HOW TO: Create a Device Cloud Task

The following example shows how to create a task on Digi's Device Cloud to upload a Python file to a device connected to the Device Cloud.

Login to your Device Cloud account and select Device Manager > Schedules > New Schedule.  

Close the pop-up.  

Type in a description at the top of the screen for the task.

On the left menu select Upload Python files.

Browse to the file you wish to upload.

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Uncheck the "Allow Offline" field to only run against units currently connected to the Device Cloud.

Select "Save as" at the bottom and assign a name for the task.

Click Schedule.

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You can now set the task to run immediately, schedule it to run at a different time or a re-occurring schedule.  You can also search for and select the devices or groups to run the task against. 

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Once configured, click Run Now or click Cancel if you do not wish to run the task.

Note: By using the Control-key and clicking the desired gateway in the list, you can select multiple devices.

Additionally, tasks can be run against devices in the Device Management > Devices screen by highlighting the desired device(s) (<Ctrl> left-click) and right-clicking > More > Tasks > select desired task.

Task status can be monitored under the Device Management > Operations screen.
Last updated: Mar 25, 2019

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