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DHCP fallback address

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We configured our ConnectME/ConnectME-9210 to retrieve an network address from an external DHCP server. When the server is not available, we want the module to have a fixed IP address. Where/how can we define this fallback address?
asked Mar 2 in NET+OS by kdemets New to the Community (1 point)

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1 Answer

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I have done something similar to this in our application.

All you have to do to enable the FTP server and have a config file. Check the assigned IP address and if that's ok otherwise just reassign the IP from the config file.


u32 lIpAddress, u32 lSubMask, u32 lGatewayAddr

//Get current configuration setting
code = customizeIamGetIfconfig("eth0", &ifConfig);

//Set current configuration setting
customizeSaveIPParameters(lIpAddress, lSubMask, lGatewayAddr);
answered Mar 2 by mhdazeem Community Contributor (56 points)