Digi 主连接或故障切换连接解决方案是零售商、便利店和百货商店、餐馆、数字标牌、安防系统等的理想选择。





Digi 主用或故障切换连接解决方案

Feb 11, 2019 | Length: 1:06

Digi 主连接或故障切换连接解决方案是零售商、便利店和百货商店、餐馆、数字标牌、安防系统等的理想选择。

Digi primary and failover connectivity solutions are ideal for retailers, restaurants, convenience and department stores looking to eliminate downtime for their security, transaction and digital signage systems. Digi 6310-DX and Digi 6350-SR integrate seamlessly with existing infrastructure to add instant business continuity to keep any store or branch location up and running 24 x 7. Watch this video to see more about these solutions.

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