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SIM Selection by cli or SMS-CLI on a WR-31-L5

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I would like to be able to select on demand SIM1 or SIM2, but not as a fallback automatically. Rather I would like to switch via CLI or even better via SMS to CLI.

One issue I noticed is that when SIM2 is selected the option for "Send received SMS messages to the command interpreter" is not available?

Why would SIM1 allow "Send received SMS messages to the command interpreter" but not SIM2?

Tried different configurations with dual SIM wizard but getting what I really need, the ability to switch on demand from 1 SIM to another...
asked Mar 24, 2019 in Digi TransPort by Bryonhu Seasoned Professional (197 points)
edited Mar 24, 2019 by Bryonhu

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1 Answer

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The router can only receive or send sms messages only on the sim that is currently live. from the CLI the configuration of SMS(2) is carried out under MODEMCC 0 SMS_*_2 commands.

If you have setup dual sim where it uses 2 PPP instances you could force the router to bring up the other PPP instances


this would get the router to start PPP 2 you might have to drop ppp 1


these would have to be sent at the same time if you use the sms_cmd_sep command ";" then

ppp 1 deact_rq ; ppp 2 act_rq

hope that helps
answered Mar 25, 2019 by James.Wilson Veteran of the Digi Community (1,227 points)
selected Mar 25, 2019 by Bryonhu
Works well, Thank You