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Programmable Freescale doesn´t boot on new batch of Xbees

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I have a set of Programmable Xbee S3B and I have encountered problems with the embedded Freescale. I burn the SAME program from the examples provided by Digi (xbee_custom_digi_cluster_dm) in the SAME hardware, with the SAME firmware in the radios, with the SAME configuration of pins, baudrates ans etceteras; but in xbee´s with "old" MAC addresses, the program runs great; and in the xbee´s with "new" MAC´s the bootsplash screen of the Freescale doesn´t come up. IF I toggle CTS line from XCTU (with another xbee, via API command) the program DO start, but read´s all zeros for MAC, firmware & hardware version. When I say "old" or "new" MAC addresses I mean that I have radios from different batches, and the older ones (MAC´s 0013A20040 ranges....) always works, and the new ones (0013A20041 ranges) have this issue.
I´m using version 1.6.0 of the API with - CodeWarrior for MCU Version: 10.2 Build Id:120126
If the question is not clear enough, I can attach some snapshots to clarify
Thank you in advance
asked Jun 21, 2019 in XBee Programmable Development by DaliborGuga New to the Community (0 points)
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