XCTU: Next Generation Configuration Platform for XBee

Digi International
January 26, 2017

through a simple-to-use graphical interface. It includes new tools that make it easy to set up, configure and test Digi XBee.

Unique features like graphical network view, which graphically represents the Digi XBee network, along with the signal strength of each connection, and the XBee API frame builder, which intuitively helps to build and interpret API frames for XBee modules being used in API mode, combine to simplify development on the Digi XBee platform.

  • Multi-platform application compatible with Windows and MacOS
  • Graphical Network View for simple wireless network configuration and architecture
  • API Frame Builder development tool for quickly building Digi XBee API frames
  • Module Discovery mechanism enables automatic discovery of modules connected to your PC
  • Digi Remote Manager®-integrated, allowing configuration and management of Digi XBee devices anywhere in the world

Download Digi XCTU for free

Other highlights of Digi XCTU include the following features:

  • You can manage and configure multiple RF devices, even remotely (over-the-air) connected devices.
  • The firmware update process seamlessly restores your module settings, automatically handling mode and baud rate changes.
  • Two specific API and AT consoles are designed to communicate with your radio devices.
  • You can save your console sessions and load them in a different PC running Digi XCTU.
  • Digi XCTU includes a set of embedded tools that can be executed without having any RF module connected:

    • Frames generator: Allows you to easily generate any kind of API frame to save its value.
    • Frames  interpreter: With this tool you can decode an API frame and see its specific frame values.
    • Recovery: Allows you to recover radio modules which have damaged firmware or are in programming mode.
    • Load console session: This tool allows you to load a console session saved in any PC running XCTU.
    • Range test: Gives you the ability to perform a range test between two radio modules of the same network.
    • Firmware explorer: With this tool you can navigate through XCTUs firmware library.

  • An update process allows you to automatically update the application itself and the radio firmware library without needing to download any extra files.
  • XCTU contains complete and comprehensive documentation which can be accessed at any time.

Download XCTU to get started, or visite the Digi XBee Ecosystem™ page to learn about the the capabilities and developer resources of Digi XBee modules.

Learn About Range Testing with Digi XCTU
Watch our short video about how XCTU helps you test RF transmission range