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Choose correct network for underground device

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I am developing a network system for mine(depth of 2km and the tunnel's length is about 200m). The system includes:
+ Data takers(estimated 200 units) to send signal data every 5 seconds (Data are 22 float variable/taker).
+ A MCU to receive data from data takers, do some calculation and send to ground.

+ Power supply will be battery and device should be able to operate for +2 years
+ Data takers and MCU connection must be wireless

The question is: Which module and network should I use ?

Current situation:
XBee S1 802.15.4
I am planning to use stand alone Xbees as data takers to send data to a (XBee + Arduino) and then from Arduinos send data to a Raspberry(connected with Xbee) for calculation. The Arduinos are there as I think it's not possible to use only XBee and Raspberry (The range of XBee for indoor is 30m while my tunnel is 150-200m long).
asked May 11, 2020 in RF Solutions and XBee by trung_van New to the Community (2 points)

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2 Answers

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Trung Van,

Please send an email to sales.questions@digi.com and someone from our Sales team will get in contact with you.

Digi Support
answered May 11, 2020 by mvut Veteran of the Digi Community (15,515 points)
selected May 12, 2020 by trung_van
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I email the sale support but after 1 email replied, I have been waiting for a week until now. Can anyone help me out?
answered May 19, 2020 by trung_van New to the Community (2 points)