Keep your firmware and configurations in sync across your entire deployed inventory

If you have a common configuration and firmware version that you’ve tested and you want to ensure your deployed device inventory stays in sync with that combination, you can use the Profile Manager feature in Digi Remote Manager to achieve that.  You simply create a profile from a “Golden Device” and tell Profile Manager which devices to manage.

Your profile may be scoped to a group of devices, a single device, or your entire inventory.  Many users create groups to separate devices based on geographic region, function, or many other reasons. If you have different configurations for different purposes, you can easily create different profiles representing each of those configurations.  If you’ve categorized those devices by groups, you can easily assign a profile to the correct group and Profile Manager will do the rest for you.  You can configure Profile Manager to alert you when devices are out of compliance from your profile as well as re-apply the profile to those devices.
Last updated: Apr 02, 2019

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