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how to transfer 24-bit data through 8-bit spi

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Hello everyone.I am working on a project to develop frequency synthesizer(LMX2595). In this I need to program the frequency synthesizer IC by SPI protocol. For this I have selected MSP430F5529 micro controller to program the synthesizer IC (LMX2595). I am facing difficuty in developing code for the micro controller. I need to operate the micro controller in master mode and transfer data to the slave device (LMX2595 synthesizer IC). Generally I have 24-bit data to be transferred of about 79 registers, But the available SPI in micro controller (MSP430F5529) is 8-bit. The 24-bit data format is 1-bit R/W, 7-bit Address, 16-bit data. I took the sample example code and modified but, I am facing error with respect to the write function. Generally I have split the 24-bit data into 3 Bytes, later by running for loop I have transferred the 24-bit data. I really don't have much time, Any help with respect to programming point of view will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance
asked Jan 28, 2020 in Plug N' Play by vamshi97 New to the Community (0 points)

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