Digi ConnectCore 模块化系统 单板计算机 Development kits

Rabbit®SBC BL4S100 系列



  • 运行频率为 40 MHz 的 Rabbit 4000
  • 板载 Rabbit RIO® 设备,具有卓越的输入/输出功能和灵活性
  • 网络服务器功能
  • 利用已知的良好硬件轻松实现网状联网
  • 动态 C® 软件环境,缩短开发时间

Rabbit’s new BL4S100 single-board computers offer a cost-competitive solution for control and communication that dramatically reduces your time to market. The series is designed to support the rapidly-increasing use of ZigBee connectivity for companies looking to deploy wireless networking. Digi International’s ZigBee RF modules are compatible with ZigBee PRO compliant devices from other manufacturers, providing great flexibility in choices of nodes to include in the network. Build feature-rich web pages that allow control and monitoring of ZigBee enabled networks by using ZigBee AT and API command libraries.

With two available RS-232 ports, eight analog inputs and 20 Digital I/O lines, the BL4S100 is well suited to handle a wide range of applications requiring ZigBee connectivity. The optional plastic enclosure and mesh networking add-on kit support further design requirements.

The BL4S100 is a low-cost Rabbit® 4000 microprocessor based single-board computer series that delivers ZigBee and Ethernet capability. On-board ZigBee RF modules offer mesh networking functionality to make networking easy to deploy and simple to maintain. With both Ethernet and ZigBee connectivity integrated onto the BL4S100, the series delivers a low-cost platform to design a ZigBee enabled Ethernet network.

  • Rabbit 4000 microprocessor running at 40 MHz
  • ZigBee enabled
  • 10Base-T Ethernet connectivity
  • 20 个数字输入/输出
  • 3 个串行端口
  • 8 Analog inputs
  • 电池支持的实时时钟
  • 监督员
  • Screw-terminal connectors
  • Easily monitor and control ZigBee networks with feature-rich web applications using a Rabbit web server
  • Dynamic C® libraries provide ready support for AT and API commands
  • Full interoperability with other ZigBee PRO feature set based devices
  • Integrated hardware and software solution reduces overall development time and costs
  • ZigBee to Ethernet gateway functionality
  • Optional Rabbit Embedded Security Module offers secure data transfer with AES encryption, and SSL/TLS for embedded web security
兔子 RIO® 的优势

The BL4S100 series uses our Rabbit RIO chip to add a powerful I/O subsystem. The on-board Rabbit RIO device adds software configurable counter/timer blocks that can perform a variety of useful I/O capability, including event capture/counting, quadrature decoding, PWM and PPM generation, and edge or level based interrupts. This subsystem capability delivered by the Rabbit RIO device frees the microprocessor for control, data processing and communications tasks. Each BL4S100 board has 8 counter/timer blocks available in the I/O subsystem.

  • Monitoring and control for intelligent building automation
  • Asset tracking and management for commercial and industrial applications
  • 空气质量监测
  • Energy monitoring and management

Rabbit’s BL4S100 single-board computers offer a low-cost solution for control and communication that gets you through the development process quickly. The BL4S100 series is designed to support the rapidly increasing use of ZigBee connectivity for companies looking to deploy wireless networking. Digi’s XBee® ZB ZigBee PRO RF modules are compatible with other manufacturers’ devices using the ZigBee PRO compliant feature set, providing great flexibility in choices of nodes to include on the network.

The BL4S100 series integrates on-board functionality to support a wide range of applications. Analog inputs, general purpose I/O as well as serial ports, along with 10Base-T Ethernet connectivity provide design resources for both commercial and industrial applications.

Develop and debug programs using Rabbit’s industry-proven Dynamic C integrated development environment. The Dynamic C IDE includes the popular µC/OS-II Real-time Kernel operating system, point-to-point protocol (PPP), FAT file system, RabbitWeb, and other select libraries.

Connect the BL4S100 series board to the PC using a USB cable and then debug using breakpoints, watch expressions and other features oriented toward real-time embedded systems programming. An extensive library of drivers and sample programs is provided, including a royalty-free TCP/IP stack for network and Internet communications. Rabbit provides full source code for most of the library routines.

Development Tools

The BL4S100 Tool Kit contains the following essential hardware:

  • 动态 C 光盘,磁盘上有完整的产品文档
  • Demonstration Board with pushbutton switches and LEDs. The Demonstration Board can be hooked up to the BL4S100 to demonstrate the I/O and capabilities of the BL4S100
  • USB programming cable, used to connect your PC USB port to the BL4S100
  • 通用交流适配器,12 伏直流,1 安(包括加拿大/日本/美国、澳大利亚/新西兰、英国和欧式插头)
  • CAT 5/6 Ethernet crossover cable
产品类型 BL4S110 BL4S160
微处理器 Rabbit® 4000 at 40 MHz
Ethernet Interface 10Base-T
Serial Flash Memory (Program) 1 MB 2 MB
程序执行 SRAM 512 KB 1 MB
数据 SRAM 512 KB
备用电池 Panasonic CR2032 or equivalent 3 V lithium coin type, 235 mA·h standard, socket-mounted
数字输入 12: protected to ±36 V DC, switching threshold 1.4 V/1.9 V typical
数字输出 8: sink up to 200 mA each, 36 V DC max.
模拟输入 Eight 11-bit res. channels, software-selectable ranges unipolar: 1, 2, 2.5, 5, 10, 20 V DC
4 channels can be hardware-configured for 4–20 mA; 1 MΩ input impedance, up to 4,100 samples/s
串行端口 3 serial ports:
  • 2 个 RS-232 或 1 个 RS-232(带 CTS/RTS)
  • 1 个专用于编程/调试的串行端口
串行速率 最大异步速率 = CLK/8,最大同步速率 = CLK/2
硬件连接器 Micro-Fit® connector: 1 polarized 2 × 2 with 3 mm pitch (power); Screw-terminal connectors
(accept up to 14 AWG/1.5 mm2 wire): four 1 × 9 (I/O), one 1 × 6 (serial); Programming port: 2 × 5 IDC, 1.27 mm pitch
Ethernet Network Connector 1 个 RJ-45 以太网
计时器 10 个 8 位定时器(6 个可级联,3 个预留给内部外设),1 个 10 位定时器,带 2 个匹配寄存器
电源 9–36 VDC, 2 W max.
工作温度 摄氏 -40 度至 +85 度
湿度 5-95%,无冷凝
电路板尺寸 3.75” × 5.75” × 0.64” (96 mm × 146 mm × 16 mm)
产品保修 1 年