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What is the actual file for firmware Connect ME

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Hello everybody,

I am not sure that I have the correct firmware file.
I have a DC-ME-01T-S Connect ME module.
The installed firmware is as follows:

Firmware Version: (Version 82000856_F6 07/21/2006)
Boot Version: (release_82000866_C)
POST Version:1.1.3 (release_82000867_H)

1. Is a POST update necessary? If so, what file?
2. Is the file 82001116_K4.bin the correct file for this module and is it the actual version?
3. What is going on with Boot firmware? Is a update necessary? If so, how and what file I have to use?

Best regards

asked Mar 3, 2014 in Digi Connect Cellular by TestUser New to the Community (1 point)

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1 Answer

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most current post and firmware here:

select 'plug and play' for the operating system.
answered Mar 3, 2014 by kjensen8 Veteran of the Digi Community (653 points)