由器 "等关键问题。 VIEW PDF 请观看本视频,看看Digi副总裁Tom Butts如何开箱,并回答一些关键问题,如 "什么是蜂窝电话"。 请观看本视频,看看Digi副总裁Tom Butts如何开箱,并回答一些关键问题,如 "什么是蜂窝电话"。 IGT selected the Digi TransPort WR11 to rapidly connect network technology for gaming machines, lotteries, and interactive and... WATCH VIDEO 使用Digi 6310-DX LTE路由器是消除网络停机的最简单和最经济的方法。这款LTE路由器增加了... 使用Digi 6310-DX LTE路由器是消除网络停机的最简单和最经济的方法。这款LTE路由器增加了... Our team of technical engineers and online resources help you gain the most from your Digi products VIEW PDF 具有运营商智能选择功能的模块化LTE连接,以及对主要运营商的双卡支持,以实现最佳的移动网络接入 具有运营商智能选择功能的模块化LTE连接,以及对主要运营商的双卡支持,以实现最佳的移动网络接入 Digi Chief Innovation Officer, Rob Faludi, dives deep into the describing and comparing mesh networks and cellular networks. WATCH VIDEO AFCEC通过将超级基金清理现场的系统控制和监测从固定电话转换为移动电话来降低成本,提高可靠性 AFCEC通过将超级基金清理现场的系统控制和监测从固定电话转换为移动电话来降低成本,提高可靠性 Digi Chief Innovation Officer, Rob Faludi, explains the strengths and weaknesses of mesh networking protocols specific to... WATCH VIDEO AFCEC的任务包括设施投资规划、设计和施工、运营支持、不动产管理... AFCEC的任务包括设施投资规划、设计和施工、运营支持、不动产管理... VIEW PDF Digi帮助SEPTA遵守联邦规定的 "列车正向控制"(PTC)。 With more than $6 billion in sales and 13,000 employees around the world, IGT (NYSE: IGT) is the world’s largest provider of... READ STORY 宾夕法尼亚州东南部交通局(SEPTA)每天为超过一百万的乘客提供服务,是全国最大的交通局。 宾夕法尼亚州东南部交通局(SEPTA)每天为超过一百万的乘客提供服务,是全国最大的交通局。 Embedded RF modules deliver wireless connectivity using the innovative and easy-to-deploy DigiMesh® protocol VIEW PDF LEIGHTRONIX通过DigiIoT 解决方案实现远程数字标牌连接 Avancen’s FDA-approved Medication on Demand (MOD®) device is being deployed in hospitals and skilled nursing facilities around... READ STORY LEIGHTRONIX专门从事视频设备的设计和制造,包括数字视频解决方案、电视自动化和其他设备。 LEIGHTRONIX专门从事视频设备的设计和制造,包括数字视频解决方案、电视自动化和其他设备。 Embedded Feature Comparison for ConnectCore 6UL, ConnectCore 6, ConnectCore 6+, ConnectCore 8M Nano, ConnectCore 8M Mini and ConnectCore 8X VIEW PDF TransData推出交通票务、GPS和Wi-Fi,为乘客带来先进服务 TransData推出交通票务、GPS和Wi-Fi,为乘客带来先进服务 VIEW PDF 位于斯洛伐克的TransData s.r.o.公司是一家系统集成商,开发应用和系统解决方案,以满足客户需求。 位于斯洛伐克的TransData s.r.o.公司是一家系统集成商,开发应用和系统解决方案,以满足客户需求。 Digi Product Manager Mike Rohrmoser introduces the ConnectCore® for i.MX6UL System-on-Module WATCH VIDEO 你应该在物联网平台中寻找什么?Digi企业软件产品经理Brad Cole与您分享... 你应该在物联网平台中寻找什么?Digi企业软件产品经理Brad Cole与您分享... Intelligent and connected embedded system-on-module based on the NXP i.MX6 UL, with turnkey Linux software support in a stamp-sized form factor VIEW PDF Leightronix是一家数字设备设计和制造公司,专门从事数字标牌的视频解决方案... Leightronix是一家数字设备设计和制造公司,专门从事数字标牌的视频解决方案... Frazer-Nash is tapping the power of the Digi International® ConnectCore® 6 System-on-Module to drive the powertrain... WATCH VIDEO 了解LTE-M、NB-IoT 和5G的未来,以及将利用这些新兴网络的应用,从IoT... 了解LTE-M、NB-IoT 和5G的未来,以及将利用这些新兴网络的应用,从IoT... In this TransPort Tech Video, Randall Kerr describes how to configure the IO ports on a WR31, showing an example of how to... WATCH VIDEO 当讨论备用网络作为主网络的备份时,也被称为故障转移,重要的是要了解... Digi Drives Digital Experience in the Only Zero-Emissions-Capable Black Cab The zero-emission taxicab of the future will soon be on the streets of London – and Digi is playing a key role in making it... READ STORY 了解IoT 安全环境如何变化,以及挫败漏洞的新方法和如何... 了解IoT 安全环境如何变化,以及挫败漏洞的新方法和如何... WATCH VIDEO 物联网(IoT)不仅意味着未来将有更多的东西被连接起来,而且更多的东西将被更好地连接起来。 物联网(IoT)不仅意味着未来将有更多的东西被连接起来,而且更多的东西将被更好地连接起来。 WATCH VIDEO IoT 设备和网关的紧凑、灵活的蜂窝式连接 IoT 设备和网关的紧凑、灵活的蜂窝式连接 WATCH VIDEO 公交运营商如何部署IoT 运输策略,实现更智能、更高效的运营 公交运营商如何部署IoT 运输策略,实现更智能、更高效的运营 The ideal solution to implement wireless sensor monitoring in IoT applications where power is not available. VIEW PDF Digi企业软件产品经理Brad Cole讨论了IoT 堆栈整合,以更好地利用设备管理和... Digi企业软件产品经理Brad Cole讨论了IoT 堆栈整合,以更好地利用设备管理和... Low-cost, easy-to-deploy modules provide critical end-point connectivity to devices and sensors VIEW PDF 看看如何利用无线蜂窝式路由器来避免公司共享有线网络时可能造成的安全漏洞。 When you have up to 200 buses on the streets for 23 hours each day, it’s essential to constantly monitor your vehicles to... READ STORY Kinetic是工作场所可穿戴设备的先锋创新者,它可以改善工人的安全,防止受伤,并减少相关的费用。 Kinetic是工作场所可穿戴设备的先锋创新者,它可以改善工人的安全,防止受伤,并减少相关的费用。 DOWNLOAD PDF Summit Envirosolutions,结合了环境科学和数据管理工具的力量,以监测水的质量。 Summit Envirosolutions,结合了环境科学和数据管理工具的力量,以监测水的质量。 In less than 30 minutes, walk away with a comprehensive 6-point guide that helps engineers, operators, project managers and... WATCH VIDEO 在众多行业的工作场所,工人们每天都在不断地将他们的身体置于危险之中,因为他们的工作方式不恰当。 在众多行业的工作场所,工人们每天都在不断地将他们的身体置于危险之中,因为他们的工作方式不恰当。 This Technical Brief will explore the Zigbee® protocol industry standard for data transmission, and the 802.15.4 protocol upon which it was built. VIEW PDF 基于恩智浦i.MX6Plus的表面贴装模块解决方案,具有可扩展的四核性能和集成无线功能 基于恩智浦i.MX6Plus的表面贴装模块解决方案,具有可扩展的四核性能和集成无线功能 VIEW PDF Chicago Area Commuter-Rail Agency Turns to Digi to Increase Ridership With Free Internet Access Thousands of passengers traveling to and from Chicago each day increasingly expect connectivity and productivity as they make... READ STORY 基于恩智浦i.MX6Plus的解决方案具有可扩展的四核性能和集成的无线连接功能 基于恩智浦i.MX6Plus的解决方案具有可扩展的四核性能和集成的无线连接功能 Flying Eye drones take advantage of the XBee® 802.15.4 for point-to-point connectivity, with line-of-sight ranges of up to two... WATCH VIDEO 在由IoT Fuse主办的2017年IoT Hack Day上,克里斯托弗-布莱克和约书亚-凯丁创造了一个可用于家庭安全的系统。 在由IoT Fuse主办的2017年IoT Hack Day上,克里斯托弗-布莱克和约书亚-凯丁创造了一个可用于家庭安全的系统。 Our inboxes are full of emails touting “Smart Cities” as the next big thing, but how are cities actually using cellular... WATCH VIDEO 我们帮助建立更好的定制无线产品,并参与了数百项产品开发工作,我们知道... 我们帮助建立更好的定制无线产品,并参与了数百项产品开发工作,我们知道... Matt Dunsmore, product manager, gives a brief introduction to the 1-watt Digi XBee SX module WATCH VIDEO Around the world, drones of all shapes and sizes from the market-pioneering Flying Eye are filling the skies. They incorporate... READ STORY 蜂窝电话在满足PTC任务方面的作用越来越大 蜂窝电话在满足PTC任务方面的作用越来越大 VIEW PDF 基于行业领先的技术,预先认证的Digi XBee3模块提供了在多个模块之间切换的灵活性。 基于行业领先的技术,预先认证的Digi XBee3模块提供了在多个模块之间切换的灵活性。 Highly reliable 900 mhz embedded rf module for today’s advanced farming equipment manufacturers VIEW PDF 历史上,公用事业公司会使用过时的拨号调制解调器技术,既慢又贵。现在有一种... 历史上,公用事业公司会使用过时的拨号调制解调器技术,既慢又贵。现在有一种... WATCH VIDEO 本现场指南概述了改进你的无线IoT 产品的设计、更快地进入市场和提高解决方案的可靠性的五种方法。 本现场指南概述了改进你的无线IoT 产品的设计、更快地进入市场和提高解决方案的可靠性的五种方法。 WATCH VIDEO 2017年IoTHack日项目--树的互联网,使入侵物种的种群监测和跟踪更加有效... 2017年IoTHack日项目--树的互联网,使入侵物种的种群监测和跟踪更加有效... WATCH VIDEO Olsbergs Uses Digi XBee to Make Construction Sites Safer To improve efficiency and safety for construction companies and crane operators, Olsbergs has created a family of remote... READ STORY 在当今数据驱动的经济中,连接就是一切。消除停机时间对于最大限度地提高生产力是至关重要的。 Enlight Teams with Digi to Create Smarter, Safer, and More Cost-Efficient Lighting Environments Enlight’s network of intelligent fixtures in urban environments are making smart streetlights a reality. Read how Digi cellular... READ STORY 有了Digi XBee3 Cellular系列的嵌入式调制解调器,开发人员可以将Digi XBee3 Cellular的功能和灵活性结合起来。 有了Digi XBee3 Cellular系列的嵌入式调制解调器,开发人员可以将Digi XBee3 Cellular的功能和灵活性结合起来。 In this webinar, we discuss a variety of mesh networking technologies, the differences between protocols, and key... RECORDED WEBINAR 纽米公司推出新一代PRSONAS数字主机--由Digi提供技术支持 纽米公司推出新一代PRSONAS数字主机--由Digi提供技术支持 WATCH VIDEO 通过专利技术,nuMedia备受赞誉的PRSONAS数字主机远远超出了数字标牌和自助服务亭的范畴。 通过专利技术,nuMedia备受赞誉的PRSONAS数字主机远远超出了数字标牌和自助服务亭的范畴。 WATCH VIDEO 新的Digi XBee3蜂窝模块和rf调制解调器在2018年嵌入式世界大会上首次亮相。观看此视频以了解更多... 新的Digi XBee3蜂窝模块和rf调制解调器在2018年嵌入式世界大会上首次亮相。观看此视频以了解更多... VIEW PDF 在Digi的XBee生态圈中了解和开发无线网络所需的一切内容。 在Digi的XBee生态圈中了解和开发无线网络所需的一切内容。 VIEW PDF Digi 6330-MX LTE路由器具有多个广域网,可加速您的网络解决方案并消除停机时间。 Digi 6330-MX LTE路由器具有多个广域网,可加速您的网络解决方案并消除停机时间。 Communicating via cellular networks with remote devices VIEW PDF 原生MicroPython编程、Digi TrustFence®安全、软件灵活性和USB选项为OEM开辟了新的市场和应用。 原生MicroPython编程、Digi TrustFence®安全、软件灵活性和USB选项为OEM开辟了新的市场和应用。 WATCH VIDEO Lumca智能杆解决方案帮助城镇通过联网服务扩展其照明基础设施的价值 Lumca智能杆解决方案帮助城镇通过联网服务扩展其照明基础设施的价值 VIEW PDF 有了更多的选择来提供更高水平的公民服务、效率和成本节约,精明的城市和市政当局... 有了更多的选择来提供更高水平的公民服务、效率和成本节约,精明的城市和市政当局... VIEW PDF 新的Digi XBee3嵌入式射频模块以简单、紧凑的方式为安全、可靠的连接提供具有成本效益的无线。 IER Shares 100% Electric Vehicles During COP21 IER, a subsidiary of the Bolloré Group-one of the 500 largest companies in the world, used the state-of-the-art SMT design and... READ STORY IoT 使企业公司能够访问远程设备和传感器中的实时数据,从而提高生产力和改善客户体验。 IoT 使企业公司能够访问远程设备和传感器中的实时数据,从而提高生产力和改善客户体验。 WATCH VIDEO 在Digi的XBee生态系统中,您可以找到了解和设计无障碍网络所需的一切资料。 The Internet of Things Powering A New Way to Light Streets with Bifacial Solar Panels Using intelligent, bifacial solar panels, Mira Bella Energy has created a smart, efficient, scalable street-lighting system... READ STORY 用于关键终端设备和传感器连接的低成本、易于部署的模块 用于关键终端设备和传感器连接的低成本、易于部署的模块 WATCH VIDEO 4G LTE Cat 1 蜂窝式智能调制解调器 New Sun Road Connects Uganda to Clean and Reliable Energy with Digi Cellular Routers Digi TransPort® WR11 XT routers are playing a key role in New Sun Road’s efforts to bring clean, reliable energy to remote... READ STORY 在一个紧凑的、低功耗的、低轮廓的尺寸中,易于添加连接性 在一个紧凑的、低功耗的、低轮廓的尺寸中,易于添加连接性 VIEW PDF 可编程网关通过蜂窝网络或以太网将支持Digi XBee 的设备与远程应用连接起来 可编程网关通过蜂窝网络或以太网将支持Digi XBee 的设备与远程应用连接起来 WATCH VIDEO Digi XBee 3 Cellular LTE Cat 1开发套件为OEM厂商提供了一种简单、快速的方法,将蜂窝网络连接集成到他们的设备中。 Mowic’s TrackIce Using RF Technology to Freeze Out Ice Problems On The Road Using road sensors connected wirelessly through Digi XBee® RF modules, Mowic’s TrackIce ice-warning system determines road... READ STORY Digi XBee 3 Cellular LTE-M开发套件为OEM厂商提供了一种简单、快速的方法,将蜂窝连接性集成到他们的设备中。 Digi XBee 3 Cellular LTE-M开发套件为OEM厂商提供了一种简单、快速的方法,将蜂窝连接性集成到他们的设备中。 Secure, Multi-Function Connectivity for Buses, Trains and Subways VIEW PDF 探索实践网状网络和与Digi XBee 3射频模块的连接性 探索实践网状网络和与Digi XBee 3射频模块的连接性 VIEW PDF 使用创新和易于部署的DigiMesh®协议进行无线连接 使用创新和易于部署的DigiMesh®协议进行无线连接 VIEW PDF Digi和Almerys开发关键的心脏病学远程保健应用 Digi和Almerys开发关键的心脏病学远程保健应用 VIEW PDF Digi和Orange Business Services的子公司Almerys帮助开发和实施Cardiauvergne,一个心脏病学远程保健。 Digi和Orange Business Services的子公司Almerys帮助开发和实施Cardiauvergne,一个心脏病学远程保健。 VIEW PDF 2G和3G的日落已经在进行中,4G LTE已经到来。是时候开始规划你的传统设备迁移了... 2G和3G的日落已经在进行中,4G LTE已经到来。是时候开始规划你的传统设备迁移了... NXP i.MX6 based surface-mount module solution with scalable, single-/multi-core performance and integrated wireless VIEW PDF "Colette "是一个具有多种不同安全功能的斜挎包,是在2017年IoT Hackday活动中创造的。 "Colette "是一个具有多种不同安全功能的斜挎包,是在2017年IoT Hackday活动中创造的。 Reliable and compact NXP i.MX6 SBC family with integrated Ethernet, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0, Digi XBee and cellular connectivity options VIEW PDF 为2G和3G的日落做准备 为2G和3G的日落做准备 为2G和3G的日落做准备 VIEW PDF FELFEL用亭式冰箱改变了工作场所的用餐方式,由Digi ConnectCore ,为员工提供了巧妙的新鲜食品。 FELFEL用亭式冰箱改变了工作场所的用餐方式,由Digi ConnectCore ,为员工提供了巧妙的新鲜食品。 FELFEL用亭式冰箱改变了工作场所的用餐方式,由Digi ConnectCore ,为员工提供了巧妙的新鲜食品。 VIEW PDF 旨在 "将人们从工作中的平庸食物中解放出来",瑞士的FELFEL公司已经开发了一个完整的创新解决方案,该方案... 旨在 "将人们从工作中的平庸食物中解放出来",瑞士的FELFEL公司已经开发了一个完整的创新解决方案,该方案... Advanced security serial servers supporting dual Gigabit Ethernet and IPv6 networks VIEW PDF 始终在线的互联网连接,提高了乘客的满意度,使收费自动化,并为您提供实时移动资产跟踪。 始终在线的互联网连接,提高了乘客的满意度,使收费自动化,并为您提供实时移动资产跟踪。 8 and 16 port terminal servers with dual IPv4/IPv6 stack provide 232 only or 232/422/485 selectable serial connectivity for critical applications VIEW PDF 工业蜂窝电话硬件的不同设备和功能可能令人困惑。销售工程经理Randall... 工业蜂窝电话硬件的不同设备和功能可能令人困惑。销售工程经理Randall... Customizable, low-cost Digi XBee to Ethernet gateways offer easy IP networking of RF devices and sensor networks VIEW PDF 在作出硬件决定时,你应该如何评估软件?Digi软件产品经理Brad Cole与我们讨论了这个问题。 在作出硬件决定时,你应该如何评估软件?Digi软件产品经理Brad Cole与我们讨论了这个问题。 Remote M2M networking gateways designed for commercial grade and rugged outdoor applications VIEW PDF Ranch Systems利用Digi XBee ,提供基于云的农业自动化服务 Ranch Systems利用Digi XBee ,提供基于云的农业自动化服务 Intelligent 4G LTE router designed for critical infrastructure and industrial applications VIEW PDF Ranch Systems成立于2005年,为农业环境中的现场监测和控制提供无线解决方案。这些... Ranch Systems成立于2005年,为农业环境中的现场监测和控制提供无线解决方案。这些... Rugged, all-in-one cellular router with 3G/4G GPS designed for use on-board rail vehicles VIEW PDF 提供IoT 的连接解决方案,在这种情况下,失败是不可能的。 提供IoT 的连接解决方案,在这种情况下,失败是不可能的。 VIEW PDF 用可靠的实时数据优化提升站的性能 用可靠的实时数据优化提升站的性能 VIEW PDF Digi提供M2M和IoT 的连接解决方案,提供稳定的可靠性和较高的性能。 Digi提供M2M和IoT 的连接解决方案,提供稳定的可靠性和较高的性能。 VIEW PDF 比较新的移动电话连接选项 比较新的移动电话连接选项 VIEW PDF 在巨大的、不断扩大的工业和消费应用范围的推动下,小型无线设备正在迅速激增。 在巨大的、不断扩大的工业和消费应用范围的推动下,小型无线设备正在迅速激增。 VIEW PDF Digi提供M2M连接解决方案和IoT ,提供我们的客户所需的可靠性和性能。 Digi提供M2M连接解决方案和IoT ,提供我们的客户所需的可靠性和性能。 VIEW PDF 射频模块系列在863-870兆赫范围内工作,在868兆赫提供卓越的性能和抗干扰性。 射频模块系列在863-870兆赫范围内工作,在868兆赫提供卓越的性能和抗干扰性。 VIEW PDF 在Digi XBee 生态系统中找到探索和创建无线连接的一切。 在Digi XBee 生态系统中找到探索和创建无线连接的一切。 VIEW PDF Digi首席技术官(CTO)Joel Young分享了在规划IoT 战略时要问的问题,并涵盖了五个方面。 Digi首席技术官(CTO)Joel Young分享了在规划IoT 战略时要问的问题,并涵盖了五个方面。 VIEW PDF 智能传感器工具包,新的无线传感器硬件和安全云由30MHz,使用Digi XBee 模块来提供无线... 智能传感器工具包,新的无线传感器硬件和安全云由30MHz,使用Digi XBee 模块来提供无线... VIEW PDF 来自30MHz的智能传感器工具包利用Digi XBee 模块的力量进行快速集成和可靠的连接 来自30MHz的智能传感器工具包利用Digi XBee 模块的力量进行快速集成和可靠的连接 VIEW PDF 凭借易于部署的无线传感器组合,30MHz使企业能够改变他们从市场上捕获的指标。 凭借易于部署的无线传感器组合,30MHz使企业能够改变他们从市场上捕获的指标。 VIEW PDF WiseConn通过精确灌溉为农业带来新效率 WiseConn通过精确灌溉为农业带来新效率 VIEW PDF WiseConn备受赞誉的DropControl帮助农民最大限度地提高他们的收成,并通过仔细和优化其灌溉使用。 WiseConn备受赞誉的DropControl帮助农民最大限度地提高他们的收成,并通过仔细和优化其灌溉使用。 VIEW PDF 作为美国国家航空航天局(NASA)"太空无线 "计划的一部分,TechEdSat 5号卫星是... 作为美国国家航空航天局(NASA)"太空无线 "计划的一部分,TechEdSat 5号卫星是... Wireless adapter installs in minutes without cab-cluttering cables to give Transportation Solution Providers access to vehicle bus data VIEW PDF 该演示测量了单板计算机、系统模块和微处理器的低功耗。 该演示测量了单板计算机、系统模块和微处理器的低功耗。 Embedded Zigbee modules provide OEMs with a simple way to integrate mesh technology into their application VIEW PDF Digi现场应用工程师经理Martin Schulte-Hobein展示了Digi ConnectCore for 6UL,连接到Microsoft... Digi现场应用工程师经理Martin Schulte-Hobein展示了Digi ConnectCore for 6UL,连接到Microsoft... VIEW PDF Digi XBee®为Owlet Nightshift提供了他们所需的Zigbee网格解决方案的处理能力。观看此视频,了解如何... Digi XBee®为Owlet Nightshift提供了他们所需的Zigbee网格解决方案的处理能力。观看此视频,了解如何... Programmable gateway connects Digi XBee devices to cloud-based applications over cellular, Wi-Fi or Ethernet VIEW PDF Ideco和Digi International开发的生物识别技术解决方案,客户可以轻松识别。 Ideco和Digi International开发的生物识别技术解决方案,客户可以轻松识别。 900 MHz stand-alone RF modems provide outstanding range (up to 28 miles)* in a reliable wireless solution VIEW PDF Digi ConnectCore® 6为Ideco提供了他们所需的处理能力,以解决繁琐的生物识别采集和验证问题。 Digi ConnectCore® 6为Ideco提供了他们所需的处理能力,以解决繁琐的生物识别采集和验证问题。 VIEW PDF 减少风险,提高生产力。蜂窝式故障转移连接的案例。 减少风险,提高生产力。蜂窝式故障转移连接的案例。 VIEW PDF Wondersign利用Digi TransPort路由器解决了智能数字标牌和信息亭的连接问题 Wondersign利用Digi TransPort路由器解决了智能数字标牌和信息亭的连接问题 VIEW PDF 总部位于佛罗里达州的Wondersign公司为企业电视、数字营销板、数字媒体提供屏幕和平板电脑的数字媒体。 总部位于佛罗里达州的Wondersign公司为企业电视、数字营销板、数字媒体提供屏幕和平板电脑的数字媒体。 VIEW PDF Digi XBee RF模块使Loadstar传感器能够创建StockVUE无线库存管理 Digi XBee RF模块使Loadstar传感器能够创建StockVUE无线库存管理 VIEW PDF 从表征汽车制动器到为美国国家航空航天局测试降落伞,Loadstar传感器提供了广泛的有线和非有线传感器。 从表征汽车制动器到为美国国家航空航天局测试降落伞,Loadstar传感器提供了广泛的有线和非有线传感器。 VIEW PDF Digi首席创新官Rob Faludi开箱了Digi XBee Cellular LTE Cat 1开发套件,其中包含了所有的东西。 Digi首席创新官Rob Faludi开箱了Digi XBee Cellular LTE Cat 1开发套件,其中包含了所有的东西。 VIEW PDF 销售工程经理Randall Kerr展示并解释了使用Digi Remote Manager profile来快速配置Digi... 销售工程经理Randall Kerr展示并解释了使用Digi Remote Manager profile来快速配置Digi... DOWNLOAD PDF 安全和预认证的单板计算机,用于工业应用中的总体设计灵活性和连接性 安全和预认证的单板计算机,用于工业应用中的总体设计灵活性和连接性 DOWNLOAD PDF 首席创新者罗布-法鲁迪(Rob Faludi)解释了蜂窝通信的两个新协议以及这些低带宽协议是如何实现的。 首席创新者罗布-法鲁迪(Rob Faludi)解释了蜂窝通信的两个新协议以及这些低带宽协议是如何实现的。 DOWNLOAD PDF 轮胎型材公司采用Digi TransPort® LR54路由器为广受好评的 "GrooveGlove "手持式轮胎诊断工具提供可靠的连接。 轮胎型材公司采用Digi TransPort® LR54路由器为广受好评的 "GrooveGlove "手持式轮胎诊断工具提供可靠的连接。 Secure device server module with plug-and-play functionality and professional development tools for custom applications VIEW PDF 在全国各地的轮胎店、汽车经销商和汽车维修中心,Tire Profiles广受赞誉的GrooveGlove™手持式设备已经成为了他们的首选。 在全国各地的轮胎店、汽车经销商和汽车维修中心,Tire Profiles广受赞誉的GrooveGlove™手持式设备已经成为了他们的首选。 VIEW PDF Macchina选择Digi XBee Cellular,用于即将推出的汽车开源开发平台的连接。 Macchina选择Digi XBee Cellular,用于即将推出的汽车开源开发平台的连接。 VIEW PDF 旨在为最新一代汽车提供开源的硬件/软件 "中间件",创新的Macchina... 旨在为最新一代汽车提供开源的硬件/软件 "中间件",创新的Macchina... VIEW PDF 你的公司是无线产品开发的新手吗?你是否考虑过改用无线技术或在你的产品中加入蜂窝网部件? 你的公司是无线产品开发的新手吗?你是否考虑过改用无线技术或在你的产品中加入蜂窝网部件? VIEW PDF 易于安装和推出的、电池供电的蜂窝网关解决方案 易于安装和推出的、电池供电的蜂窝网关解决方案 VIEW PDF 如果你错过了2016年的IoT 黑客日,请与IoT Fuse、创意黑客和... 如果你错过了2016年的IoT 黑客日,请与IoT Fuse、创意黑客和... VIEW PDF 观看此视频,了解使用Digi XBee RF模块成功完成关键任务的无线传感器网络测试。 观看此视频,了解使用Digi XBee RF模块成功完成关键任务的无线传感器网络测试。 Simple, reliable and cost-effective RS-232 serial-to-Ethernet connectivity VIEW PDF Digi SMTplus是为小批量和大批量应用中的自动贴装而设计的,以提供卓越的耐用性。 Digi SMTplus是为小批量和大批量应用中的自动贴装而设计的,以提供卓越的耐用性。 VIEW PDF Digi销售工程师经理Randall Kerr加入Express Systems & Peripherals,提供关于远程IoT 安全和... Digi销售工程师经理Randall Kerr加入Express Systems & Peripherals,提供关于远程IoT 安全和... VIEW PDF 高端Cortex-A8系统模块解决方案提供行业领先的性能、低功耗操作和完全集成的802.11a/b/g/n +以太网网络 高端Cortex-A8系统模块解决方案提供行业领先的性能、低功耗操作和完全集成的802.11a/b/g/n +以太网网络 VIEW PDF Digi产品经理Matt Dunsmore将Digi XBee® Cellular 4G LTE Cat 1嵌入式调制解调器介绍给Digi XBee Ecosystem。 Digi产品经理Matt Dunsmore将Digi XBee® Cellular 4G LTE Cat 1嵌入式调制解调器介绍给Digi XBee Ecosystem。 VIEW PDF XBee Cellular LTE Cat 1嵌入式调制解调器为原始设备制造商提供了一种将蜂窝连接集成到其设备中的简单方法 XBee Cellular LTE Cat 1嵌入式调制解调器为原始设备制造商提供了一种将蜂窝连接集成到其设备中的简单方法 VIEW PDF 仙人掌电脑公司的创新双载波解决方案消除了死区,使大草原水务公司的运营保持畅通。 仙人掌电脑公司的创新双载波解决方案消除了死区,使大草原水务公司的运营保持畅通。 VIEW PDF 利用Digi TransPort® WR21 4G LTE路由器,总部位于德克萨斯州的仙人掌电脑公司创造了 "Cactus 2x4GLTE",这是一款创新的... 利用Digi TransPort® WR21 4G LTE路由器,总部位于德克萨斯州的仙人掌电脑公司创造了 "Cactus 2x4GLTE",这是一款创新的... Digi Neo datasheet VIEW PDF Digi ConnectCore 6 帮助Prolec提高建筑设备的安全性和可用性 Digi ConnectCore 6 帮助Prolec提高建筑设备的安全性和可用性 VIEW PDF 施工经理一丝不苟地进行现场调查和测量,以确保了解所有的角度和深度。 施工经理一丝不苟地进行现场调查和测量,以确保了解所有的角度和深度。 Easy out-of-the-box solution for I/O expansion is available in a wide variety of configurations for maximum flexibility and scalability VIEW PDF IGT公司选择了Digi TransPort WR11来快速连接游戏机、彩票、互动和娱乐的网络技术。 IGT公司选择了Digi TransPort WR11来快速连接游戏机、彩票、互动和娱乐的网络技术。 VIEW PDF 我们的技术工程师团队和在线资源帮助您从您的Digi产品中获得最大收益 我们的技术工程师团队和在线资源帮助您从您的Digi产品中获得最大收益 Secure and reliable cellular routers connect remote gaming terminals to central data centers for fast, redundant gaming communication VIEW PDF Digi首席创新官Rob Faludi深入描述和比较了网状网络和蜂窝网络。 Digi首席创新官Rob Faludi深入描述和比较了网状网络和蜂窝网络。 Secure and smart 3G/4G LTE connections to off-premise atms and bill-pay terminals VIEW PDF Digi首席创新官Rob Faludi解释了网状网络协议特有的优势和劣势。 Digi首席创新官Rob Faludi解释了网状网络协议特有的优势和劣势。 Smarter cities are capitalizing on new technologies and their diminishing costs to create a ubiquitous network of connected devices. VIEW PDF IGT(纽约证券交易所:IGT)的销售额超过60亿美元,在全球拥有13,000名员工,是世界上最大的游戏机供应商。 IGT(纽约证券交易所:IGT)的销售额超过60亿美元,在全球拥有13,000名员工,是世界上最大的游戏机供应商。 Flexible, high security cellular routers support control and automation projectsacross utility distribution systems VIEW PDF Avancen公司经FDA批准的按需用药(MOD®)设备正被部署在世界各地的医院和专业护理机构。 Avancen公司经FDA批准的按需用药(MOD®)设备正被部署在世界各地的医院和专业护理机构。 DOWNLOAD PDF Digi产品经理Mike Rohrmoser介绍用于i.MX6UL系统模块的ConnectCore®。 Digi产品经理Mike Rohrmoser介绍用于i.MX6UL系统模块的ConnectCore®。 DOWNLOAD PDF 基于恩智浦i.MX6 UL的智能和连接的嵌入式系统模块,具有邮票大小的交钥匙Linux软件支持。 基于恩智浦i.MX6 UL的智能和连接的嵌入式系统模块,具有邮票大小的交钥匙Linux软件支持。 VIEW PDF Frazer-Nash公司正在利用Digi International® ConnectCore® 6 System-on-Module的力量来驱动动力系统。 Frazer-Nash公司正在利用Digi International® ConnectCore® 6 System-on-Module的力量来驱动动力系统。 More Efficient Bus Fleets for Smarter Public Transit VIEW PDF 在这个TransPort技术视频中,Randall Kerr描述了如何在WR31上配置IO端口,展示了一个如何配置的例子。 在这个TransPort技术视频中,Randall Kerr描述了如何在WR31上配置IO端口,展示了一个如何配置的例子。 VIEW PDF 数字化推动唯一具有零排放能力的黑车的数字化体验 数字化推动唯一具有零排放能力的黑车的数字化体验 VIEW PDF 未来的零排放出租车将很快出现在伦敦的街道上--而Digi在使之成为一个关键角色。 未来的零排放出租车将很快出现在伦敦的街道上--而Digi在使之成为一个关键角色。 WATCH VIDEO 在没有电源的情况下,在IoT 应用中实施无线传感器监测的理想解决方案。 在没有电源的情况下,在IoT 应用中实施无线传感器监测的理想解决方案。 WATCH VIDEO 低成本、易于部署的模块为设备和传感器提供关键的终端连接 低成本、易于部署的模块为设备和传感器提供关键的终端连接 WATCH VIDEO Thermal Camera Industry Standard Raised with the ConnectCore 6 Thanks to the Digi ConnectCore® 6 ultra-compact system-on-module (based on the Freescale i.MX6 Cortex-A9 processor), FLIR was... READ STORY 当你每天有多达200辆公交车在街上行驶23个小时时,必须不断监测你的车辆,以... 当你每天有多达200辆公交车在街上行驶23个小时时,必须不断监测你的车辆,以... WATCH VIDEO 在不到30分钟的时间里,带着一份全面的6点指南离开,帮助工程师、操作员、项目经理和... MicroPower Technologies Delivers Reliable and Secure Video Surveillance For Major West Coast Utility MicroPower’s solar-powered compact, wireless SOLVEIL HD surveillance platform relies on the Digi TransPort® WR21 cellular... READ STORY 本技术简介将探讨Zigbee®协议的数据传输工业标准,以及作为其基础的802.15.4协议。 Starbucks and Other Retail Outlets Offer Wireless Phone Charging with Digi Technology Powermat, the world’s fastest-growing wireless charging network, is partnering with some of the largest retail brands to deploy... READ STORY 芝加哥地区通勤铁路机构求助于Digi,通过免费上网来增加乘客人数 Developing the Yardstick in Solar Energy Through its newest service, Denowatts, PowerOwners delivers a benchmark to the solar industry in order to better improve... READ STORY Digi TransPort Connects Thousands of Point of Sale Terminals Across Switzerland Find out how LoRo used the Digi TransPort WR21 enterprise router to transition from fixed-line connections to wireless LTE... READ STORY 每天往返于芝加哥的数千名乘客在进行旅行时越来越期待连通性和生产力。 每天往返于芝加哥的数千名乘客在进行旅行时越来越期待连通性和生产力。 Digi provides M2M and IoT connectivity solutions that deliver the relentless reliability and bullet-proof performance our... WATCH VIDEO 40,000 Digi XBee Connected Meters Save Energy for CAS Customers CAS Tecnologia is a leading global solutions provider for the energy industry, serving more than 200 customers in Brazil, Latin... READ STORY ConnectCore 6 Powers Furuno’s Next-Generation NavNet TZtouch2 Marine-Navigation Systems Furuno Electric Co., Ltd. develops and sells marine and industrial electronics products and systems, including radar, GPS, fish... READ STORY On-Screen Telestration and Analysis for Major Sporting Events On-Screen Telestration and Analysis for Major Sporting Events READ STORY Flying Eye无人机利用XBee® 802.15.4的优势进行点对点连接,视线范围可达2... Flying Eye无人机利用XBee® 802.15.4的优势进行点对点连接,视线范围可达2... WATCH VIDEO Devergy Expands Solar Power Possibilities in Africa Devergy is a social enterprise committed to providing an affordable and reliable source of energy to low-income people in... READ STORY 我们的收件箱中充满了吹捧 "智能城市 "的电子邮件,作为下一件大事,但城市实际上是如何使用蜂窝网络的。 AddÉnergie Driving Electric Vehicle Charging Station Networks AddÉnergie develops, manufactures and operates charging solutions for market segments such as the public sector, workplace... READ STORY 产品经理Matt Dunsmore简要介绍了1瓦的Digi XBee SX模块。 产品经理Matt Dunsmore简要介绍了1瓦的Digi XBee SX模块。 WATCH VIDEO Digi Helps Outdoor Lighting Company, Owlet Nightshift, Save Energy and Reduce Maintenance Costs for Cities and Municipalities Owlet partnered with Digi to develop new outdoor lighting technologies that help cities reduce energy usage, maintenance and... READ STORY 在世界各地,来自市场先锋Flying Eye的各种形状和大小的无人机正充斥在天空中。他们将... Connected Technology Evolves Farmers' Operations Nebraska Engineering Company (NECO), a division of Global Industries, Inc., is a specialized agricultural equipment engineering... READ STORY Enabling Internet of Things Innovation in Agriculture DigiBale, a commercial subsidiary of Australian Wool Innovation (AWI), takes technology know-how and IP from implementations... READ STORY 高度可靠的900兆赫嵌入式射频模块,适用于当今先进的农用设备制造商 高度可靠的900兆赫嵌入式射频模块,适用于当今先进的农用设备制造商 WATCH VIDEO For expanded capabilities and a longer range of controlled flight, Draganfly has equipped its drones with advanced point-to... READ STORY Technology Changes the Way Athletes and Coaches Train Seattle Sport Sciences, Inc., a leading sports technology company, helps soccer coaches and players get the most out of every... READ STORY Remote Temperature Monitoring of Perishable Goods Saves Money, Prevents Hazards RMONI, a Belgium-based company established in 2005, provides wireless remote monitoring of crucial control parameters including... READ STORY Olsbergs使用Digi XBee ,使建筑工地更安全 4G Transition Creates Enhanced Commuter Experience, Increased Bus Safety & New Efficiencies Public transportation use is on the rise as the number of miles driven in a vehicles decreases at a significant rate. In 2013... READ STORY Staying Connected on the Go: Enhancing Public Transit Public transport provides a safe and affordable way for people to travel, and is an integral part of daily life for many. Yet... READ STORY DreamQii raised over $1.1 million dollars with their crowdfunding campaign for the PlexiDrone DreamQii, the brainchild of Founder and CEO Klever Freire, previously a Flight Design Engineer at Bombardier, is a Toronto... READ STORY 为了提高建筑公司和起重机操作员的效率和安全,Olsbergs创建了一个远程控制系列。 为了提高建筑公司和起重机操作员的效率和安全,Olsbergs创建了一个远程控制系列。 WATCH VIDEO Wireless Tank Monitoring with 1844myfuels It’s often said that “you can't manage what you don't measure.” This holds true in big ways when it comes to tank monitoring... READ STORY Enlight与Digi合作,创造更智能、更安全、更经济的照明环境 Improving Hand Washing Performance Decreases the Spread of Infection at Hospitals and Lowers Expenses Hand washing is one of the most important daily routines to avoid the spreading of bacteria and disease, especially in... READ STORY Enlight在城市环境中的智能灯具网络正在使智能路灯成为现实。阅读Digi手机如何... Enlight在城市环境中的智能灯具网络正在使智能路灯成为现实。阅读Digi手机如何... WATCH VIDEO Digi XBee Enables Street Light Management System CIMCON Software, a leading developer of automated street light control systems, helps communities reduce the maintenance cost... READ STORY Digi XBee Modules Reduce Hotel Energy Costs Lodging Technology is the originator of infrared sensor-based hotel energy management technology and has been providing... READ STORY Digi XBee-Enabled Sensors Monitor Harsh Environments Sensor technology research and development is important for monitoring the environment around us, ranging from prevention of... READ STORY From the Ground to the Cloud: Optimizing Irrigation Demand for water continues to grow; it’s increased 60% every decade for the past fifty years. Within twelve years, over two... READ STORY Wirelessly Connecting the Future of Energy Distribution E-DeMa is a joint project between SWK, RWE, Siemens, Miele, ProSyst, the universities of Bochum, Duisburg/Essen and Dortmund... READ STORY Digi Gateways Enable Wildfire Early Detection System Firebreak USA Corp. is a leading manufacturer of perimeter wildfire detection systems. The company's FirePosse™ system detects... READ STORY Digi Delivers Superior Smart Metering Solution in India In July 2012, India experienced the world's largest blackout, leaving nearly 700 million people without electricity for two... READ STORY Financial institutions have the responsibility of keeping their customers’ information private and secure. When providing... READ STORY 在这次网络研讨会上,我们将讨论各种网状网络技术、协议之间的差异以及关键的... Wireless Internet Connection Enables Railway Control Systems Rail systems are expected to be one of the fastest and most efficient means of transportation. In order for operations to run... READ STORY Creating A Smarter Solution For Parking Management And Enforcement Local government organizations typically report high costs associated with parking meters tracking from the cost of their labor... READ STORY Every day, close to ten thousand journeys are made using the Tel-O-Fun bicycle-sharing system in Tel Aviv, Israel. Operated by... READ STORY Digi Module Enables 3D Imaging Technology for Wound Assessment Measurement is an undeniably essential component in the treatment of wounds. Whether treating ulcers, sores or other hard-to... READ STORY 通过蜂窝网络与远程设备进行通信 Astronauts' time and work is extremely valuable, but because of the conditions in which they perform their work, it's also... READ STORY Driving Operational Efficiencies With Intelligent Waste & Recycling Solutions that Save Time & Money Gain visibility into waste and recycling stations and transform an inefficient and resource-intensive industry into an... READ STORY IER在COP21期间分享100%的电动汽车 18.8 million people live with diabetes and many do not have the freedom to leave their home and effectively monitor their blood... READ STORY Minimizing Costly Downtime Through A Predictive Asset Monitoring Solution It's not a matter of if a hydraulic hose will go bad, but a question of when. When hoses fail on a garbage truck or on heavy... READ STORY Turning Soil Conditions And Data Into Actionable Information To Maximize Crop Yields. Weather and soil conditions can play an important role in the amount of stress that is induced on a plant. In the agriculture... READ STORY Monster Media is a full-service media company that specializes in digital out-of-home (DOOH) advertising. The company is an... READ STORY IER是世界500强企业之一的Bolloré集团的子公司,它使用最先进的SMT设计和... IER是世界500强企业之一的Bolloré集团的子公司,它使用最先进的SMT设计和... WATCH VIDEO 物联网助力 双面太阳能电池板照亮街道的新方法 物联网助力 双面太阳能电池板照亮街道的新方法 WATCH VIDEO 米拉-贝拉能源公司使用智能的双面太阳能电池板,创造了一个智能、高效、可扩展的路灯系统。 米拉-贝拉能源公司使用智能的双面太阳能电池板,创造了一个智能、高效、可扩展的路灯系统。 WATCH VIDEO 新太阳路通过Digi蜂窝路由器将乌干达与清洁和可靠的能源连接起来 新太阳路通过Digi蜂窝路由器将乌干达与清洁和可靠的能源连接起来 WATCH VIDEO Digi TransPort® WR11 XT路由器在New Sun Road为偏远地区提供清洁、可靠能源的努力中发挥了关键作用。 Digi TransPort® WR11 XT路由器在New Sun Road为偏远地区提供清洁、可靠能源的努力中发挥了关键作用。 WATCH VIDEO Mowic的TrackIce使用射频技术冻结道路上的冰雪问题 Mowic的TrackIce使用射频技术冻结道路上的冰雪问题 WATCH VIDEO 使用通过Digi XBee®射频模块无线连接的道路传感器,Mowic公司的TrackIce冰雪预警系统可确定道路情况。 使用通过Digi XBee®射频模块无线连接的道路传感器,Mowic公司的TrackIce冰雪预警系统可确定道路情况。 WATCH VIDEO 公交车、火车和地铁的安全、多功能连接性 公交车、火车和地铁的安全、多功能连接性 WATCH VIDEO 可靠而紧凑的恩智浦i.MX6 SBC系列,集成了以太网、Wi-Fi、蓝牙4.0、Digi XBee 和手机连接选项 可靠而紧凑的恩智浦i.MX6 SBC系列,集成了以太网、Wi-Fi、蓝牙4.0、Digi XBee 和手机连接选项 DOWNLOAD PDF 具有双IPv4/IPv6协议栈的8和16端口终端服务器为关键应用提供仅232或232/422/485可选的串行连接性 具有双IPv4/IPv6协议栈的8和16端口终端服务器为关键应用提供仅232或232/422/485可选的串行连接性 DOWNLOAD PDF 可定制的、低成本的Digi XBee 到以太网网关为射频设备和传感器网络提供了方便的IP网络。 可定制的、低成本的Digi XBee 到以太网网关为射频设备和传感器网络提供了方便的IP网络。 Video 2 of 3 WATCH VIDEO 专为商业级和坚固的户外应用设计的远程M2M网络网关 专为商业级和坚固的户外应用设计的远程M2M网络网关 Around the world, XBee RF wireless modules are extending the reach of wireless technology. They can be found anywhere... WATCH VIDEO 坚固耐用的一体化手机路由器,带有3G/4G全球定位系统,设计用于铁路车辆上。 坚固耐用的一体化手机路由器,带有3G/4G全球定位系统,设计用于铁路车辆上。 WATCH VIDEO 无线适配器可在几分钟内安装完毕,不需要驾驶室内杂乱无章的电缆,使运输解决方案供应商能够访问车辆总线数据。 无线适配器可在几分钟内安装完毕,不需要驾驶室内杂乱无章的电缆,使运输解决方案供应商能够访问车辆总线数据。 WATCH VIDEO "¿Qué Hay de Nuevo con XBee®?" XBee-PRO 900 HP WATCH VIDEO 嵌入式Zigbee模块为OEM厂商提供了一种将网状技术集成到其应用中的简单方法 嵌入式Zigbee模块为OEM厂商提供了一种将网状技术集成到其应用中的简单方法 WATCH VIDEO 可编程网关通过蜂窝、Wi-Fi或以太网将Digi XBee 设备与基于云的应用连接起来 可编程网关通过蜂窝、Wi-Fi或以太网将Digi XBee 设备与基于云的应用连接起来 WATCH VIDEO 900兆赫的独立射频调制解调器在一个可靠的无线解决方案中提供出色的范围(长达28英里)*。 900兆赫的独立射频调制解调器在一个可靠的无线解决方案中提供出色的范围(长达28英里)*。 WATCH VIDEO 具有即插即用功能的安全设备服务器模块和用于定制应用的专业开发工具 具有即插即用功能的安全设备服务器模块和用于定制应用的专业开发工具 WATCH VIDEO 简单、可靠和具有成本效益的RS-232串行至以太网连接 简单、可靠和具有成本效益的RS-232串行至以太网连接 WATCH VIDEO Digi Neo数据手册 Digi Neo数据手册 WATCH VIDEO 易于开箱即用的I/O扩展解决方案有多种配置,可实现最大的灵活性和可扩展性。 易于开箱即用的I/O扩展解决方案有多种配置,可实现最大的灵活性和可扩展性。 WATCH VIDEO 安全可靠的蜂窝式路由器将远程游戏终端连接到中央数据中心,实现快速、冗余的游戏通信 安全可靠的蜂窝式路由器将远程游戏终端连接到中央数据中心,实现快速、冗余的游戏通信 WATCH VIDEO 安全和智能的3G/4G LTE连接到外部的自动售货机和缴费终端 安全和智能的3G/4G LTE连接到外部的自动售货机和缴费终端 WATCH VIDEO 聪明的城市正在利用新技术及其不断降低的成本来创建一个无处不在的联网设备网络。 聪明的城市正在利用新技术及其不断降低的成本来创建一个无处不在的联网设备网络。 WATCH VIDEO 灵活、高安全性的蜂窝式路由器支持整个公用事业分配系统的控制和自动化项目 灵活、高安全性的蜂窝式路由器支持整个公用事业分配系统的控制和自动化项目 WATCH VIDEO 更高效的公交车队,更智能的公共交通 更高效的公交车队,更智能的公共交通 Support Tip WATCH VIDEO 热像仪行业标准因ConnectCore 6而提高 热像仪行业标准因ConnectCore 6而提高 Support Tip WATCH VIDEO 得益于Digi ConnectCore® 6超紧凑系统模块(基于飞思卡尔i.MX6 Cortex-A9处理器),FLIR公司在该项目上取得了成功。 得益于Digi ConnectCore® 6超紧凑系统模块(基于飞思卡尔i.MX6 Cortex-A9处理器),FLIR公司在该项目上取得了成功。 Support Tip WATCH VIDEO 微功率技术公司为西海岸主要公用事业提供可靠和安全的视频监控 微功率技术公司为西海岸主要公用事业提供可靠和安全的视频监控 Support Tip WATCH VIDEO MicroPower公司的太阳能紧凑型无线SOLVEIL高清监控平台依赖于Digi TransPort® WR21蜂窝电话。 MicroPower公司的太阳能紧凑型无线SOLVEIL高清监控平台依赖于Digi TransPort® WR21蜂窝电话。 Support Tip WATCH VIDEO 星巴克和其他零售店利用Digi技术提供无线手机充电服务 星巴克和其他零售店利用Digi技术提供无线手机充电服务 Support Tip WATCH VIDEO 全球发展最快的无线充电网络Powermat正在与一些最大的零售品牌合作,部署... 全球发展最快的无线充电网络Powermat正在与一些最大的零售品牌合作,部署... Support Tip WATCH VIDEO 开发太阳能领域的标尺 开发太阳能领域的标尺 Support Tip WATCH VIDEO 通过其最新的服务Denowatts,PowerOwners为太阳能行业提供了一个基准,以便更好地改进... 通过其最新的服务Denowatts,PowerOwners为太阳能行业提供了一个基准,以便更好地改进... Support Tip WATCH VIDEO Digi TransPort连接整个瑞士的数千台销售点终端机 Digi TransPort连接整个瑞士的数千台销售点终端机 Quick Tour WATCH VIDEO Digi提供M2M和IoT 连接解决方案,提供无情的可靠性和防弹的性能。 Digi提供M2M和IoT 连接解决方案,提供无情的可靠性和防弹的性能。 DOWNLOAD PDF 40,000个Digi XBee 连接的电表为CAS客户节省能源 40,000个Digi XBee 连接的电表为CAS客户节省能源 Digi AT&T global cellular data coverage map for service in over 160 countries worldwide. VIEW PDF CAS Tecnologia是一家全球领先的能源行业解决方案供应商,为巴西、拉丁美洲的200多家客户提供服务。 CAS Tecnologia是一家全球领先的能源行业解决方案供应商,为巴西、拉丁美洲的200多家客户提供服务。 VIEW PDF ConnectCore 6为古野新一代NavNet TZtouch2海洋导航系统提供动力 ConnectCore 6为古野新一代NavNet TZtouch2海洋导航系统提供动力 Digi routers support a wireless backbone of reliable LTE connectivity for essential applications in demanding retail environments. VIEW PDF 古野电器有限公司开发和销售海洋和工业电子产品和系统,包括雷达、全球定位系统、鱼雷和其他产品。 古野电器有限公司开发和销售海洋和工业电子产品和系统,包括雷达、全球定位系统、鱼雷和其他产品。 VIEW PDF 重大体育赛事的屏幕远程监控和分析 重大体育赛事的屏幕远程监控和分析 How centralized management can optimize your operations VIEW PDF Devergy在非洲拓展太阳能发电的可能性 Devergy在非洲拓展太阳能发电的可能性 Design and build your connected products on an industrial and productization-ready Single Board Computer platform VIEW PDF Embedded, wireless system-on-module based on the NXP i.MX 93 processor, with AI/ML NPU, designed for longevity and scalability in industrial IoT applications VIEW PDF Devergy是一家社会企业,致力于为低收入人群提供负担得起的可靠能源。 Devergy是一家社会企业,致力于为低收入人群提供负担得起的可靠能源。 Intelligent, wireless and secure embedded system-on-module based on the STM32MP1 MPU family, with turnkey Linux support in the robust Digi SMTplus standard form factor VIEW PDF 艾德能源推动电动汽车充电站网络建设 艾德能源推动电动汽车充电站网络建设 Complete development platform for intelligent, connected and secure embedded industrial products with a broad suite of tools and turnkey Linux software support VIEW PDF AddÉnergie为公共部门、工作场所等细分市场开发、制造和运营充电解决方案。 AddÉnergie为公共部门、工作场所等细分市场开发、制造和运营充电解决方案。 Digi ConnectCore Voice Control is a fully integrated and ready to use embedded speech recognition and voice control solution for any Digi ConnectCore enabled product. VIEW PDF Digi帮助户外照明公司Owlet Nightshift为城市和市政当局节约能源并降低维护成本 Digi帮助户外照明公司Owlet Nightshift为城市和市政当局节约能源并降低维护成本 Intelligent 5G wireless communications hub for public safety and fleet vehicles VIEW PDF 联网技术发展了农民的操作 联网技术发展了农民的操作 DOWNLOAD PDF 促成农业的物联网创新 促成农业的物联网创新 DOWNLOAD PDF DigiBale是澳大利亚羊毛创新公司(AWI)的一个商业子公司,从实施中获得技术知识和知识产权。 DigiBale是澳大利亚羊毛创新公司(AWI)的一个商业子公司,从实施中获得技术知识和知识产权。 Click-to-connect | Modern, secure serial connectivity that boots in seconds, configures in minutes and runs for years VIEW PDF 为了扩大能力和更长的可控飞行范围,Draganfly为其无人机配备了先进的点对点技术。 为了扩大能力和更长的可控飞行范围,Draganfly为其无人机配备了先进的点对点技术。 5G / 4G LTE cellular connectivity in a compact, all-in-one solution for primary or backup fixed wireless access (FWA) connectivity VIEW PDF 技术改变了运动员和教练员的训练方式 技术改变了运动员和教练员的训练方式 VIEW PDF 西雅图体育科学有限公司是一家领先的体育技术公司,帮助足球教练和球员从每一次比赛中获得最大的收益。 西雅图体育科学有限公司是一家领先的体育技术公司,帮助足球教练和球员从每一次比赛中获得最大的收益。 Programmable gateway connects Digi XBee-enabled devices to remote applications over cellular and Ethernet VIEW PDF 对易腐物品进行远程温度监控,节约成本,防止危险发生 对易腐物品进行远程温度监控,节约成本,防止危险发生 A complete, end-to-end device, gateway and cloud kit to accelerate development of your IoT solution VIEW PDF RMONI是一家成立于2005年的比利时公司,提供关键控制参数的无线远程监控,包括... RMONI是一家成立于2005年的比利时公司,提供关键控制参数的无线远程监控,包括... Compare Digi Remote Manager features and subscription options VIEW PDF 4G过渡创造了更好的通勤体验,提高了巴士的安全性和新的效率。 4G过渡创造了更好的通勤体验,提高了巴士的安全性和新的效率。 5G railway-rated cellular router customized for both on-board heavy and light rail railways and metros VIEW PDF Digi XBee Intelligent Edge Controller Datasheet Digi XBee Intelligent Edge Controller Datasheet Cloud-managed LPWAN smart industrial IoT solution for edge sensors and systems VIEW PDF Digi XBee-PRO DigiMesh Datasheet Digi XBee-PRO DigiMesh Datasheet Embedded DigiMesh modules provide OEMs with a simple way to integrate mesh technology into their application VIEW PDF Digi XBee-PRO Zigbee Datasheet Digi XBee-PRO Zigbee Datasheet Embedded Zigbee modules provide OEMs with a simple way to integrate mesh technology into their application VIEW PDF Digi XBee RR Zigbee 3.0 Datasheet Digi XBee RR Zigbee 3.0 Datasheet Easy-to-add connectivity in a compact, low-power, low-profile footprint VIEW PDF Digi Z1201 I/O Module Datasheet Digi Z1201 I/O Module Datasheet Providing the flexibility required to serve a wide range of digital/analog input and industrial-rated output control requirements VIEW PDF Digi Z45 Industrial Controllers Datasheet Digi Z45 Industrial Controllers Datasheet The complete SCADA system in a box with sophisticated PLC-like automation control on the same platform that provides communications VIEW PDF EtherLite RJ45 8 Pin Female to TS RJ45 10 Pin Male Cable Adapter Datasheet EtherLite RJ45 8 Pin Female to TS RJ45 10 Pin Male Cable Adapter Datasheet DOWNLOAD PDF Digi device servers and terminal servers replace modems with Ethernet Digi device servers and terminal servers replace modems with Ethernet DOWNLOAD PDF NET+OS 7: Integrated Real-Time OS Development Platform NET+OS 7: Integrated Real-Time OS Development Platform DOWNLOAD PDF About the Pass-Through Port Feature About the Pass-Through Port Feature DOWNLOAD PDF Digi’s Patented RealPort USB Software Allows Companies to Network-Enable USB Devices Easily Digi’s Patented RealPort USB Software Allows Companies to Network-Enable USB Devices Easily VIEW PDF Wireless Design Services: Manufacturing Test Datasheet Wireless Design Services: Manufacturing Test Datasheet DOWNLOAD PDF Oil and Gas Management System Oil and Gas Management System Digi’s oil and gas management system provides a single controller solution to quickly and reliably address a wide range of applications. VIEW PDF Digi ConnectCard for i.MX28 Datasheet Digi ConnectCard for i.MX28 Datasheet Cost-effective small-footprint System-on-Module solution delivers performance, low-power operation and integrated 802.11a/b/g/n, Bluetooth 4.0 and Ethernet connectivity VIEW PDF Digi Connect ME 9210 Datasheet Digi Connect ME 9210 Datasheet Ultra-compact high-performance embedded modules for M2M networking combine on-chip security VIEW PDF Digi Professional Services Flyer Digi Professional Services Flyer VIEW PDF Digi Router Product Feature Comparison Guide Digi Router Product Feature Comparison Guide VIEW PDF Wireless Design Services: Software Design Datasheet Wireless Design Services: Software Design Datasheet DOWNLOAD PDF Networking 101 Networking 101 DOWNLOAD PDF Wireless Design Services: PCB Layout Datasheet Wireless Design Services: PCB Layout Datasheet VIEW PDF