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MultiLink firmware and detection problem

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I have developed my first application for the S3B 900HP. I have a MultiLink and a XBIB board and have followed the SDK instructions on now moving to the step where I program the S3B with the bootloader application via CodeWarrior.

I am unfortunately getting hung up on the step where it instructs me to Run as CodeWarrior Download. When preparing the executable, it attempts to "Update the firmware of the P&E Interface..." where it states my Original Firmware version (88.194), my Current Firmware version (1.240) and my Update Firmware version (6.13). When "Booting Multilink to original firmware (please wait)" occurs, it goes RED after a while, then states "Error. Check Port, Power, and Connections. Firmware update failed. Retry?"

After trying and trying again, and checking everything.... nothing.

Any ideas here? Pretty much dead in the water.
asked Jul 24, 2020 in RF Solutions and XBee by D2K New to the Community (16 points)

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2 Answers

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What is the full part number of the XBee module you are working with?
answered Jul 24, 2020 by mvut Veteran of the Digi Community (15,515 points)
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As an update, I ended up going to the PEMicro website and experimenting with a process they mention utilizing a Eclipse CW10.2 patch, which involves replacing all the DLLs and other files in the gdi/P&E folder.

The process was a little off-putting, but it seems to have worked so far. I will update if anything goes wrong.
answered Jul 24, 2020 by D2K New to the Community (16 points)