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AnywhereUSB/14 - WiFi dongle cannot start (code 10) on a Host VM

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I am using a WiFi dongle (Netgear A6200) connected to a AnywhereUSB/14 to provide a WiFi network adapter to a Windows 7 VM (using vmWare).
The AnywhereUSB utility and host Device Manager detect the dongle as "Other Device".
I install then the official driver and see the new network adapter (as expected), but with the error code 10 (This device cannot start).
I swapped the VM for my own laptop connected to the network and I have the same behavior.

The dongle A6200 is working fine when connected directly to my laptop (with the same drivers).
The AnywhereUSB is also working fine as I used successfully other USB devices in other groups.

Does anyone know what could cause this issue and how to fix it (missing file, configuration missing,...)

I also have the file usbd.sys in the directory /system32/drivers of the host VM.

asked Oct 5, 2018 in Realport by Gwendal New to the Community (0 points)

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