Digi XBee 手机调制解调器 LoRaWAN 射频模块 网关 Development kits 软件和工具

Digi XBee XR 868

The Digi XBee XR family operates in the 863-870 MHz range, delivering superior performance and interference immunity

  • 低功耗 CE/RED 认证 868 MHz 射频模块,基于 Silicon Labs EFR32 微控制器
  • 设计包括声表面波滤波器,可在嘈杂的射频环境中实现最佳性能
  • 先听后说和频率灵活性可实现最佳抗干扰性能
  • DigiMesh®网络拓扑结构可提供冗余和可靠性
  • 使用Digi XCTU®进行简单配置,加快产品上市时间

The Digi XBee® XR 868 module is a compact and reliable solution supporting deployment of long-range connectivity applications in the European region. The pre-certified module operates between 863 and 870 MHz in compliance with European standards.

The module supports both point-to-point and mesh networking protocols, with a line-of-sight range of over 14 kilometers. It is well suited for agriculture and energy applications where long-distance communication is required.

Intelligent interference management

Digi XBee XR 868 also leverages 868 MHz and surrounding frequencies for LBT + AFA (Listen Before Talk and Adaptive Frequency Agility). This significantly reduces interference by listening to the radio environment before any transmission starts, and automatically shifts to a new channel when interference is detected. This patented frequency scan occurs automatically and in a matter of microseconds so as not to impact performance.

Accelerate development with XCTU

The Digi XBee XR 868 RF module is a complete hardware and software solution that works directly out of the box. Digi XCTU, Digi’s easy-to-use RF configuration tool, reduces development time from months to weeks, ensuring your product gets to market fast.

Digi XBee 工具

开发、构建、部署和管理Digi XBee 网络

Digi XBee® 工具

Digi XBee 工具支持整个IoT 应用生命周期,从评估、测试和原型设计阶段到制造和部署,再到长期网络管理。了解Digi XBee 工具如何简化任务并帮助更快地进入市场。

探索Digi XBee 工具

下一代配置平台Digi XBee

  • XCTU 免费,兼容 Windows、MacOS 和 Linux。
  • 简单的无线网络配置和架构。
  • 用于快速构建 XBee API 框架的简单开发工具。
  • 探索并阅读固件发布说明。

亚千兆赫无线 OEM 射频模块比较

亚千兆赫无线 OEM 射频模块比较
SKU: XK-8XR-DMM Coming soon
Digi XBee XR 868 Development Kit with Digi XBee XR 868 MHz MMT, U.FL antenna connector plus antennas and development board
XK-8XR-DMM 联系我们
SKU: XB-8XR-DMRM-001 Digi XBee XR 868 MHz MMT,带射频垫天线连接 XB-8XR-DMRM-001 如何购买
SKU: XB-8XR-DMUM-001 Digi XBee 连接 U.FL 天线的 XR 868 MHz MMT XB-8XR-DMUM-001 如何购买
XCTU is a free multi-platform application designed to enable developers to interact with Digi RF modules through a simple-to-use graphical interface. It includes new tools that make it easy to set-up, configure and test XBee® RF modules.
Digi Remote Manager
Digi Remote Manager 是一个技术平台,能够从单一指挥点自动部署、监控和管理数千台设备。比较 Digi 的多种产品和不同的订购条款,以满足您的业务需求。
Digi 无线设计服务通过嵌入无线技术帮助企业解决业务问题,从而创造出创新的 M2M 产品
规格 Digi XBee XR 868
处理器 EFR32FG13P231F512 transceiver at 40 MHz
频率段 863 兆赫至 870 兆赫
天线选项 U.FL,射频垫
重量 1.2 grams (0.042 oz) for MMT
射频数据速率 10 Kbps 或 80 Kbps,软件可选
UART 数据速率 Up to 921.6 kbps
SPI 数据速率 Up to 5 Mbps
LINE-OF-SIGHT RANGE* Up to 14.5 km with 2.1 dBi antenna
传输功率 高达 13 dBm ERP
接收器灵敏度 −107 dBm at 80 Kbps, −112 dBm at 10 Kbps
输入/输出 13 数字输入/输出
模拟输入 4 通道 10 位
工作温度 -40 °C 至 85 °C(-40 °F 至 185 °F)
网络拓扑结构 DigiMesh, repeater
安全 256 位 AES 加密
电源电压 1.8 to 3.6 VDC
传输流 76 mA
汇流 26 毫安
睡眠电流 185 uA
ROHS 符合要求