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Actual Digi Connect ME firmware

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Is the 2.8.2 (System information shows: 2.8.2 (Version 82001116_K 09/16/2008)) the newest firmware for Digi Connect ME (2MB) device?

I have seen that there is a file "82001116_K4.bin" is this the same or is this newer?

If it is newer:
Is there a release note that shows the difference between this two?


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asked May 27, 2015 in Plug N' Play by rufp New to the Community (3 points)

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3 Answers

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In general K4 is the newest, for the 2MB modules. The 4MB modules now have M. You can find this on digis support stie:

choose plug and play firmware under the drop down. See release notes for diffs between versions.
answered May 28, 2015 by kjensen8 Veteran of the Digi Community (653 points)
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So if the System information shows 2.8.2 for a 2MB modules, does this means it is the K4 firmware?

What does a K4 firmware show under system information?

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answered May 29, 2015 by rufp New to the Community (3 points)
If your system says 2.82 and shows 82001116_K in parenthesis after, then we would call it version 2.82 / revision K.

I'm not sure what version (number) matches revision (rev) K4.

Version (numbers) and revisions are really just two different ways of referring to the same thing.

Does this information help?
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This information kind of helps. But we need to know exactly what we now have as we are not able to just update and see what happens.
So it would help if we know what version mathes the K4 revision and a history what has changed from the K Revision if there is a difference.

answered Jun 1, 2015 by rufp New to the Community (3 points)
Below are the release notes on the website from K to K4 release.  Hope this helps.