XLR Ethernet Router/Repeater Bridge

How can I use the Digi XLR PRO to create an Ethernet Bridge to extend the range of a Ethernet network that is out of range of the XLR PRO?


I need to cover a range of about 2 miles but I have a large hill or mountain in between the two points.  Normally I could do this with one of the Digi XBee products that supports repeater or Mesh mode such as the XBee SX but I need to send Ethernet traffic and not Serial traffic.


Create a Streaming Repeater with your Digi XLR PRO

How do I do this?

You will first need to have four of Digi's XLR PRO radio.
- Next Label them 1 - 4 so you can keep track of them.
- Configure your PC's Ethernet port with a static IP address
- Connect your Laptop or PC to the Digi XLR PRO and configure each of them as described in the Getting Started Guide
- Make sure that you set the Destination address's on each radio so that one set (1 and 2) talk back and forth and the 2nd set talk back and forth (3 and 4).
- Make sure that in the process, you use two different Network ID's for each pair. For example, set the ID 0x1111 and the 2nd two to an ID of 0x2222.
- Set unique Static IP addresses on each radio or if possible, use a DHCP server.
- Set the Destination IP (DX) value to the IP address of the other unit within the pair
- Enable Ethernet Bridging (BE0x01) on each unit
- Set the BA command to the MAC address of the other radio within the pair.
- Connect an Ethernet cable between units 2 and 3 created a Repeater.
Make sure that there is more than 10' between your antennas on your bridge. Preferably so that they are not in the same plane. For example, place them both on a same Mast but at different elevations. What this does is allows them to communicate without causing direct interference.
XLR Ethernet Repeater Layout
Last updated: Aug 23, 2017

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