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Is Connectport X2(D) compatible with S2C radio modules?

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After trying to update my Connectport X2(D) gateway from ZB to 802.15.4 firmware, I've realised that it is not possible since the gateway is using a Xbee S2 Pro radio module, that seems to be incompatible with this firmware.

The valid options seems to be replacing that module by a S1 or S2C Pro modules. S1 is older, worser in terms of resources and more expensive than the new S2C modules, reasons that clearly would invite to replace the S2 by a S2C, but it is not clear to me if the S2C modules were compatible with the Connectport X2(D) gateways: The Digi 802.15.4 product page states it, but when searching firmware updates for this gateway, the only radio module firmware associated is addressed to S1 modules.

So my question is, are Xbee S2C (Pro) modules compatible with Connectport X2(D) gateways?
asked Jul 23, 2018 in Device Cloud-enabled RF Gateways by VGavara New to the Community (18 points)

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1 Answer

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Now I can answer to myself: Yes, it is compatible from Connectport X2D EOS firmware version on, as the firmware release notes state.

Therefore, my advice for those considering to adapt their gateway from Zigbee to 802.15.4 is doing it by replacing the stock Xbee S2 module by a Xbee S2C module, that as said is better and cheaper than the S1.

As additional information, Digi announced on 11th July 2018 that the S1 module will be deprecated from December 2018 on (read https://media.digikey.com/pdf/PCNs/Digi%20International/EOL-180711.pdf) and therefore it should be replace by Xbee 3 modules, cheaper and better than the S1, S2 and S2C. However right now the Xbee 3 modules are not supported by the Connecport X2D firmware, so at this time the wiser option is replacing the Xbee S2 by a Xbee S2C.
answered Jul 26, 2018 by VGavara New to the Community (18 points)
edited Jul 26, 2018 by VGavara