Welcome to Digi's certifications site, this page illustrates where Digi has products certified. It also includes, carrier, safety, transportation, and material declaration information for each product. Digi’s global environmental policies such as conflict minerals, REACH, WEEE, POPs and TSCA that apply to all products can be found here: https://www.digi.com/about-digi/environment.

If a product does not show a "check" in a country or region's cell in the tabel, that means Digi has not gone through the certification for that country or region, it does not necessarily mean the product can't be certified there.

Many products can be used world wide without special certifications for example accessories to our products, please contact Digi for specific questions.

Columns with an "*" contain a quick tip with additional information about that attribute, hover the cursor over the column title to view.

For products certified for the EU, the simplified DoC can be found at this link. The full DoC can be found in the table below, for each respective product.

Last updated: 06/05/2023
1002-CM45-OEUCore Module, Plug-in Cell Modem, 450MHz                  View MCD                                     
1002-CMF4-OUS1002-CM PLUG-IN CELL MODEM; FirstNet-USA CAT4             View MCD                                    
1002-CMG4-GLB1002-CMG4 PLUG-IN CELL MODEM; GLOBAL CAT4              View MCD                                   
1002-CMM1-GLB1002-CM PLUG-IN CELL MODEM; Global CATM1               View MCD                                    
1003-CM07-OUSCore Module, Plug-in Cell Modem, CAT 7            View MCD                                      
1003-CM18-GLB1003-CM18 Plug-in Cell Modem; CAT 18.             View MCD                                    
101-1279BL4S100 STANDARD ENCLOSURE BLACK PLASTIC                  View MCD                                      
20-101-0081CM7100,Core Module                  View MCD                                     
20-101-0356BL1800,Jackrabbit,Programmable Controller                  View MCD                                 
20-101-0383RCM2020,RabbitCore                  View MCD                                    
20-101-0404RCM2000,RabbitCore                  View MCD                                     
20-101-0405RCM2010,RabbitCore                  View MCD                                     
20-101-0434RCM2100,RabbitCore                  View MCD                                    
20-101-0453RCM2300,RabbitCore                  View MCD                                     
20-101-0454RCM2200,RabbitCore                  View MCD                                     
20-101-0455BL2010,Wildcat,Program Controller                  View MCD                                  
20-101-0463BL2120,SmartCat,Programmable Controller                  View MCD                                   
20-101-0494RCM2250,RabbitCore                  View MCD                                    
20-101-0497OP6810,Operator Interface                  View MCD                                    
20-101-0507RCM3000,RabbitCore                 View MCD                                    
20-101-0517RCM3100,RabbitCore                 View MCD                                    
20-101-0518RCM3110,RabbitCore                 View MCD                                    
20-101-0520RCM3200,RabbitCore                 View MCD                                    
20-101-0525LP3500,Programmable Controller                  View MCD                                  
20-101-0537OP7200,512k SRAM/Flash,eDisplay,Ope Interface                 View MCD                                    
20-101-0541Panel-Mount Keypad/Display Unit,3.3V,Accessories                  View MCD                                     
20-101-0561RCM3400,RabbitCore                 View MCD                                    
20-101-0599BL2500,512/512k Core,Coyote,Controller                 View MCD                                 
20-101-0672RCM3600,RabbitCore                 View MCD                                     
20-101-0879RN1600 RabbitNet Keypad/Display Interface Card                  View MCD                                     
20-101-0889BL2600,10/100Base-T,Programmable Controller                 View MCD                                  
20-101-0955RCM2260,RabbitCore                  View MCD                                     
20-101-1028RCM3750,RabbitCore                 View MCD                                     
20-101-1051RCM3365,RabbitCore                 View MCD                                    
20-101-1068RCM3315,RabbitCore                 View MCD                                     
20-101-1093RCM4110,RabbitCore                 View MCD                                     
20-101-1112RCM4010,RabbitCore                 View MCD                                    
20-101-1131RCM4200,RabbitCore                 View MCD                                     
20-101-1132RCM4210,RabbitCore                 View MCD                                     
20-101-1138RCM4300,RabbitCore                 View MCD                                     
20-101-1154RCM4120,RabbitCore                 View MCD                                     
20-101-1179RCM3209 3200-II,RabbitCore                 View MCD                                    
20-101-1183Kit, Prog Cable,USB,1.27MM Connect,Accessories                  View MCD                                     
20-101-1195RCM3319 3315-II,RabbitCore                 View MCD                                     
20-101-1196RCM3900 3365-II,RabbitCore                 View MCD                                     
20-101-1197RCM3910 3375-II,RabbitCore                 View MCD                                     
20-101-1201Prog Cable,USB,2MM Connect,Accessories                  View MCD                                     
20-101-1220BL4S200,Programmable Controller                  View MCD                                 
20-101-1256BL4S110,512K,Programmable Controller                  View MCD                                   
20-101-1258BL4S160,1MB,Programmable Controller                  View MCD                                  
20-101-1259BL4S210,Programmable Controller                 View MCD                                 
20-101-1305RCM3700 w/Mounting Holes,RabbitCore                 View MCD                                     
20-101-1318RCM6700 MiniCore,Programmable Controller                 View MCD                                    
20-101-1319RCM6710 MiniCore,Programmable Controller                 View MCD                                    
20-101-1320RCM6750 MiniCore,Programmable Controller                 View MCD                                    
20-101-1321RCM6760 MiniCore,Programmable Controller                 View MCD                                    
20-101-1328RCM3710 w/Mounting Holes,RabbitCore                 View MCD                                     
20-109-0199BL4S200, Industrial Ventilation                  View MCD                                  
20-668-0003RABBIT 2000 66 PER TRAY                  View MCD                                      
20-668-0011RABBIT 3000 90 PER TRAY                  View MCD                                      
20-668-0024RABBIT 4000 90 PER TRAY                  View MCD                                      
20-668-0030RABBIT I/O CHIP FINAL                  View MCD                                      
27000454-01CTN,57x82mm, Kraft Paper, SmartSense                  View MCD                                      
301-1001-11Edgeport/1                 View MCD                                 
301-1001-13Black Box USB Director 1-port                 View MCD                                 
301-1001-15Edgeport/1 2-meter captive cbl                 View MCD                                 
301-1001-31Edgeport/1i                 View MCD                                 
301-1010-44Hubport/4c 5.5-30V B connector                 View MCD                                   
301-1010-74Hubport/7c 5.5-30V B connector                 View MCD                                   
301-2010-27Hubport/7c USB2.0 Int'l (5.5V)                 View MCD                                   
301-3010-71Hubport/7c USB 3.1 6-28V DC (Term)                 View MCD                                   
301-9000-04AC Power Supply Intl Plug Kit                  View MCD                                     
301-9000-07USB A to B 2M Cable Black                  View MCD                                      
301-9000-23Power Supply 5V 3A Wall Mount w/ Plug Kit                  View MCD                                    
301-9001-0119 Rack Mount Kit                  View MCD                                     
498-0090Kit,CONN MINI PCI EXPRESS                  View MCD                                      
498-0091KIT,LATCH CONN MINI PCI EXPRESS                  View MCD                                      
64001462-01Cover,EX15/1003-CM18 module, with printing                  View MCD                                      
70001611ConnectPort LTS 8 MEI                 View MCD                                
70001692ConnectPort LTS 16 MEI 2AC                 View MCD                                
70001698Digi CM 48 Dual Power MSAZ                 View MCD                                
70001703Capsule SmartLinx Axon 110                 View MCD                               
70001703-36Capsule SmartLinx Axon 110 Bulk                 View MCD                                
70001704Capsule SmartLinx Axon 410                 View MCD                                
70001704-20Capsule SmartLinx Axon 410 Bulk                View MCD                                 
70001705Capsule SmartLinx Axon 810                 View MCD                                
70001705-20Capsule SmartLinx Axon 810 Bulk                 View MCD                                
70001777Digi One IAP                View MCD                                 
70001805PortServer TS 1 MEI                 View MCD                               
70001806PortServer TS 2 MEI                 View MCD                               
70001807PortServer TS 4 MEI                 View MCD                               
70001807-P25PortServer TS 4 MEI RF Tech                 View MCD                               
70001851Digi One SP Secure Worldwide                 View MCD                                
70001862Digi One IA                View MCD                                 
70001886Digi One SP Bulk 25 no PwrSup                 View MCD                                
70001899PortServer TS 3 M MEI                 View MCD                               
70001917PortServer TS 1 H MEI                 View MCD                               
70001919PortServer TS 4 H MEI                 View MCD                               
70001927PortServer TS 4 GEH                 View MCD                              
70001949Digi CM 48                 View MCD                                 
70001951Digi CM 48 Dual Power                 View MCD                                
70001992PortServer TS 2 P MEI Int                 View MCD                               
70001993PortServer TS 4 P MEI Int                 View MCD                               
70001999Digi One SP IA Worldwide                 View MCD                                
70002040PortServer TS 4 Hcc MEI                View MCD                               
70002041PortServer TS 1                 View MCD                               
70002043PortServer TS 2                 View MCD                               
70002045PortServer TS 4                 View MCD                               
70002258Passport 8                 View MCD                                 
70002260Passport 16                 View MCD                                 
70002262Passport 32                 View MCD                                 
70002264Passport 48                View MCD                                 
70002268Passport 8 Modem                 View MCD                                 
70002270Passport 16 Modem                View MCD                                 
70002276Passport 16 2AC                 View MCD                                 
70002278Passport 32 2AC                 View MCD                                 
70002280Passport 48 2AC                 View MCD                                 
70002282Passport 16 2AC Modem                 View MCD                                 
70002286Passport 48 2AC Modem                 View MCD                                 
70002323ConnectPort TS 8                 View MCD                               
70002326Digi One IAP Haz                View MCD                                 
70002329ConnectPort TS 8 MEI                 View MCD                               
70002388ConnectPort TS 16                 View MCD                               
70002403ConnectPort LTS 16                 View MCD                                
70002405ConnectPort LTS 16 MEI                 View MCD                                
70002411ConnectPort LTS 32                 View MCD                                
70002413ConnectPort LTS 32 MEI                 View MCD                                
70002477CPX4H ZB 3G US GE Water                View MCD                                    
70002515CPX4H ZB HSPA+ Nalco EU                View MCD                                 
70002523CPX4H ZB HSPA+ Owlet                View MCD                                 
70002526ConnectPort X4 ZB HSPA+ GE Water               View MCD                                 
70002534ConnectPort TS 16 MEI                  View MCD                               
70002536CPX4H ZB HSPA+ Nalco US                View MCD                                   
70002538ConnectPort TS 16 48VDC                 View MCD                               
70002541ConnectPort X2e ZB WiFi Covidien                 View MCD                                   
70002543ConnectPort TS 8 MEI (No USB)                  View MCD                                 
70002544CPX4H ZB LTE US GE Water               View MCD                                     
70002545CPX4H ZB LTE US SolarCity               View MCD                                    
70002546CPX4H ZB AT&T LTE Nalco               View MCD                                    
70002548CPX4H ZB Verizon LTE Nalco                View MCD                                    
76000195CBL RJ45/DB25M DTE 48                  View MCD                                      
76000199CBL RJ45/DB25F DTE 48                  View MCD                                      
76000201CBL RJ45/DB09F DTE 48                  View MCD                                      
76000238CBL RJ45/DB25M DCE 48                  View MCD                                      
76000240CBL,RJ45/DB09M DTE 48                  View MCD                                      
76000264CBL,RJ45/DB09M DCE 48                  View MCD                                      
760005224pt DB25M DTE 232 Fanout Cable                  View MCD                                      
760005238pt DB25M DTE 232 Fanout Cable                  View MCD                                      
760005284pt DB9M DTE 232 Fan-out Cable                  View MCD                                      
760005298pt DB9M DTE 232 Fan-out Cable                  View MCD                                      
76000534HD68M to DB78F 232 Converter                  View MCD                                      
760005604pt DB9M DTE 232 Connector Box                  View MCD                                    
760005618pt DB9M DTE 232 Connector Box                  View MCD                                     
76000631CBL,6' RJ45M SUN/CISCO                  View MCD                                      
76000641Wall Brkt Kit Device Servers                  View MCD                                      
76000645RJ45M/DB09F 48 Crossover CBL                  View MCD                                      
76000654Power Supply 12V                  View MCD                                     
76000662Digi One SP Mounting Bracket                  View MCD                                      
76000670Digi CM DB25M Modem Adapter                  View MCD                                     
76000671Digi CM DB09F Console Adapter                  View MCD                                     
76000672Digi CM DB25M Console Adapter                  View MCD                                     
76000673Digi CM DB25F Console Adapter                  View MCD                                     
76000682Dinrail Bracket Device Server                  View MCD                                      
7600069648VDC to 12VDC Power Converter                  View MCD                                     
76000697Digi TS DB9F Console Adapter                  View MCD                                     
76000698Digi TS DB25M Console Adapter                  View MCD                                     
76000699Digi TS DB25F Console Adapter                  View MCD                                     
76000700Digi TS DB25M Modem Adapter                  View MCD                                     
76000701Digi TS DB9M Modem Adapter                  View MCD                                     
76000702Digi CM DB9M Modem Adapt. Qty8                  View MCD                                     
76000723RJ45/Bare Wire 48 Cable                  View MCD                                      
76000724DB9F/Bare Wire 48 Cable                  View MCD                                      
76000732Power Cord Locking Barrel/Wire                  View MCD                                      
7600073412V Locking Power Supply                  View MCD                                      
7600073512V Locking Wall Mount PS                  View MCD                                     
7600073612VDC EXTEMP No Plug Power Sup                  View MCD                                     
7600073812V Power Supply                  View MCD                                      
7600075212V Univ Ext. Temp Locking PS                  View MCD                                   
76000756Bracket,Din Rail                  View MCD                                      
76000769Power cord, US to IEC                  View MCD                                      
76000772Power cord, EU to IEC                  View MCD                                      
76000775WR41/WR21 Hawking 2 Part Wall Mounting Bracket                  View MCD                                      
76000787WR21/WR41/DR64 SIM Security Bracket 10pack                  View MCD                                     
76000808CBL,WR44v2 DC Power Cable with Fuse                  View MCD                                      
76000816PS,18V 1A, Ext Temp NA Plug                  View MCD                                      
76000821Locking DC Power Cable w/ Fuse                  View MCD                                      
76000823Power Supply, 12v, 1.5a, Locking Barrel                  View MCD                                      
76000826Cable - RJ45 to RJ45 - 2m                  View MCD                                      
76000842Antenna, GPS, Magnet, 1575MHz                  View MCD                                      
76000879DIN-Rail Kit for Transport WR21                  View MCD                                      
76000904PS,18V 1A, Ext Temp EU Plug                  View MCD                                      
76000912PRIMARY Li-SOCI2 7.2V,14500mAh Battery                  View MCD                                      
76000916TransPort WR21 DIN Rail Kit                  View MCD                                      
76000926ANT, LTE 746 - 2700MHz, Swivel                  View MCD                                      
76000927Magnetic Key Chain Green, 2-Pack                  View MCD                                      
76000931WVA Development Cable                  View MCD                                      
76000934Kit,PS 5V 3.0A 2.5mm Locking US                  View MCD                                    
76000935Kit,PS 5V 3.0A 2.5mm Locking EU                  View MCD                                     
76000945Antenna,Wifi 2.4/5GHz                  View MCD                                      
76000950Passport 19 Rack Mount Kit                  View MCD                                      
76000951WVA Adapter Cable Bracket                  View MCD                                      
76000954Kit,ANT SMA-Base 1m RG174                  View MCD                                      
76000956XBee THT Grove Bd                  View MCD                                     
76000958ConnectPort TS 16 Replacement Bracket 19                  View MCD                                     
76000960Kit,ANT CDMA/LTE 450HMz                  View MCD                                      
76000965Kit,TransPort WR11 XT Power Supply Int                  View MCD                                   
76000966Kit,Transport WR31 Wall Mount Bracket                  View MCD                                     
76000974Kit,Connect Sensor,Wall Mount                  View MCD                                     
76000976Kit,TransPort WR11/WR11XT 9-30VDC Adpater                  View MCD                                      
76000977Kit,TransPort WR31 Metal DiN Clip                  View MCD                                     
76000979XBee SMT Grove Board                  View MCD                                    
76000980Acc Kit,XBee RF Modem                  View MCD                                      
76000982TransPort WR44R Accessory Kit                  View MCD                                     
76000983TransPort WR44RR Accessory Kit                  View MCD                                     
76002021PS,5V 3.0A 2.5x11mm centre +ve Wall Plug-in                  View MCD                                   
76002051Cellular Antenna, Pentaband, Mag-Mount 5m                  View MCD                                      
76002059WR21/31 Accessory Kit DC                  View MCD                                   
76002060WR21/31 Accessory Kit AC - Std Temp                  View MCD                                     
76002061WR21/31 Accessory Kit AC - Extd Temp                  View MCD                                      
76002062WR11 Accessory Kit AC - Std Temp US                  View MCD                                    
76002063WR11 Accessory Kit AC - Std Temp Intl                  View MCD                                    
76002064WR11 Accessory Kit AC - Extd Temp Intl                  View MCD                                    
76002065WR11 Accessory Kit DC                   View MCD                                      
76002066Digi Connect Sensor, Magnetic Mount Kit                  View MCD                                      
76002067Antenna, SMA, IP67,2G/3G/LTE, Right Angle                  View MCD                                      
76002069WR64/TX64-A121 Accessory Kit                  View MCD                                    
76002074WR11 Accessory Kit AC - Std Temp EU                  View MCD                                      
76002076WR54/WR64 Power Supply                  View MCD                                    
76002078IX14 Power Supply - Std Temp                  View MCD                                      
76002079IX14 Power Supply - Extd Temp                  View MCD                                      
76002080IX14 Accessory Kit - Std Temp                  View MCD                                      
76002081IX14 Accessory Kit- Extd Temp                  View MCD                                      
76002082Power Supply, 12v, 1.5a, Locking Barrel with Ethernet Cable 2m Kit                  View MCD                                    
76002084WR54/TX54 Accessory Kit - Single Cellular                  View MCD                                    
76002085WR54/TX54 Accessory Kit - Dual Cellular                  View MCD                                    
76002086WR54/TX54 Accessory Kit - Dual Wi-Fi                  View MCD                                    
76002087Digi TX64-A141/TX64-A161 Accessory Kit                  View MCD                                    
76002091TX54 DIN Rail Bracket                  View MCD                                      
76002093Kit, IX14/IX20 DIN Rail Mounting Bracket                  View MCD                                      
76002095Kit, DIN Rail clip, 44mm wide, with Screws                  View MCD                                      
76002096Single Output Power Supply DOT Kit TX54                  View MCD                                      
76002097PCTEL 7-in-1 Dome Antenna, LTE, WiFi, GNSS Gray                  View MCD                                      
76002098Single Output Power Supply DOT Kit WR31                  View MCD                                      
76002099Excelsys Dual Output Power supply TX54                  View MCD                                      
76002100Kit,PCTEL 7-in-1 Dome Antenna, LTE, WiFi, GNSS Green 3ft                  View MCD                                      
76002101MobileMark 5-in-1 Dome Antenna, LTE, WiFi, GNSS, Black, 6ft                  View MCD                                      
76002102MobileMark 3-in-1 Dome Antenna, LTE, GNSS, Black, 6ft                  View MCD                                      
76002103Kit, ANT,LTE Dipole SMA 1-3dBi 698-960/1710-2170/2500-2700 MHz, BLACK                  View MCD                                      
76002104PS,18VDC 1A Wallmount Level VI, Ind. temp, Changeable plugtips, 2pin Combicon screw terminal plug                  View MCD                                    
76002105ANT,WIFI, dipole, RP SMA plug, 2.4GHz & 5GHz                  View MCD                                      
76002106CBL,UTP CAT6, 2 Metre (6 feet), black, flat patch cable                  View MCD                                      
76002107IX15 Accessory Kit                  View MCD                                    
76002108CBL,TX64 Rail Power, 5m                  View MCD                                      
76002109CBL,TX64 Rail Ethernet, WR44RR adaptor, 10cm                  View MCD                                      
76002112Kit,PS 18VDC 1.0A Wallmount 2.1mm barrel connector, Level VI energy rating w/USA Plug option fitted                  View MCD                                   
76002113IX30 Accessory Kit, PSU, Antennas, CAT6 Ethernet Cable, GPS Antenna                  View MCD                                 
76002114ANT, 5G/LTE 600MHz - 6GHz Swivel Black                  View MCD                                      
76002115ANT, 5G/LTE 600MHz - 6GHz Swivel White                  View MCD                                      
76002116ANT,GPS PASSIVE MAG. MOUNT 2M CABLE SMA                  View MCD                                      
76002117PS,18VDC 1A Wallmount Level VI, Com. temp, Changeable plugtips, 2pin Combicon screw terminal plug                  View MCD                                  
76002118ANT,Dipole, 4G cellular, Mag mount, 1M cable, SMA male                  View MCD                                      
76002120HX20 Outdoor Kit, 915MHz                  View MCD                                      
76002121TX Power Supply, Extended Temp Range                  View MCD                                    
76002122Kit,ANT,LTE Dipole SMA 1-3dBi 698-960/1710-2170/2500-2700 MHz RAL9003 Signal White                  View MCD                                      
76002123Antenna, External, MIMO 2 x 4G LTE/3G/2G,GPS 1m Cable, Low-Profile, SMA                  View MCD                                      
76002125Antenna, PentaBand, Monopole 4G, 3G, 2G, GPS, Swivel Base SMA, Hinged                  View MCD                                      
76002126Antenna, Multiband, 4G, 3G, 2G, GPS, Flex/Strip, SMA                  View MCD                                      
76002127Power Supply, Wall, US 100-240VAC/50-60Hz, 12VDC,1A 0.25 S/T                  View MCD                                      
76002128Power Supply, DIN Mount, Out: 40W, 24VDC 1.7A, In: 85~264VAC                  View MCD                                      
76002129Power Supply, DIN Mount, Out: 15W, 24VDC 0.6A, In: 100-240VAC 50/60hz                  View MCD        &n