Digi XBee 手机调制解调器 LoRaWAN 射频模块 网关 Development kits 软件和工具

Digi XBee®Wi-Fi


OEM 模块,全面支持Digi Remote Manager

  • 在一小时内构建与云连接的 Wi-Fi 原型
  • 常用的 XBee 通孔和表面贴装基底面
  • 非常适合需要快速上市的工业应用
  • 轻松连接到智能手机或平板电脑,进行配置或数据传输
  • 802.11b/g/n 提供高达 72 Mbps 的数据传输速率

Developing a cloud-connected product requires expertise in both hardware and software development, and merging these worlds together to create a new product can be costly and time-consuming. The XBee Wi-Fi embedded module brings the popular Digi XBee platform to Digi Remote Manager, allowing developers to build cloud-connected Wi-Fi products quicker and more efficiently than ever before.

Exciting features on the Digi XBee Wi-Fi module include:

  • Native Digi Remote Manager support: Module can automatically connect to Digi Remote Manager
  • Simple provisioning tools: SoftAP, WPS, and a local WebUI are all available to make provisioning the module a breeze
  • Flexible design options: Available in Through-Hole and Surface-Mount footprints

The Digi XBee Wi-Fi Cloud Kit includes all of the hardware and software tools needed to build a cloud-connected Wi-Fi prototype in under an hour. The Internet of Things has never been so simple!

Build cloud-connected Wi-Fi prototypes in under an hour
The Digi XBee Wi-Fi Cloud Kit, which fully integrates into Digi Remote Manager, is a simple way for anyone with an interest in M2M and the Internet of Things to quickly build a hardware prototype and integrate it into an internet-based application. Each kit contains an Digi XBee Wi-Fi module; a development board with a variety of sensors and actuators; a variety of loose electronic prototyping parts for making circuits of your own; and cables, accessories and everything needed to connect to the web. Also included is an open-source web application with configurable widgets that can be used to monitor and control your cloud-connected hardware.

Popular Digi XBee Through-Hole and Surface-Mount footprints
The Digi XBee footprint adds flexibility and reduces risk to a product design. With a wide variety of different wireless technologies available in this footprint, adding an Digi XBee socket enables the drop-in addition of anything from Wi-Fi to ZigBee, 2.4 GHz to 900 MHz.

Ideal for Industrial Applications that require fast time to market
Developing a cloud-connected product requires expertise in both RF hardware and software development, and merging these worlds together to create a new product can be costly and time-consuming, especially for companies with little knowledge or background in RF engineering. The Digi XBee Wi-Fi module helps overcome these obstacles; Digi has already done the work to create a fully certified module that can be integrated into a product design with minimal effort or cost. Take advantage of the Digi XBee Wi-Fi Cloud Kit to help accelerate initial product design.

Easily connect to a smartphone or tablet for configuration or data transfer
Using SoftAP Provisioning mode, any smartphone, tablet or other Wi-Fi enabled device with a web browser has the ability to connect to the XBee Wi-Fi and configure the module to connect to an existing Wi-Fi network.

The module can also be configured as SoftAP with data pass through. This allows the transmission and collection of data from the module to any Wi-Fi enabled device.


下一代配置平台Digi XBee

  • XCTU 免费,兼容 Windows、MacOS 和 Linux。
  • 简单的无线网络配置和架构。
  • 用于快速构建 XBee API 框架的简单开发工具。
  • 探索并阅读固件发布说明。

来自 Digi 的射频支持服务


Digi XBee 工具

开发、构建、部署和管理Digi XBee 网络

Digi XBee® 工具

Digi XBee 工具支持整个IoT 应用生命周期,从评估、测试和原型设计阶段到制造和部署,再到长期网络管理。了解Digi XBee 工具如何简化任务并帮助更快地进入市场。

探索Digi XBee 工具
平台 Digi XBee Wi-Fi (S6B)
串行数据接口 UART up to 1 Mbps, SPI up to 6 Mbps
Serial Data Throughput UART up to 320 Kbps, SPI up to 1 Mbps
配置方法 API or AT commands
频段 ISM 2.4 千兆赫
ADC 输入 4 (12-bit)
数字输入/输出 10
Form Factor Through-Hole, Surface-Mount
天线选项 Through-Hole: PCB (Embedded), U.FL, RPSMA, Integrated Wire
SMT: PCB (Embedded), U.FL, RF Pad
工作温度 -30° C to +85° C
Dimensions (L x W) Through-Hole: 0.960 in x 1.297 in (2.438 cm x 3.294 cm)
SMT: 0.87 in x 1.33 in x 0.12 in (2.20 cm x 3.40 cm x 0.30 cm)
渠道 13 channels
标准 802.11b/g/n
数据速率 1 Mbps to 72 Mbps
调制 802.11b: CCK, DSSS
802.11g/n: OFDM with BPSK, QPSK, 16-QAM, 64-QAM
发射功率 Up to +16 dBm (+13 dBm for Europe/Australia/Brazil)
接收器灵敏度 -93 to -71 dBm
电源电压 3.14 - 3.46 VDC
传输电流 Up to 309 mA
接收电流 100 mA
掉电电流 <6 μA @ 25° C
Regulatory Approvals**
CE/ETSI (Europe)
Telec (日本)