Digi Jolt 工作坊

Your design ideas can come to life.

Sometimes all you need is some support and guidance to get from concept to a working idea that can be on its way to development.

Now you can. Digi WDS Jolt workshops let you work with experts who understand the process of taking a project from idea through development and to market. Your workshop team will roll up their sleeves, work side-by-side with you, and help you think through your product's features and the problems it will solve, and fully visualize the end result.

A Digi WDS Jolt Workshop can empower you, and set you on the path to success:

  • Evaluate other products in the same space to determine what will set yours apart
  • Analyze the customer needs and how your product will solve them
  • Identify the critical product requirements that will affect the system design and any pitfalls that could put the project at risk
  • Ensure the definition of the product is accurate and that your cost of goods will ensure it is geared to the target
  • Set realistic project timelines, including testing and certification, to ensure you can meet your go-to-market goals
  • Get all of your burning questions answered, so you have full confidence in the resulting go-forward plan



改进IoT 设计的五个技巧

本现场指南概述了改进无线IoT 产品设计、加快产品上市速度和提高解决方案可靠性的五种方法。 下载实地指南

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