Digi ConnectCore 模块化系统 单板计算机 Development kits

RabbitCore®RCM3900 系列



  • Rabbit® 3000 微处理器,频率为 44 MHz
  • 扩展工作温度范围:-20° C 至 +80°C
  • 10/100Base-T 以太网
  • 高达 1 GB 的 microSD 热插拔存储空间

The RabbitCore® RCM3900 module series delivers 10/100Base-T Ethernet and -20°C to +85°C extended temperature range. The RCM3900 series offers two variations, one with on-board 32MB of flash memory mass storage, and the other version without it. Both variations deliver the capability to use up to 1 GB of hot-swappable mass storage with miniSD™ memory cards, ideal for embedded applications using data archiving for later uplink to a computer.

Applications that can use the mass storage and Ethernet capability of the RabbitCore RCM3900 module are:

  • Data archiving and upload
  • 储罐监测
  • Automatic meter reading
  • Remote energy management
  • Security and surveillance

The RCM3900’s mass-storage can use the Dynamic C software FAT file system module to store data and use the same directory file structure commonly used on PCs.

RabbitCores mount directly onto a user-designed motherboard and act as the controlling microprocessor for the system. Its compact size - 1.85" x 2.73" x 0.86" (47 mm x 69 mm x 22 mm) – makes it easy to integrate the RCM3900 module onto a motherboard. The RCM3900 has fast program execution SRAM and data SRAM, flash memory, and the circuitry necessary for reset and management of battery backup of the Rabbit 3000’s internal real-time clock and the data SRAM. Two 34-pin headers bring out the Rabbit 3000 I/O bus lines, parallel ports, and serial ports.

使用 RabbitCores 进行开发

RabbitCore 系列微处理器内核模块旨在促进嵌入式系统的快速开发和实施。使用我们业界公认的 Dynamic C® 开发系统开发程序,该系统是一种 C 语言环境,包括编辑器、编译器和在线调试器。

通过 USB 或串行端口从个人电脑下载程序,并在目标硬件上直接调试 - 无需在线仿真。这种环境可减少工作量,加快软硬件集成。Rabbit 提供广泛的驱动程序和示例程序库,以及免版税的 TCP/IP 协议栈和源代码。

A Development Kit provides the essentials that you need to design your own microprocessor-based system, and includes a complete Dynamic C software development system. The Development Kits also contains a Prototyping Board that will allow you to evaluate the RCM3900 module and to prototype circuits that interface to the module. You will also be able to write and test software for the RCM3900 modules.

规格 RCM3900 RCM3910
微处理器 Rabbit® 3000 @ 44 MHz
减少电磁干扰 频谱扩散器可减少电磁干扰(辐射发射)
以太网端口 10/100Base-T, RJ-45, 3 LEDs
SRAM 512K program (fast SRAM) + 512K data
闪存(程序) 512K
Memory (Data Storage) 32 MB (fixed NAND flash)
+ 128 MB – 1 GB microSD™ Card
128 MB – 1 GB microSD Card
LED Indicators LINK/ACT (link/activity)
FDX/COL (full-duplex/ collisions)
SPEED (on for 100Base-T Ethernet connection)
CE/BSY (NAND flash enabled/user –programable)
备用电池 连接用户提供的备用电池(支持 RTC 和数据 SRAM)
通用输入/输出 52 parallel digital I/O lines:
  • 44 configurable I/O
  • 4 fixed inputs
  • 4 fixed outputs
额外输入 启动模式 (2),复位于
附加输出 状态,重置输出
External I/O Bus Can be configured for 8 lines and 5 address lines (shared with parallel I/O lines)
串行端口 Five 3.3V, CMOS-compatible ports(shared with I/O)
  • All 5 configurable as asynchronous (with IrDA)
  • 3 configurable as clocked serial (SPI)
  • 2 configurable as SDL/HDLC
  • 1 asynchronous serial port dedicated programming
串行速率 最大异步波特率 = CLK/8
从属接口 A slave port allows the RCM3900/RCM3910 to be used as an intelligent peripheral device slaved to a master processor, which may either be another Rabbit 3000 or any other type of processor
计时器 Ten 8-bit timers (6 cascadable, 3 reserved for internal peripherals, one 10-bit timer with 2 match registers
Pulse/Width Modulators 4 PWM registers with 10-bit free-running counter and priority interrupts
输入捕捉 双通道输入捕捉可用于为来自不同端口引脚的输入信号计时
正交解码器 2 通道正交解码器接受外部增量式编码器模块的输入
电源 3.15-3.45 V DC 325 mA @ 44.2 MHz, 3.3 V
工作温度 0°C 至 70°C
湿度 5% 至 95%,无冷凝
连接器 Two 2 x 17, 2 mm pitch
One microSD Card socket
电路板尺寸 1.850” x 2.725” x 0.86” (47 mm x 69 mm x 22 mm)
产品保修 1 年