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Digi Connect Sensor+ with Digi Axess

Powered by Digi Axess: experience unrivaled reliability with Digi Connect Sensor+ and a toolset specially designed for remote monitoring

Digi Connect® Sensor+ with Digi Axess provides a specially crafted toolset for seamless remote monitoring. Take charge with centralized control, effortless configuration management and easy data visualization.

Reliably gather sensor data with Digi Connect Sensor+ and Digi Axess: our battery-powered solution simplifies data collection from any location and enables analysis with the power of cloud technology.

Digi Axess offers a comprehensive solution for collecting and presenting data from your remote infrastructure and assets. Our advanced technology provides effortless access to your network, field data and related equipment.

Connect Sensor+ goes wherever something flows, and Digi Axess uncovers actionable insights to maintain control of your assets. Fast and simple sensor configuration, data analytics, and the flexibility to customize reports and alerts can all be set up in minutes through our web-based system.

通过 Digi Connect Sensor+,您可以轻松配置传感器,并通过我们强大的分析平台获得有价值的见解。无论您是从事水管理、雨水基础设施、化学品罐遥测、工业气体配送、采矿,还是环境法规遵从,Connect Sensor+ 都是满足您监测和控制需求的理想解决方案。


Digi Connect Sensor+ 是一种电池供电的蜂窝监控器,具有多个输入/输出接口,可连接各种传感器。Connect Sensor+ 专为在恶劣的工业环境中工作而设计,是那些希望在没有电源的地方增加远程监控和诊断功能的公司的理想解决方案。

只需几分钟即可部署 Connect Sensor+,并开始从远程基础设施和资产中创建可靠的数据,从而在以前成本高昂的地方实现监控。

通过灵活的传感器集成,Connect Sensor+ 可让您采用统一的方法进行数据收集、存储和分发,从而提供更高的标准化和效率。

我们的监控解决方案可与各种传感器无缝连接,随时随地提供所需数据。标准支持包括电流和电压等模拟数据、Modbus RTU 和 ASCII 等广泛使用的协议以及其他 OEM 专用协议。

  • 轻巧的云连接器可延长电池寿命
  • 在云许可证有效期内托管设备和传感器数据
  • Rated for industrial environments with wide temp range, IP66 enclosure and C1D2 certification
  • 可配置的读取和报告时间间隔,以及阈值和三角洲警报
  • 可配置的输入/输出接口可连接多种类型的传感器
  • 支持 Modbus 协议
  • 可配置电源输出,无需传感器电源
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