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“Digi has a great work environment. They want their employees to grow within the organization.”
– Software Engineer

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Where Innovation Meets Longevity

It all started with a rocket scientist in 1985. Today, Digi is a thriving global organization built on a rich culture of innovation, collaboration and that can-do spirit that you expect from a start-up.

We go where there’s a critical need for reliable connectivity — where data needs to transmit securely, where communications and data processing at the edge are mission-critical, and where connected systems support automation, emergency response, actionable insights, worker safety, predictive maintenance, reduced operational costs and more sustainable use of precious resources.

How do you fit in? At Digi, employees are the life blood of the business — from product management to inside and outside sales, marketing, human resources, accounting, operations and supply chain, IT, tech support and more. Each role has a valued contribution to make in continuing our trajectory of innovation, customer focused solutions and market success.

You can make a difference at Digi!

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Our Commitment to Diversity, Inclusion and Social Responsibility

At Digi we promote and cultivate an inclusive and diverse culture that values differences and honors our cultural imperatives. We actively engage in our communities, and have programs in place to support local organizations serving under-served groups. As part of our Digi corporate golf tournament, we also do a charity drive for local charity non-profit organizations. Our four pillars for D&I include communication, education, leadership engagement and social responsibility.

At DIGI we promote cultural imperatives that drive our approach to our daily work and our customer care:

  • Customer focus
  • Start-up urgency
  • Positive Energy — Bring solutions to problems
  • Commitment to outcomes & results
  • Embrace Diversity & Inclusion
  • Caring

Global Employee Experience Offerings

  • Employee stock program eligible for all employees
  • Paid time-off programs plus designated paid holidays
  • Generous educational reimbursement program for both graduate and undergraduate studies
  • Employee Assistance Program (EAP) to help employees maintain a work-life balance.
  • Flexible work hours and business casual dress
  • Rewarding employee referral program for all positions
Find Your Career Path
When you join Digi, you get much more than just a job. Digi puts you on the path to a rewarding career with growth opportunities and a healthy work-life balance. View current job listings.


Chief Executive Officer, Digi International

Thank you for spending time getting to know Digi. Our single focus is helping you find the best match between your talents and interests as you pursue your career. Digi offers a unique combination of challenging and rewarding work and exciting growth potential in the world-changing Internet of Things.

For more than 30 years, Digi has been connecting machines and people to create and enhance an amazing wireless world. We’ve helped tens of thousands of customers manage equipment, measure inventories, digitize their world, and protect their customers and brands with complete smart solutions. Digi’s Connect with Confidence approach allows customers to focus their energies on maximizing ROI, not getting bogged down with connectivity matters. Our ability to simplify complex connectivity issues and make their businesses more prosperous is the bedrock of our storied reputation.

We constantly seek positive, energetic, and inquisitive people to join our team. We want people who rush to solve tough problems and are eager to help customers succeed. Whether or not you decide to join Digi, I hope you enjoy the time you spend with our team.