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Which came first EL-16 or EL-160?

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I have a dead EL-16-1.0 SGI (Silicon Graphics rebadge) PN 50000985-01. I picked up an EL-160 50000986-08, to replace it. The latter has an identical form factor, but different board.

Is the EL-160 the next generation, or earlier?

FWIW, the power supply tests good (+5V, -12V, +12V), but when plugged in, the power light doesn't come on. The link light flashes briefly, but no other response, including smashing # on Port 1 @ 19200/8N1.

I really like RealPort, but I may have to got with a standard TS if I can't this thing working.
asked Feb 3 in Etherlite by Brad303 New to the Community (0 points)

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