How to Balance IoT Security for Embedded Solutions

Digi International
July 20, 2017
When considering embedded IoT solutions, security is a balance between three parts that are often in tension: economic cost, benefit, and risk.
  • Cost - Pertains to the price for designing security into industrial applications versus “bolting” it on, the urgency of time to market, and the value of your brand’s reputation.
  • Benefit - The benefits of integrated security allow you gain immediate access to critical features such as secure connections, authenticated boot, encrypted data storage, access-controlled ports, secure software updates, and seamless integration of the dedicated on-module Secure Element (SE).
  • Risk - With remote and distributed wireless networks, hackers do not need physical access to devices such as USB outlets or network ports, putting remote industrial applications even more at risk to communication attacks, software attacks, invasive hardware attacks, and non-invasive hardware attacks can be classified in terms of investment, the type of attacker, and equipment involved.
IoT Device Security Technology Brief to protect your embedded devices with a balanced security framework.