Digi International 推出Digi XBee RR 模块和快速重新设计服务,缩短了设计人员、原始设备制造商和解决方案提供商的产品上市时间

Pre-certified, low-power, low-profile wireless modules offer flexibility to deliver multiple protocols for innovative mesh networking applications in building automation, smart energy, digital health, agriculture, automation, and intelligent lighting

HOPKINS, Minn., Nov. 7, 2022 – Digi International®, (NASDAQ: DGII), a leading global provider of Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity solutions, today unveiled the Digi XBee® RR, a wireless networking module to support IoT solutions within the XBee ecosystem. Digi XBee RR offers immediate availability and dramatically reduces time-to-market for designers, OEMs, and solution providers by providing off-the-shelf, pre-certified wireless connectivity and easy-to-add functionality. For customers needing immediate assistance in transitioning to this available module, Digi is also offering its Digi XBee Rapid Redesign Services.

Building on industry-leading technology, the low-power, low-profile Digi XBee RR module gives designers the ability to switch among multiple frequencies and wireless protocols with a fully interoperable Digi XBee ecosystem to support a range of applications spanning building automation, smart energy, digital health, intelligent lighting, and more.

Immediately Available Module Opens Up Product Development Options

Digi XBee RR modules are in stock and available to order today for immediately delivery from Digi's global distributor network. The XBee RR line includes modules with different form factors, wireless protocols and antenna options to provide an easy transition from existing XBee 3 designs.

“The release of our XBee RR gives engineers and developers an immediately available, pre-certified wireless module in what has been a very difficult, component-constrained environment,” said Steve Ericson, Vice President and General Manager of Digi’s OEM Solutions division. “In addition to the available-now Digi XBee RR, Digi has its IX15 gateway and Digi Remote Manager®, providing developers a complete device-to-cloud IoT solution.”

From edge computing to future migration, the size, weight, power, and performance advantages of Digi XBee RR are ideal for scalable device connectivity. With Digi Remote Manager, it’s easy for network managers to configure, monitor, and control Digi XBee RR modules via a gateway from a simple, central platform. Built-in Digi TrustFence® security, identity, and data privacy features tap into more than 175 controls to protect against new and evolving cyber threats. Digi XBee Mobile App and Digi XCTU® software tools simplify setup, configuration, testing, and adding/changing functionality.

Expert Help Available to Speed Time-to-Market

To fully support customers with Digi XBee RR design, Digi Wireless Design Services is offering a Digi XBee Rapid Redesign Services. These services include design consultation, customized transition plan for replacing an existing embedded module, and testing for unintended EMI produced.

The Digi XBee ecosystem’s software, gateways, and cloud connectivity deliver unparalleled support for short-range networking systems with ZigBee®, 802.15.4 and Digi’s patented DigiMesh® protocols, as well as Bluetooth provisioning.

Digi XBee RR is available now. For more information, visit: https://www.digi.com/xbee-rr

关于 Digi International
Digi International(纳斯达克股票代码:DGII)是全球领先的IoT 连接产品、服务和解决方案提供商。它帮助企业开发下一代互联产品,在要求苛刻的环境中部署和管理关键通信基础设施,并提供高水平的安全性和可靠性。Digi成立于1985年,目前已帮助客户连接了超过1亿个设备。欲了解更多信息,请访问www.digi.com



Digi XBee 生态系统

探索Digi XBee 生态系统

Digi XBee 不仅仅是一个模块。它是一个由射频模块、网关、适配器和软件组成的完整生态系统,所有设计都是为了加快全球部署的无线开发。只需一个插座,您就可以连接到全球各地的IoT 网络。凭借Digi XBee 的正宗足迹,您的设计可以面向未来,并知道 Digi 会在新技术出现时为您提供支持。

Digi XBee 生态系统