Fog Computing in the Internet of Things (IoT)

Digi International Digi International
May 03, 2016

Fog computing and edge computing have had an enormous impact on the ability to effectively deploy IoT applications, enabling the distribution of compute resources.

The Open Fog Consortium defines Fog Computing as "A system-level horizontal architecture that distributes resources and services of computing, storage, control and networking anywhere along the continuum from Cloud to Things."

In his Fog Computing report, Aapo Markkanen at Machina Research puts Digi in this category. Speaking of Digi Remote Manager, he said "Digi is well placed to a make a play in fog computing, given its strong communications portfolio and additional capabilities [for] device management." We couldn't agree more!

Intelligence on the edge of the network allows our customers to store, shape and translate machine and sensor data to maximize connections from the device to the cloud. Digi Remote Manager enables our customers to bring enterprise routing features to the edge of their networks enhancing security, storage, and redundancy.

The concept of Fog Computing accurately describes the way our customers are managing mission critical applications across multiple wireless protocols making it easier to configure, deploy and manage devices on the edge of their networks.

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